Title: Chaos Theory
Series rating: R
Pairings: Peter/Claire
Characters: Seriously? Think, um, clowns in a clown car, okay?
Timeline: Begins during "Fallout," and continues through the first season through fourteen installments (AU) and will include throwbacks to "It Takes a Village," and, to a greater extent, "War Buddies."
Teaser: Change one thing, change everything - in the end, the one person Claire wants to save the most will be the one she needs saving from...


Notes: Written because, while I can handle Claire as a Petrelli, not even incest can scare me from a ship, I want to stab Meredith in her blank-eyed stare, because, um, yeah, most pathetic waste of a character, ever, seriously. She came in brilliantly and then, boom, gone, and while I want to care about her, all I actually want to do is poke her in the eye. Just, very much the only thing in the whole show that turned me off it, seriously – I love all the characters (Peter, Claire, Mr. Bennet, and Niki/Jessica especially), and while some of the writing's a bit off at times, this entire story grew in my skull beginning in the third episode. By the time we got to episode nine, I was outlining, and I'm writing it now – fourteen parts, a single OC to set in motion the AU, and a whole lot of characters that I get to play with. I found that it also, as I fell into seizures after watching "Distractions," changes the whole incest thing, since, you guessed it, Claire's not a Petrelli. That said, there will be massive Petrelli and Claire interaction and not only on the Peter/Claire side of things, although that will be an increasingly heavy part of it all, not surprisingly – they're at the root of everything that goes on here, even if they don't realize it. You'll also notice a good amount of Angela, because she is also made of awesome, like Peter and Claire and, yes, Niki/Jessica if they had actually fleshed both sides of her out a bit more emotionally. Parts get bigger as they move along, but you'll see what I'm talking about soon. Some scenes will be lifted from the episodes, but that'll become less and less frequent. I'm also playing with the stupidity of the mysteriously aged and de-aged Claire – she'll be sixteen, when we start, and we'll be fleshing it out further down the road.