A/N: Disclaimer: A cheesecake probably has more authority over Doctor Who than me.

I wanted this to be another 100 words one but it kinda got elaborate. This was the irritating thing about series three. Everytime he went off into a 'Rose' rant I wondered whether Martha would just do this...

When Martha walked into the room, the Doctor didn't bother looking up. He was sit at the kitchen table with a plate of five pieces of toast stacked up high infront of him. He seemed to go ages without eating a full meal then after a while he would eat all day, then leave it for a while again. Obviously this was his 'scoffing' day.

She tilted her head at looked at him closely, observing what he was doing. He was staring intently at two jars set on the table he was sat at, one chocolate spread, and the other marmalade.

"Doctor?" she started in confusion, "wha-"

The Doctor cut rudely over the top of her, a frown creased across his forehead.

"Which one should I have, Martha? Chocolate? Marmalade? Hmmm?"

Martha could only shrug.

"Rose would know," he suddenly proclaimed and Martha suddenly felt a building impatience mounting inside her. "Friend of mine, Rose. If I asked her she'd always know."

"Sorry, Doctor."

"No worries, you're a novice at this kind of stuff. She had a kind of thing for choosing which one is right. Always knew what I wanted."Blah, blah, blah. He never stopped going on about her.

"Who was she, Doctor?" Martha tried to ask, but as per usual he evaded the question.

"Doesn't matter."

Silence ensued for a few moments as Martha's anger struggled to be pushed down inside her.

"She'd have said marmalade, wouldn't she?" the Doctor asked Martha again, but she already knew it was a rhetorical question. "She loved marmalade."

Martha couldn't hold this in for much longer…

"Probably," she grunted.

"She liked chocolate too though. Nutella was her favourite. Made me go out on a special trip for that and blonde hair dye." 'Blonde,'Martha thought with irritation. "And also tampons. She made me buy them just to humiliate me, I reckon. And painkillers. And chocolate!Rassilon, human women love chocolate." This was getting ridiculous. He had to shut up about her sometime,didn't he? "So I dunno, depends what she's craving at the time. Last time it was marmalade, the time before that Nutella. You never could tell with-"


The Doctor was awakened back to the real world with a sudden sharp slash of pain right across his left cheek, and he gasp out in surprise and agony. But before he even had a chance to question her actions she was already off on one.

"Oh my bloody god!!!" she shrieked, grabbing him by the shoulders and practically shaking his head off. "You can never learn to stop,can you?! It's always 'Rose' this, and 'Rose' that, it's like I don't even exist!If you love her so damn much why don't you just go off and gether back?! Ask meto do something for bloody once! You just make me wanna screamsometimes!!!"

She finally came to an end and stopped shaking him, drawing back to the kettle on the side. The Doctor massaged his jaw carefully, watching her across the room warily as she moved in silence. Minutes passed before Martha turned with a cup of tea in hand.

"So, the marmalade?" he asked, and in reply she threw the hot cup of piping tea straight over him.

The End