Final chapter. Warning in case you have not been reading my ending notes: this chapter, per requests, will become rather intimate, though I'm striving for a more artsy approach that is less graphic than just a plain pornography. Still, this may offend some younger and more fragile minds. Just a forewarning.

And to those who requested this, I hope you enjoy.


A soft sigh left his lips, Katsushiro tilting his head back with a gentle groan as he dipped his aching feet in the steamy water. The thick curtain of steam closed about him, gently caressing his lean back muscles and molding itself to his spine like a lover. A ghost smile graced his lips and he closed his eyes, easing his body the rest of the way into the almost unbearably warm water.

He stood in the fairly deep bath, wading deeper into the sunken tub until the light foam lapped at the base of his back, just beneath the bandage. Playfully he ran his fingers through the scented bubbles, sketching patterns and words which he quickly erased with a swipe of the hand and a blush.

Laughing giddily, he reached back and loosed his hair. It stuck to the back of his neck with the steam, smelling faintly of rainwater and sweat. Unbothered, he merely arched back to dunk it, wincing as the water lapped at the gauze despite his efforts.

The war had been rough and Shichiroji had suggested they recuperate at the old Firefly, well those who wanted to at any rate. Kambei of course had denied the request as had most all the others. Kyuzo had been on the verge of saying no had he not a small push and pleading look from his companion. They hadn't seen much of each other since the night he patched the boy up, far too busy rebuilding and grave digging and too exhausted at night to do much more than eat and collapse.

Quickly Katsushiro shook the troubling thoughts from his head, focusing solely on rinsing his hair clean and reaching for the soaps. The feeling washed over him again, that gut wrenching terror fueled rush. Blood spattered his face and the wind tore at his hair, whistling over the blade of an outstretched sword.

Groaning, he rolled over and dunked his face in the water, relaxing as the warmth washed away the chill that had settled over his cheeks. Instead he filled his thoughts will those of Kyuzo, just holding his breath as he knelt in the soothing heat. Even though subconsciously they had assumed a relationship, the two of them had never really broached the subject. In fact in avoiding each other for the past three weeks, they had been avoiding the question.

With a sigh he pulled his head back from the water and let his hair cascade back into place. Almost in answer, a set of rough finger pads came to rest just beneath his shoulder blades, traveling up the back of his neck and curling around the front to caress the jaw bone. He suppressed a gasp, but couldn't stop the shiver that ran his spine.

"You smell like a merchant boy," came the soft growl in his ear.

"No, I smell clean," Katsushiro responded teasingly. "You should try it sometime."

In an instant he found himself several inches underwater against the bottom of the bath as Kyuzo promptly dunked him. The young man struggled, wrapping his arms about the samurai's leg and swatting at the wrist which held him prisoner beneath the bubbles. After what seemed an eternity, he was released, the fingers curling back to catch him at the nape of the neck and pull him up.

As his head broke the surface, lips parted and gasping for breath, the boy was met with the strangest sensation. Already lightheaded and flush from the steam and his almost drowning, he let out a soft mewl as lips dry and almost rough slid over his own, both giving and taking breath as they sealed his mouth almost territorially. His fists clenched, resting against the man's chest as if unsure whether to beat him off or clutch at his shoulders. Water sheeted off their skin, heavily laden with spice scented oils. The smell filled his senses, clouding his thoughts with heat and want. Desire.

Dominate me, my warrior.

Kyuzo did not disappoint, his arms coiling around the boy's waist and hips and crushing him to the broad chest, never releasing his lips. Their teeth clacked several times as Katsushiro began attacking back with equal fervor, making up for his naivety with passion and brute force. He could swear, though their lips remained locked, the samurai chuckled deep in his throat, tilting his head to smooth out their already bruising kiss. Teeth nipped at swollen lips, fingernails dragging over oily skin as they tangled around each other just trying to get closer.

He needed to get closer. Not wanted.


The water seemed almost lukewarm compared to the skin of the man against him. Kyuzo's fire spread over their bellies, scorching wandering hands and stoking the boy's even higher.

They broke apart suddenly, Katsushiro visibly panting, looking more wild thing than merchant boy as he lunged for his partner with a growl. "Give," he hissed, though even he hardly knew what exactly it was he was asking for. His fingers found their way into the blond hair, stroking, tugging, clutching in a frenzied lust as their lips met again.

The man expertly flipped the boy over, lips never parting even for a moment, and pushed him roughly back against the stone sides of the bath, hands sliding down to his waist with a sense of purpose. Head reclined back against the sloped edge, the boy gasped as his lips were released, throbbing and bruised, to the cool air. "M-mh," he panted, unable to form a coherent thought much less get his mouth functioning.

