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A flower petal floated towards the lush terrain.

She loves him…

Edward stared at the flower in his hands, enamored by the very scent. A warm smile formed on his lips as he lifted the small flower to his nose, sniffing the delicious aroma. The fragrance reminded him of the day he first met her; his Isabella. At first he found the floral smell irritating, but overtime, even he could not deny the beauty of her scent. The smell brought him back to his human days, days when he used to present his mother with flowers.

He remained silent in his revelry, staring up the clear sky. The day was young and was coated with a fresh shower of rain. His eyes stared at the lovely body before him, swaying gently as little rays of sunshine glisten her body. She was absolutely breathtaking. Edward couldn't help the sigh that escaped his lips. It was on this very day, ten years ago, that Bella left behind her life—including him.

She loves him not…

He watched as another petal fluttered to the floor.

The ocher in his eyes hardened at the thoughts of him; the wolf. The very memory of Jacob Black was unnerving to Edward. He knew that Bella's mind was slowly deteriorating, but at times she would still whisper his name into the night. She broke his heart, and she would never forget that. Jacob was a constant haunting that clouded Bella's mind.

But in the end, she picked Edward and eternal life. Edward smiled as Bella turned to him, beckoning him to join her. He stood up and walked towards his beloved, thinking about the years they spent as a married couple. Lovers. Soul-mates. How shocking it was to Edward that he actually had a soul, for he had found his life partner.

Bella put her hands in the air, twirling like a little child, her dress floating with the breeze. His eyes caught a glimmering heart on her wrist, and to his grim dissatisfaction, another trinket. A russet wooden wolf dangled on the metal bracelet on her wrist, forever attached, forever a reminder.

He plucked the last petal off the Freesia, and sighed wearily.

She loves him…