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She walked past me. And my monster responded.

Finally, we're gonna get a decent meal, it complained.

Shut up.

No. I don't think I will.






HAH! I win! It's youuuung girl for us tonight!

And I just might have to agree with my monster.

She was, to put it simply, mouth-watering.

But I had to control myself. I was stronger than this, and I knew that I could beat my monster. There were other options besides killing all these other people. She was worth something, but there was no way she was worth that.

I bet she is!

I thought I told you to shut up.

Let me see...Nope. I don't think so. It's time I called the shots. You can take backseat for once.

Somehow, it figured out how to control my arm. It reached my arm out, and lightly touched her hair. She gasped lightly, and turned to look at me before relaxing slightly.

"Wh..what are you do...doing?" she stammered.

"I was just thinking...I had never seen such beautiful hair...You don't mind..." He got closer to her, and gently breathed in her smell from her neck. Then he sat back up. "Do you?" It gave her one of my smiles, and she started to relax.

What are you doing? What he was doing made me cringe.

Something you should have done the moment she sat down.

If I could drop my jaw, I would have. At this point it had some of her hair wrapped around his finger, sniffing it. She just giggled at it. Giggled!

"Mr. Cullen, is this the proper time for that?" Mr. Mason waved his hand in our direction.

I was back. "Sorry!" I dropped her hair.

"It's fine. Just control yourself, okay?" He continued on with the lesson about the anatomy of a cell.

I knew what I had to do. I had to leave town. Go somewhere. I wasn't picky. I didn't want to have to force my family to leave our little haven just because I couldn't control my...urges.

I would leave right after school.


"Run faster! We're almost there!" Maria flipped her hair impatiently as she looked back at me to glare, furious at me.

"Can't we stop to smell the roses?"

She scoffed at me. "Roses have no appeal to me. If you want the smell of roses so bad, find a victim that smells like them!"

"It's just an expression, Maria." I rolled my eyes at her as I ran faster to catch up to her.

"Who cares? Just run faster. All these people around...just makes me hungry!" She laughed loudly, like a mad woman.

"Now I read about the North. The people up here notice things faster than people in the South. For instance, they are always ready to accuse their neighbor of things that they didn't do. They are more likely to notice people disappearing faster than the South, so we need to be careful."

"So? What are they going to do, shoot us?" She smiled at her own joke and shook her head at me.

"I'm just saying, it might be beneficial to all of us if we show some restraint." I glared at her. "Some of us don't know what the word means though, so that could be a problem."

"Who, me?" She batted her black eyelashes at me, innocently.

"Who else would I be talking about?" I rolled my eyes at her.

"You're not so strong yourself, you know." She stopped running and crossed her arms, turning from me.

"Yes," I wrapped my arms around her, trying to control the reflex to cringe away from her. She sighed and hugged me. "But I have no problem admitting it. Unlike a certain pretty vampire in my arms."

"Who would that be, love?" she cooed.

I just kissed her so she would quit talking. Sometimes the sound of her voice was like an angel to me, but other times, like now, her voice sounded like glass breaking.

She bit through my lip and licked it, moaning. It made me groan, but not from pleasure. Whenever she did that, I wanted nothing more than to rip her head off. But I made sure I controlled myself. A man never hits a lady.

She's not a lady, I interrupted myself. You could do so much better. Someone more...perky. I like perky. Don't you like perky? Of course you do. We love perky. There was a hint of longing in it's voice.

Just shut up. You're not helping anything.

I know. But there has to be someone out there that could make us happy. We just need to find her. Maybe the North will be a positive thing for us. I'm sure the women up here are more than...satisfactory.

I hope your right.

Sensing that I didn't have my mind on her anymore, Maria ran her teeth over my tongue. Ew. I hated when she did that even more than when she bit me.

Where are you?


While sitting at a bar, I wonder where Edward was. It had been days since I had seen him last, and it wasn't nearly as much fun alone. I had a whiskey in my hand, just so people wouldn't look at me funny, and was sloshing it around in the glass.

I smell one of us, sort of confused that I didn't smell him before now. It must have had something to do with all these people around, I thought, trying to calm myself down. Normally, I would have noticed one of us a lot sooner.

He walks up to me, acting like he was supposed to be here for me. I look at him strangely as he takes a seat beside me. But then the frown disappears and I jump up from my seat and take his hand. "You're late," I tell him.

He fumbles over his words. "I'm sorry, madam." He has the smooth accent from the South, and I fall inlove with it fast.

"What's your name, soldier?" I tilt my head sideways. By the way he is dressed and the way he carried himself, it screamed military.

"Jasper Whitlock, madam." He tucks his head down and bows to me.

"Let's go home, Jasper." I tug on his hand, sort of impatient, wanting to bring him home to meet my family...

Then it hits me.

What about Edward?

I snapped out of the vision, glad that Edward wasn't in the house to read my mind.

He'll be back soon, I told myself so my heart doesn't hurt.

He had left after school to day, refusing to bring me with him. He said that we had to keep things normal so people don't get the wrong idea. But it didn't matter, I had already seen him come back home to me.

But what about my vision? There couldn't be a person I would leave Edward...could there? Edward, sweet and gentle as he is? I couldn't imagine anyone better than him.

I had made my decision. There was no way I was going to meet this Jasper Whitlock.

No way at all.

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