The Soul of a Musician

The-Wind-Dragon-Caller: Ok, so as some of you may already know this use to be an Inuyasha fanfic of mine. I decided to change it because I loved the concept, I don't like leaving things incomplete, AND let's face it Inuyasha got boring and Kingdom Hearts is the shit. It was inspired but Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together". I was just watching the video but I was more listening to the lyrics and thought 'OMG INSPIRATION!' lol. I've been sitting here trying to get ideas for stories and who knew that I would get it this way. Anyway let me give you a better summary:

Ever since they were children Sora and Riku were unable to be separated. Both Sora and Riku had a strong passion for music and played many instruments. Their lives were always filled with music of all kinds (Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Metal, International, etc.). When Riku turned 8 he had to leave for America with his mother because she got a really good job there. Afterwards Sora lived a depressed life for quite sometime and had a reputation for being a loner (the only exceptions were his best friends of course).

You must read to find out what happens, like I said I suck at summaries so just trust me and read this. (HEY! Did anyone notice that both Riku and Inuyasha have silver hair…. Weird that they ended up being the same character in my story XD)

Chapter 1: The Struggle of Letting Go

Back in 1994…

"Why are you leaving me Riku?" a six-year old Sora cried. He was curled up in his closest friend's arms in front of an airport gate.

"Sora…I'm so sorry, but it's my mom she got a really good job in America and that's why we have to leave but I promise I will e-mail you everyday as soon as we get the computer set up I promise." Riku played with the little boy's gravity defying hair and hugged him tightly.

"Here…" Sora handed Riku one of his guitar picks and wrote their initials on it. "…now you will always remember me"

"I wouldn't worry about that Sora we'll see each other again…but there has been something I wanted to tell you."

-Ping- Flight 0004 from Destiny Islands to New York City, New York is now boarding

"Oh no! That's my plane! Sora, I don't want to leave you!" He gripped onto him.

"Riku, sweetie we need to go." Riku's mother told her son carrying their carry-on bags.

"Oh Riku…I'm going to miss you so much."

"I'm going to miss you too Sora."

And with those final words he walked with his mom towards the gate and boarded the plane.

"Oh, Mom!" Sora ran into his mother's arms crying uncontrollably.

"It's ok sweetie I'm sure you will see him again"

'I'll never forget you, Riku…'

In 2007…

"Ladies and Gentlemen, It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the Class of 2007!"

Everyone clapped and screamed and threw there graduation hats in the air. Sora hugged his best friends, his twin brother, Roxas, and his brother's boyfriend, Axel.

"YES! FINALLY! NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL!" Axel screamed. "And now time for college with my sweet, sweet lover." Axel gave Roxas a small grope which earned him a small punch in the arm.

"Axel, come on! Can't you control yourself at all?" Roxas pouted and blushed.

"Chill baby, I was only kidding around." Axel kissed Roxas on the cheek. "You know I love you."

Sora watched them with a sad look in his eyes. Yes, of course he has had many boyfriends in the past but his last relationship with Xemnas just didn't work out… besides the fact that he is full of himself but especially since he found him in bed with someone else and that someone else just happened to be a woman. He still remembers the little boy named Riku that started him on his musical path but now it's different. Things started to fade away like the songs they wrote together and such. He wished he told him that day that he liked him. E-mails from him use to come everyday, then every week, the every other week, then every month, until they just stopped coming all together. He was snapped back to reality when Roxas sat down next to him.

"Hey Sora, why the long face? We just graduated and summer is starting."

"Oh I know…" Sora looked down at his feet.

"Sora, I know it's been 13 long years and I know it's been hard for you but trust me things will look up for you I promise."

"Roxas, you say that every time, and every time you do, it doesn't get better, it gets worse and you know that." Sora then looked at his cut up wrists.

"You know he wouldn't like seeing you this way. You know he wouldn't let you do it. So why are you putting yourself through this torture?"

"We haven't spoken to each other in anyway for the last 7 years! He obviously doesn't care! He promised me he would see me again!" Sora cried on Roxas's shoulder. Axel then walked over and sat next to Sora, rubbing his back.

"Sora, please don't cry, besides Ri-" He was cut off when Sora screamed.

"DON'T SAY HIS NAME! It does not deserve to be spoken! He was suppose to tell me something before HE left me and never got the chance to and when I e-mailed him about it he said and I quote 'Oh, well…..I really need to do that in person' DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA ON HOW FUSTRATING THAT IS?"

"Sora calm down…" Axel peacefully said " This is our graduation and you are talking about something depressing. C'mon I know what will cheer you up."

Sora, Roxas and Axel walked away from the school and walked down the street.

"Where are we going?" Sora said wiping the tears away.

"You'll see. Roxas cover his eyes and guide him." Roxas did just that and guided Sora to his surprise.

"Ok you can open your eyes" Sora opened them and they were standing out front of an ice cream parlor.

All of them screamed "YOU SCREM, I SCREM WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!" and ran into the ice cream parlor and engorged themselves in ice cream and trust me you don't want to know how high the bill was but they decided to split it evenly.

"Oh my God…I'm going to throw up!" Sora and Roxas said at the same time which made everyone laugh.

"Hey, look guys this has been fun and all but I need to get home my family is expecting me for a big celebration. After all, we did just graduate."

"Yeah" Roxas and Axel chuckled.

"Well since we are too drunk on sugar to drive home I guess we are walking and besides we didn't come in a car!" They all cracked up hysterically at Sora's comment.

(A/N: ok let's just skip the walk home and have Sora and Roxas enter their house)


"Sora, Roxas, you're home."

