"So, James, can I ask you a question?"

"You just did."

"Shut up. Anyway, can I? And don't say I already asked you one."

"Why of course, dear Lily of mine. My question box is always open for you. So is my offer to go to Hogsmeade with me."

"Will you quit harping on about that? I already told you I'm busy."

"Doing what? Counting split hairs?"

"No...Anyway. My question, remember?"

"What about it?"

"Well answer it already!"

"Lily, I would, but you haven't asked me yet."

"Oh yeah."

"...What is it then?"

"Oh. James, what's you favourite item of clothing?'

"It took you that long to ask me? You could've just spit it out. You don't have to ask to ask what my favourite item of clothing is."

"Okay, I get it. Stop chuckling, and just answer the question."

"Fine. Well, that's easy really. My favourite item of clothing would have to be...thongs."


"What's so shocking about that? You like you've just seen Snape wash his hair. And thats's really shocking."

"B-but of all clothing you picked thongs! How do you even wear thongs?!"

"What do you mean, how do you wear thongs? You just slip them on."

"But guys don't wear them. They're made for the female body!"

"No they're not Lily. Are you feeling alright? You're getting worked up-"

"Are you gay?"


"Are you gay? Cos' I can only imagine a gay man wearing a thong."

"No Lily, I'm not gay. And what's wrong with gay people, anyway?"

"Nothing...Merlin, James. You wear a thong? Voluntarily?"

"Well, obviously. And what do you mean one thong. I wear two.'

"Two thongs! At once!"

"Well I can hardly walk around with one on, now can I?"

"...Thongs. James, just how many of these do you have?"

"Quite a lot. Like I said, they are my favourite item of clothing."

"Do you wear them a lot, because I thought they were bloody uncomfortable."

"Yeah...whenever I can. Only not during Quidditch, because they always fall off."

"How do they fall off? They're really tight!"

"Uhh...no they're not Lily."

"Yes they are! My mum gave me a set of red lace ones that came with a matching bra, and I only wore it once, it was that bloody uncomfortable!"

"Why are you talking about bra-Oh dear Merlin...you thought I was talking about..."

"What! Why are you laughing?! I don't get it!"

"Oh Lily, I was talking about thongs as in footwear, not lingerie. You know, flip-flops. You wear them on your feet."


"...Hang on, did you say you had a red lace thong with a matching bra?"

"Shut up, my Mum gave them to me for my birthday, alright? What are you smirking about?"

"Well...I've never seen someone wear a thong before, why don't you model it for me?"


"Or not."

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