House let himself be tugged to his feet. "Look at me… look at me," Wilson urged. "Are you sure?"

"…?" But he pulled back a little when Wilson touched him on the arm. "So, d'you figure you'll need any pointers?" he asked. "After all, I definitely think I did a good job..."

"You're stalling. Are you nervous?"

"No." House rolled his eyes and laughed like it was ridiculous. Then nodded, short and quick. It was a secret.

Wilson took him by the hips and pulled him closer. "It's gonna be fine," he assured. "Come here." He pulled him in for a kiss and House cooperated with enthusiasm, almost relief. The familiarity of it, the rhythm and the taste, calmed him. "I'm good at this," Wilson continued when they separated. "There was a Mrs. Wilson who liked anal sex."

"Really?" House held him at arm's length. "Which one?"

"No. That's private. How would you like it if I told people about you?"

"We don't know yet if I'm going to like anal sex," House pointed out.

Wilson smirked at him. "You are. Now we can get naked this time - Cuddy's not going to walk in on us here."

While House undressed, Wilson went over to fiddle with the stereo. In a minute, Leonard Cohen was playing and the lights were dim.

House gave him a Look. "That is so gay."

"What – the music?" Wilson unbuttoned his sleeves and then his shirt. "Or the fact that I'm actually about to do you in the ass?"

The language pushed some buttons for House, and the undressing had to wait a moment while they made out. They stumbled over to the bed, still kissing, and sat down on it. "On your side," Wilson breathed, running his hands over House's chest and down his arms. He stripped the rest of the way, then climbed into bed behind him, spooning neatly despite the height difference.

He could feel that his friend was still a little tense, so he took his time stroking him all over and sucking on his neck until he relaxed.

The sight of House lying quiescent, waiting to be fucked, was unbearable. "Hey… so, um…"

House nodded right away and shifted a little to get comfortable. But then, at the sound of the condom wrapper, he jumped. "Wait – why don't I get… you know, the gloves?"

Wilson laughed and hugged him around the waist again. "Didn't mean to scare you. No, actually my wife didn't like to be… touched there, so I'm used to doing it like this. Don't worry, I can ease you into it." When House still hesitated, Wilson shook him gently. "Come on – do you really think I'm going to hurt you?"

He ran his hand down House's side, over his hip, and House arched into the touch. "Most things that scare me turn out to be a good idea in the end," he mused. "Yep – go ahead."

Cool, wet pressure. More pressure. He didn't shrink away from it. Then, suddenly, a short sharp burn.

Omigod he thought incoherently. Dick in my ass. Wilson's dick in my ass. Help. Once the initial shock had passed he analyzed it and realized: There'll be more in a minute.

"You okay?" Wilson checked in with him as the invasion deepened. He sucked his breath in – while not quite painful, the sensation of having his insides pried apart was acutely uncomfortable… and really, truly bizarre. "I'll get you more lube," Wilson said into his ear, nuzzling and stroking him soothingly. He eased himself out, pulling steadily against the tug of House's body so as not to hurt.

"No – I'm okay," House protested.

"I know… but trust me, you'll be more okay in a minute."

House felt the cool pressure again, and this time it was easier. With not so much push as slide, it was suddenly in all the way.

House gasped at what it did to him. He searched for words but none were enough: Overwhelmed. Opened. Filled.

Then it moved inside him, sliding inch by inch by inch, and he moaned aloud. Ohdear. What the hell. His thoughts wouldn't organize themselves. He wasn't moving or assisting, taking no control in the slightest as this was being done to him, and still it continued, leaving him feeling… helpless. Owned. " Wilson?" he breathed as it pushed deeper into him. Into… him.

The rhythm didn't change as an arm settled reassuringly over his waist. A voice – Wilson's, though unusually low and hoarse – in his ear: "Right here, House."

House came back to himself a little as they talked. "How's it feel?" Wilson wanted to know.

