A/N: Imagine, there is an empty chatroom on MSN. Somehow, the characters in Air enter! And they all become friends! gasp Yay!

Misuzu - DinosaurGirlGao

Yukito - Puppet-Master

Haruko - xXDrunkXLadyXx

Kano - AnimalLover

Hijiri - Doctor.H.

Michiru - SuperBubbleBlower

Minagi - Star-Sand-Collector

??? - FlightlessGirl

??? - Festivals101

??? - LadiesMan24 (kick...ass! XD)

??? - xXSuperPupXx

??? - Girl-With-Invisible-Wings

(It doesn't load smilies right so I'll just put ?? smiley instead)

So THIS is a Chatroom!

Puppet-Master has signed on.

Puppet-Master: Am I the only one here?

Puppet-Master: ...

Puppet-Master: ...

xXDrunkXLadyXx exists.

xXDrunkXLadyXx: WTH???

Puppet-Master: Hey.

xXDrunkXLadyXx: dude wth?! wtf do they mean i exist?!

Puppet-Master: Chill out, MSN tends to be weird.

DinosaurGirlGao has finished her homework.

DinosaurGirlGao: Hello! happy smiley

xXDrunkXLadyXx left to go drink.

Puppet-Master: I think you made her leave Misuzu.

DinosaurGirlGao: Gao.

Puppet-Master: angry smiley

DinosaurGirlGao: gao smiley

DinosaurGirlGao ran away.

Puppet-Master: Wth...?

SuperBubbleBlower stopped touching herself long enough to sign on.

SuperBubbleBlower: WTF!? I WASN'T DOING THAT!!!!

Puppet-Master: Suuuuure you weren't. wink smiley

SuperBubbleBlower: In your dreams. angry blushing smiley

SuperBubbleBlower: Hey, when do you think we can visit the astronomy club again?

Puppet-Master: When you stop touching yourself. happy smiley

SuperBubbleBlower: I WASN'T TOUCHING MYSELF!!!!!

Puppet-Master: Right.

SuperBubbleBlower: Omfg I'm going to kill you.

Star-Sand-Collector has signed on.

SuperBubbleBlower: Hey Minagi how do you make it so you don't get something weird when you sign on?

Star-Sand-Collector: I'm not sure.

SuperBubbleBlower: Be lucky Kunisaki Yukito!

Puppet-Master: O.o Why?

SuperBubbleBlower: Stfu

SuperBubbleBlower left to go keep touching herself

Puppet-Master: LOL

Star-Sand-Collector: Mr. Kunisaki, if that isn't a sign that she likes you, I'm not sure what is.

Puppet-Master: I know, but it's still cute when she threatens me.

Star-Sand-Collector: I have a question about a rumor I heard.

Star-Sand-Collector: Do you feel the same way about Miss Kamio?

Puppet-Master: About what?

Star-Sand-Collector: Oh, if you don't know it's fine.

DinosaurGirlGao came back. Don't kill her.

Star-Sand-Collector: Huh?

Puppet-Master: She said "gao" earlier. extreme smiley

DinosaurGirlGao: Hello, Miss Tohno.

Star-Sand-Collector: Please, that is too formal, call me Minagi.

DinosaurGirlGao: Okay. happy smiley

FlightlessGirl has just met a computer. The computer seems to like her.

DinosaurGirlGao: Aww that's so cute that the computer likes you, Miss...?

FlightlessGirl: What are you talking about? Computer's cant like!

The computer turned itself off because FlightlessGirl made it go emo.

Everyone: ...