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Notes: This isn't the big story I'm working on, but I got a teensy bit stuck and decided to do a ficlet to help me out. I love non-canon ships, and this might be a little sneak preview to something you might be getting in some other stories...

1. She chews on her hair when she's nervous about a sketch. She's done the Commedia Dell Arte sketch at least seven times now, but she still worries about it. Of course, when she finally gets out on stage she's a complete pro, and you could never tell that she was the slightest bit apprehensive about it. But when she's getting ready to go on, she stands off stage and chews on a very tiny section of hair. He thinks it's completely adorable.

2. When she gets a big laugh, her eyebrows raise up just a tiny bit. It wouldn't be noticeable if you weren't standing directly opposite of her during a sketch, but at happens. They go up just the tiniest bit. He thinks maybe the left one goes a little higher than the right, and he thinks it's completely sweet.

3. She doesn't smile at all in the span of time between her last sketch and the goodnights. It's as if she isn't truly convinced that she's done a good job until she hears that final round of applause, and then it's like a weight is lifted off her shoulders, and she can finally smile and laugh again. He never realized it before, but she's probably harder on herself than anyone else in the cast. He thinks it's one of the most beautifully sad things he's ever seen.

4. She eats one Tootsie Roll after every sketch. She lines them up in front of her mirror every night before the show, and immediately after each sketch, before she changes, she pops one in her mouth, like a little reward, and she takes 10 seconds to just enjoy is before heading back into the hectic world of show time. She closes her eyes, and she just enjoys it. He thinks it's one of the sexiest things he's ever seen.

5. She always hugs him first in the goodnights. He doesn't know if it's force of habit, or because Harriet always hugs the host first, or because Tom spends most of his time waving at the audience, but she always hugs him first. He isn't sure what he thinks about that, but he knows it always makes him happy.