A/N: Imagine, there is an empty chatroom on MSN. Somehow, the characters in Air enter! And they all become friends! gasp Yay!

Misuzu - DinosaurGirlGao

Yukito - Puppet-Master

Haruko - xXDrunkXLadyXx

Kano - AnimalLover

Hijiri - Doctor.H.

Michiru - SuperBubbleBlower

Minagi - Star-Sand-Collector

Kanna - FlightlessGirl

??? - Festivals101

??? - LadiesMan24 (kick...ass! XD)

Potato - xXSuperPupXx

??? - Girl-With-Invisible-Wings

(It doesn't load smilies right so I'll just put ?? smiley instead)

FlightlessGirl: I just moved in so I don't know much about it. extreme smiley

Star-Sand-Collector has signed on to see Yukito

Star-Sand-Collector: W-what? That's not true!

Puppet-Master: Okay, so what does Misuzu have to tell me?

DinosaurGirlGao left to hide in a corner.

AnimalLover: I should probably check on her.

AnimalLover left to go see Misuzu but got distracted.

FlightlessGirl: Looks like it's up to me to check on Misuzu.

Star-Sand-Collector: But how are you...?

FlightlessGirl: Dude, didn't you hear? I moved in a few weeks ago.

Star-Sand-Collector went to go meet Michiru.

Doctor.H. is on break.

Doctor.H.: Have any of you seen Kano?

FlightlessGirl: She went to check on Misuzu, because she was afraid to tell Yukito she "Likes" him.

Puppet-Master: Wow, I didn't know that!

FlightlessGirl: Aw crap! Well, I better check on Kano, bye!

FlightlessGirl chickened off.

LadiesMan24 signed on because he was bored.

LadiesMan24: Where's Kanna?

Doctor.H.: Who are you????

LadiesMan24: A really hot guy. wink smiley

FlightlessGirl is pissed.

FlightlessGirl: Stop flirting with Ms. Kirishima, you swine.

LadiesMan24: sad smiley

Puppet-Master: Who is this geek?

FlightlessGirl: Ryuuya.

LadiesMan24 left the chat.

Puppet-Master: OMG that's the first time this chapter someone got a normal message.

Puppet-Master: Didn't you go to check on Kano and Misuzu?

FlightlessGirl: Yeah, they died.

Doctor.H.: WHAT?!?!?!

Doctor.H. left to confirm this.

Festivals101 made it in time before this 3-piece fanfic ended.

Festivals101: Did Misuzu really die?!

FlightlessGirl: I was just kidding, Uraha.

Festivals101: Oh, okay.

Festivals101 left to go tell Hijiri.

Girl-With-Invisible-Wings signed on to ask a question.

FlightlessGirl: Who are you? wtf face

Puppet-Master: She isn't even in the registry!

Girl-With-Invisible-Wings: I'm Raven.

Puppet-Master/FlightlessGirl: ...who?

Girl-With-Invisible-Wings: THE MAKER OF THIS CHATROOM!!!

FlightlessGirl: Oh. So what's the question?

Girl-With-Invisible-Wings: ...Did you and Ryuuya ever have sex?

FlightlessGirl: WHAT??????!!!1

Puppet-Master: LMAO

FlightlessGirl: That's none of your business!!!!!

FlightlessGirl: Oh...dear...goodness...

Puppet-Master: What?

FlightlessGirl: Remember in Chapter 2 when Potato said he was going to kill me?

Puppet-Master: lol yes that was funny.

FlightlessGirl: He's here!!!

FlightlessGirl died of a heart attack.

Girl-With-Invisible-Wings: wtf smiley

xXSuperPupXx signed on to announce something.

xXSuperPupXx: I killed Kanna!!!

LadiesMan24 signed on to scream "noooooooooo!!!!!!"

LadiesMan24: noooooooooo!!!!!!


The End