He saw Kazumi grit her teeth in incredible strength, nearly breaking them, and then, without hesitation, lunged at Sesshomaru. He neatly dodged her, half-expecting it already, and broke away, running as fast as he could. As swift as he was, he heard Kazumi's cool voice before he got out of range.

"Go Sesshomaru, go, my... no-longer-brother. You have abandoned me, and I shall seek revenge on you someday. Know that, as you run from me, you flee from your every chance of winning back your lands, and your only sister as well."

Tears that hadn't fell in ten years streaked down Sesshomaru's face, the whooshing wind drying them. What had happened to Kazumi in all this turmoil?! Why had she become... this killing machine that no longer cared about anything? He remembered the fuzzy memories more than a youkai decade ago - Kazumi laughing and running, with Sesshomaru yelling "Slow down, slow down - brouda can't cac you!"; Kazumi picking a forget-me-not and handing it to her otouto while saying, "This is what you are to me, Sesshomaru."; Having Kazumi read to him and kiss him good night. All those memories had been lost as soon as Kazumi had started training him. Truly, what had happened?!

Sesshomaru ran through the night, wind whipping his face and hair mercilessly, the tears relentlessly falling. He knew, he knew, that one day, he would get even with the selfish and ignorant world for this.


Kazumi gritted her teeth in frustration. Without her only brother (otouto), she'd never get revenge back on her father (otousan) and all his demons (youkai). And that - that little THING!! Kazumi wanted to spit in disgust, but her instinctive self-control refrained her from doing so. That fur ball of hanyou (half-demon), that little puking, wailing, self-stupid scrap of absolute filth and an insect!! Inuyasha! He didn't even deserve such a name. Dog spirit. Kazumi couldn't refrain herself from snorting this time. "Dog puke" was more like it. Actually, not even close.

So preoccupied in her thoughts, Kazumi didn't notice the shadow stalking up on her until she felt the pain. But by then, it was far too late to do anything except close her eyes. And she did. For the last time.


I loved her so much. Even though I didn't believe it, I loved my sister (ane-ue or onee-chan) so much.

Sesshomaru stared with dismay at the frozen blood. It was Kazumi's. He could tell just be one whiff.

Kazumi. How we have grown. And how you have fallen. And how I have been left.

Tears seeping down his striped face, Sesshomaru whipped around, unable to stand looking at his sister's body any longer.

Idiot! He screamed at himself. Why couldn't you have stayed with her?!! She wouldn't be dead now.

Exactly, a small nagging voice say. She's the reason you're dead. If you'd stayed with her, she would still be breathing - still be EXISTING.

SHUT UP (urusai or damare)!!!! Sesshomaru shrieked in his mind.

Breaking in a run, he tore through the trees of the forest he'd just entered, swiping at any unfortunate youkai in his way, his eyes glowing a crazy red (akai).

This, Kazumi. This, Kazumi. This, Kazumi.

Flower (hana), flower, flower. Giving it to him, bringing him into his life as far back as she could. Stroking his face, whispering, whispering, whispering. Loving him, loving him, loving him. Leaving him, leaving him, leaving him. But still loving, caressing, whispering, loving. Loving, hoping, laughing, smiling, loving.

This, Kazumi, is for you.

This, Kazumi, is for you.

This, Kazumi, is for you.

And this, Kazumi, is for you.


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