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I stared at them from across the lunchroom, curious at their isolation. Forks had never received so many new students—let alone all from the same family. Doctor Carlisle Cullen moved to Forks with his wife Esme along with their five adopted children. Two, the blondes, were twins from Esme's side of the family while the rest of them were from separate families.

They seemed close enough. Not once did they argue. Heck, they never even spoke. Everyone stared at them with the same curiosity that burned in my very eyes. All the girls gushed about how attractive the boys were, and all the guys swooned as the two girls walked by. I had to admit, each member of the Cullen family was equally beautiful.

By the end of the day, I had learned all their names. The twins were Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and for some reason, they didn't look alike. There were no physical features that were even similar between the two except for their hair and eye color. The burly, muscular one was Emmett, the small, unhealthy looking girl was Alice, and the most quiet of them all was Edward.

I had my doubts about the Cullens. I had learned in my Sociology class that people put up this front to deceive everyone while on the inside there was a deep turmoil. There were so many cases about child abuse with adopted children, that I began picking up signs of it. Under each of their eyes, dark-purple bruises blemished their pale faces. Their attitudes were secluded and cold, rarely speaking to anyone.

Quite frankly, they frightened me. Doctor Cullen seemed like a nice man, but things could have been different behind closed doors. My analysis deepened when I saw something a bit unnerving. While walked out of gym with Jessica and Lauren, we caught Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen kissing. I suppose it wasn't that wrong since there were no blood relations between the two, but even then the situation was gross. The same was with Jasper Hale and Alice Cullen. The two were never public with their relationship, but there was still some intimacy between them.

The one person who remained alone had been Edward. He seemed the most confused and distraught of all. His eyes would flicker from all around him and sometimes he would disappear at moments of a time. I remember during their first day of lunch, he stood up from the table and threw away his tray of uneaten food. That was another peculiar thing about the Cullen's and Hale's—they didn't eat.

I excused myself from my friends and dispensed of my empty tray. Before I even knew where I was going, my feet dragged me to the music classroom. A sweet, lingering melody filled my ears, calming my heart of any disturbance. I peeked in and watched as his fingers caressed the keys of the piano. Just as soon as I had come, his playing had stopped. He stared at me with a pair of ocher eyes, and I froze in place. Edward got up from playing, walking past my rigid frame in a fluid motion.

"Do not worry."

Before I could turn around, he vanished into the now crowded hallway. His words still kept to me, and I understood everything perfectly. With that, I walked to my math class and decided that I should not jump to conclusions. Maybe I should drop Sociology.