Dimly he was aware that, though Kyuzo's teeth and lips were preoccupied studying every curve of his throat, the calloused hands slid down his legs, turning inward to his inner thighs. He picked up his head, fighting slightly as his legs were parted. A sense of vulnerability began to claw its way into his lust dulled senses, a basic animalistic fear for survival. The older samurai impatiently pushed him back down, reassuring him with another fiery kiss.

Apparently Kyuzo wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Their lips parted again as the blond busied himself with the tender flesh of his victim's throat and collar. The narrow hips were insistent, so Katsushiro wrapped his legs comfortably around the samurai's waist in defeat. Without a word, Kyuzo pulled back, sliding his hands down to the young man's lower back, presumably to support him.

Katsushiro started to pick his head up, curious, when the intense pressure hit. It burned sort of and his body curled inward, instinctively trying to ward off the pain. The rough fingers slid soothingly over his stomach and chest, deep voice murmuring something his fogged mind couldn't quite decipher.Gasping, he forced himself to relax back against the wall. "K-Kyu. . . zo. . ." the boy managed after a moment, quickly silenced by a finger on his lips.

"Save your energy," the man growled, the corners of his lips turning up ever so slightly in a suggestive sort of smirk. The hand slid seductively down from his ribs, lower and lower. The man's hips shifted impatiently against him, the pain blending sweetly with an unexpected jolt of pure pleasure. It hit him hard enough to steal his breath, Katsushiro gasping sharply and arching his back as he struggled to get closer.

The low growl continued as a stream of words were purred into his ear in time with each gentle rock and the young samurai was dimly aware that his own mouth was panting breathy whispers back. His entire body was trembling uncontrollably, jerking with every shockwave of ecstasy that rattled his core. His fingers clenched on the narrow shoulders of the man above him, the delicate fingernails drawing drops of blood. The base of his spine tingled and heat pooled in his belly as the already eager flames crackled higher.

The stone was hard and cool beneath his head as he weakly laid back, needy moans escaping his parted lips. His entire body was aflame, taut and tensed down to every fiber of muscle, and crying out for release. His senses were dulled to everything but the aching rapture seemingly trapped beneath his skin. Katsushiro half sobbed as he teetered on the brink, squirming and clawing at the air. "I c-can't, please!" he begged, breath hitching sharply at every word.

Firm and gentle hands forced his back down before sliding over his belly, sending sparks over his skin. "Yes. You. Can." Kyuzo growled, slamming his body against the smaller with each word.

He trembled, his entire world blazing white before it shattered. A rush of euphoric ecstasy washed over him, agonizingly blissful. It arched his back and tore a whimpering cry from his throat before passing and leaving him utterly boneless against the tile. His eyes, still blind to the world, fluttered once. Twice. Then fell shut and he spiraled off into a heavenly darkness.

Katsushiro coughed and blinked as consciousness came drifting slowly back to him in the form of a blistering hot breath against his ear and a set of teeth on the lobe. The boy gasped and shivered, opening his eyes further with a soft sigh.

His body tingled and trembled uncontrollably, a feeling far beyond that of exhaustion from any sword practice or fighting. He felt utterly drained but content about it, still warm beneath the skin and peacefully tired.

He was back in the water again, held firmly against Kyuzo's broad and damp chest. The man's heart pounded against his own, the two matching each other in tempo. Lazily, the young man yawned. How long had he been out? No more than a few seconds he hoped.

"You're awake." The words were rich in his ears, Katsushiro groaning from just the sheer sound of his voice. "I've never had anyone pass out on me before."

"Did not," he grumbled, narrowing his eyes moodily as he stared up at his partner.

"How do you feel?"


The samurai seemed to deflate. His frown suggested that wasn't exactly the answer he was looking for. "Shall I try again now that you're all warmed up?"

"Again?" Katsushiro gasped. "But I-"

"Don't tell me you don't have the stamina."

As he opened his mouth to argue back there was a loud crash from downstairs as somebody tried to initiate a fight, or so it sounded like. The two looked between each other for a moment. After a pause, Kyuzo pushed him towards the edge. "Go save the place. I'll take care of you and your lip when you get back."

Blushing, the young man turned back and said rather coyly. "Why just a lip? Why not both?"


Okay, huge delay and I'm very sorry. I kind of pushed it aside for finals and papers, but here it is in all its novice glory. Honestly, I swear a straight porno is easier to write rather than trying to keeps things discrete and artsy. Well my first sort of sex scene, hope it didn't suck and bring the series to a crashing close.

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