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"Class, I would like to introduce a new student," Dr. Nikidik said, opening the door and stepping aside dramatically. "Miss Anulecka Aeto!"

The girl behind the door was inhumanly beautiful. She had long, perfectly smooth flame-red hair reaching around her ankles in gentle tendrils. Her Shiz uniform skirt and blouse left little to the imagination of her body. She had an elegant, waif-like build without breaking five feet, yet still maintained the image that she would kick you to next week if you picked on her. Her nose was small and perfect, set between perfectly symmetrical bright violet eyes. She smelled of roses in full bloom and lemony citrus. Several Animal rights stickers were plastered on the back of her books, right next to a sticker advertising her as a ten-year subscriber to Ozmopolitan Magazine.

Fiyero spared the girl a glance, then returned to staring at Elphaba.

Boq spared the girl a glance, then returned to staring at Galinda.

Elphaba grinned annoyingly at the Mary-Sue.

"Sorry," she said. "You're too late. There is a desk over thereā€¦" The green girl gestured to an empty desk in the back of the room, ambiguously out of the way and far from the male canon. The Mary-Sue frowned, her lustrous perfection cracking like shattered glass.

"Fuck you," she said, and left the classroom, never to be seen again.

And that's what would really happen if a Mary Sue arrived at Shiz!

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