"Uh. It's good," he answered, a little surprised. "I mean, it's really…"

"Yeah?" Wilson continued to pump smooth and deep, amazed at how completely House had relaxed for him. He'd been granted complete and unrestricted access to his best friend's body and he intended to make sure he did a good job with it. He reached over House's hip to tickle through his pubic hair, then lazily started to jack him off.

The lube-sloppy hand glided in perfect time with the strokes into him. House gasped, "Jesus-"

"James," Wilson corrected.

"Holy shit." House squirmed a little. "Um. Harder? Squeeze- yeah, and… and fuck me harder. Ah, mm-hmm."

Every thrust now brought a dull twinge of pain, an ache that worked nicely with the rich heady pleasure of the rest of it. House moved with more purpose, driving his hips into the hand and then back, forcing himself to take more, more and more.

"House," Wilson gasped behind him, ragged and desperate. "Don't. Don't do that. Please – stop or I'm gonna come…"

House's addled brain finally put together that Wilson was trying to hold back, waiting for him. "No," he ordered. "Come now. Hard. Come… in… me."


House felt a huge rush of pride at the sound – Wilson was struggling for control, and he was going to lose. "As hard as you can," he continued. "As hard as you want." The sounds and movements were becoming more frantic and House knew he'd almost won. "Do it," he challenged. He pried Wilson's hand from his cock to remove all distractions. "Do me."


"Ah, fuck!" Wilson jerked his hand free and grabbed House's wrist instead. With a hard surge of his hips he flipped House onto his stomach, slamming his wrist to the mattress and holding it there.

A moment ago House had been spooning comfortably, taking a gentle sodomy from his very best friend. Now, he was lying prone and pinned, his body plumbed to a depth he'd never dreamed possible, as Wilson completely lost it above him.

And he couldn't be happier. "Yeah," he managed to say, so that Wilson wouldn't get the wrong idea from all the ah OW oh noises he couldn't contain. "Yeah, ow yeah."

"House-" Wilson drove into him hard, harder, and finally held it there.

After they grew still House took stock of himself. His ass burned and his guts ached, but he found he didn't care. "That was hot," he whispered. Wilson was still breathing in his ear… add that to the aborted hand job he'd been getting, and the oddly satisfying rectal pain, and House began to be seriously sorry that Greg Junior was trapped beneath him on the bed.

As if reading his mind, Wilson rolled them back onto their sides, without pulling out. "Your turn," he said. "Before I pass out."

Between the two of them it didn't take long. House pumped his fist, Wilson rubbed his balls and groaned "God, you feel amazing" into his ear.

"Beginner's luck." House was taunting even on the edge of an orgasm.

Wilson slid out of him and bit him on the neck. There was a strangled sort of noise that suggested it was effective.

They lay quiet for a bit, recovering. "Wow," House said at last. "I'm a mess."

He was referring to the puddle of semen that had smeared all over his stomach and the bed, but Wilson glanced to the space between them and winced. "There's… some blood."

"I'd be surprised if there wasn't," House answered lightly, then hauled himself out of bed to go clean up.

When he came back Wilson had on shorts and a t-shirt. "House… that was way too rough for your first time."

"Yes, mommy," House said, faking a remorseful pout. He pulled on boxers and flopped back down in bed. "It was perfect. Cmere." They settled down with House on his back, and Wilson's head resting against his chest. It was silent a while. Then House said: "My ass hurts."

"Oh man, I'm s-"

"I'm not complaining," House told the ceiling. "Just making an observation."

"Mm." Wilson smiled a little. "Then, I'm going to try and not make an observation regarding the poetic justice of that, in light of all the times you've been a pain in the ass to other people."

House laughed. They lay still again. They dozed.


Wilson's eyes opened. "What's up?"

"You feel good?"

"God." He laughed against House's chest. "That was so, so hot."

"I know." After a bit he added calmly, "I do love you, you know. Not like…" he gestured to them, the bed. "-you know. But just in general."

"Yeah. Love you too, House."

House reached for the blanket and tucked it around them.

The End.

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