I've been writing in this fandom for a grand total of one day… and already I've started slashing people! I'm sorry. House and Wilson are just so cute together I can't help myself.

During 97 Seconds, when House wakes up and they have their chat…

"I love you."

Wilson sighed and tried to feel annoyed. "That works for angelic six-year-old girls who fingerpainted on the walls," he said severely. "You, on the other hand, are a grouchy middle-aged man who deliberately stuck a knife into an electrical outlet. I'm sorry, I love you won't cut it. We'll talk when you wake up."

"Yes mommy." House closed his eyes.

He looked so absolutely wrung-out that Wilson couldn't leave him with just a reprimand. Instead, he dropped a hand wearily to the pillow and said, "Love you too, House."

That should have been the end of it. But House shifted a little and turned to nuzzle into the touch, muttering something against the inside of Wilson's wrist.

He must really be out of it, Wilson told himself. He couldn't resist wondering what kind of silliness his friend would produce in such a state, though, so he bent and put his ear close. "What?"

"Feels good," House mumbled, then took a quick nip at the earlobe in front of him.

Wilson jerked to face him, but before he could react any better than that, a hand came up behind his head and pulled him in for a kiss. On the lips.

For a second, before he managed to think, his body did what came naturally: lips parted, head tilted for a more comfortable angle…

But he almost instantly overcame the shock and pulled away. House's eyes were open, his face serene. He has no idea what he just did, Wilson decided. He probably mistook me for Carmen Electra. He tried to straighten up, meaning to run for it and never mention this again.

But House still hadn't let go of him. His hand slid around from behind Wilson's head and he ran his thumb over the slack open lips. "Wilson, shut up," he said clearly, before pulling him back in.

Okay, so he knows I'm not Carmen Electra… The grip on his collar was surprisingly firm, and besides, saying no to House had never been one of Wilson's specialties. So, when a tongue moved against his lips he opened to it, even angling himself to give better access. It turned out House was a good kisser. And that though the feel of stubble against his face was strange to say the least, it wasn't unpleasant.

Many seconds ticked away. As a soft purring noise came from House's throat, Wilson found himself relaxing into the kiss a little more. He leaned down and planted an arm on the pillow to take some of his weight.

House shifted under him, smoothly, making room for him to sit down. Wilson did, without even considering pulling away. (He wouldn't have been able to anyway, as his lower lip was caught between House's teeth.)

He bent closer, letting his friend sink back into the bed and relax. The position gave him a feeling of unusual power, which he tested by coaxing House's lips open with his tongue and venturing in.

House allowed it. He even moaned softly to invite more.

Wilson took the hint and, careful to keep supporting his own weight, mashed their lips together and pushed his tongue in deep.

Soft noises again, House sucking and encouraging-

-And then seizing up with a pained gasp. Without thinking, he'd reached up to touch with the burnt hand.

Not half a second later Wilson was sitting bolt upright, flushed red, looking away. He could feel those blue eyes on him and in the sudden silence he could clearly make out the slow, wet (and now unbearably erotic) sound of House licking his lips to speak. Oh, no. Say something, he ordered himself. "Um…" He had to think up something flippant, sarcastic, reassure House that it would not be necessary to push him away… "You have coma breath." Perfect!

Even now, only just recovering from death, House didn't miss a beat. "Don't tell Cuddy, or I'll never get that pity fuck I'm angling for." He pulled the covers up to his chin and asked, "How do I look?"

"Appropriately pitiful." Wilson was astonished at how normal they both sounded. He stood, thought better of giving a pat on the shoulder, and turned to go. "Get some rest, House."

"Yes mommy."

The End.

This is probably a one-shot. I'm not sure – it just popped into my head today. But as of now, that's the end. Let me know what you think!