Everyone came to greet Sora and Roxas and threw confetti on them which stuck in their spiky hair. "Congratulations, Boys! You survived High School!" thier mom said "And we all have gifts for you"

"ME FIRST ME FIRST!" Roxas cried out. Roxas handed him a box that was wrapped in pretty paper. Sora tore at it like a mad man and opened the box. It was a shirt that said "I survived 4 years Destiny High School"

"Oh….this is messed up…here is your gift Roxas…" Sora handed Roxas an identical box and inside the box was the same shirt. They paused a minute and both of them put on the shirt at the same time. They both laughed and gave each other a hug.

"Ok now let me give you guys a real gift!" The boys' father cried out. They each opened the very, very large box and it was a brand new Keyblade."

"SICK!" Sora exclaimed as he started swinging the keyblade around, breaking a very, very, VERY old vase that was his father's.


"Please dad, it's amazing that you are perfectly preserved" Roxas cracked and rested against his keyblade.

"Grrrrrrr" Dad just shut his mouth

"Here this is from me Sora" It was an envelope. Sora opened it up and was shocked at what he saw. It was a plane ticket to New York City, A ticket to see RENT which was one for his favorite musicals of all time, a ticket to the warped tour, and…what was this? A set of keys?

"Hey mom not that I'm not in shock already but w-w-what are the keys to?" He held them up shakily.

"They are the keys to your own music studio, in your name, with all the equipment you will need, with 3 other rooms. One will be your bedroom and bathroom (you know the ones that have the bathroom in the bedroom thing), another one will be your living room even though it's small it's still comforting, and of course there's a kitchen. Now I know what you are thinking 'What about the bills?' I will be paying those until you get out of college and start a full time job and/or you get a husband. The only thing you'll have to provide yourself with is food and transportation. I think it would do you some good to get off of this freakin' island. Other than that it's all yours my dear!" (A/n: They're rich ok?)

Sora's heart was beating 10,000 beats a minute. Not only was he going to NYC but he was going to be living there. After that reality hit her. He might be able to find Riku!

"Oh…my….God….MOM THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!" He practically killed his mother when he gave her a bear hug. He hasn't been this happy since….well….since him and Riku were together.

"So when do I leave?" He looked at his ticket and sighed. He didn't leave until the middle of July and it was the beginning of June.

"HEY, WHAT ABOUT ME!?!?! He gets an apartment and what the fuck do I get? Chopped Liver? Nice, mom" Roxas complained

"No, silly, here is your present." His mom tossed him a set of keys and on the key was a Viper symbol.

"Holy SHIT!" Roxas exclaimed.

"It will be here in the morning" His mom smiled as she received a hug from her blonde son.

Sora was happy for Roxas. "Sorry everyone, but I'm going to go to bed now I need to find a way to calm myself. Good night!" He kissed everyone good night and went into his room. His room was like his sanctuary. All music surrounds him. 5 guitars lay on a rack on one side of the room, 2 acoustic and 3 electric, an electric keyboard, a computer mainly with music programs that came with special paper so he can print out music that he wrote, a huge stereo, a violin, a viola, a cello, a bass, a flute, and there were posters of all his favorite bands. Some of the posters were overlapping due to the large amount. He changed into his pj's and turned on the radio.

The announcer boomed on the radio. "Here is one of Mariah Carey's songs off of her new album called "We belong together"!" The song started to play and Sora started to sing to it. Sora also loved to sing and he had the most amazing voice and even he, himself, would admit that at times.

I didn't mean it

When I said I didn't love you, so

I should have held on tight

I never shoulda let you go

I didn't know nothing

I was stupid, I was foolish

I was lying to myself

I could not fathom that I would ever

Be without your love

Never imagined I'd be

Sitting here beside myself

Cause I didn't know you

Cause I didn't know me

But I thought I knew everything

I never felt

Sora grabbed the picture that he had kept on his night stand of him and Riku and was staring at it while he was singing

The feeling that I'm feeling

Now that I don't hear your voice

Or have your touch and kiss your lips

Cause I don't have a choice

Oh, what I wouldn't give

To have you lying by my side

Right here, cause baby

Sora then started to basically sing to Riku through the picture as though he were really there.

When you left I lost a part of me

It's still so hard to believe

Come back baby, please

Cause we belong together

Who else am I gonna lean on

When times get rough

Who's gonna talk to me on the phone

Till the sun comes up

Who's gonna take your place

There ain't nobody better

Oh, baby baby, we belong together

I can't sleep at night

When you are on my mind

Bobby Womack's on the radio

Saying to me

"If you think you're lonely now"

Wait a minute

This is too deep (too deep)

I gotta change the station

So I turn the dial

Trying to catch a break

And then I hear Baby face

"I only think of you"

And it's breaking my heart

I'm trying to keep it together

But I'm falling apart

Sora then started to cry a little bit while he was singing his heart out to the picture.

I'm feeling all out of my element

I'm throwing things, crying

Trying to figure out

Where the hell I went wrong

The pain reflected in this song

It ain't even half of what

I'm feeling inside

I need you

Need you back in my life, baby

When you left I lost a part of me

It's still so hard to believe

Come back baby, please

Cause we belong together

Who else am I gonna lean on

When times get rough

Who's gonna talk to me on the phone

Till the sun comes up

Who's gonna take your place

There ain't nobody better

Oh, baby baby, we belong together, baby

He started to scream the song at Riku in the picture.

When you left I lost a part of me

It's still so hard to believe

Come back baby, please

Cause we belong together

Who am I gonna lean on

When times get rough

Who's gonna talk to me

Till the sun comes up

Who's gonna take your place

There ain't nobody better

Oh baby, baby

We belong together

That night Sora cut himself 4 times on each wrist and cried himself to sleep because he realized that finding Riku in a big city like Manhattan was nearly impossible.

A month later…

"So you're leaving in 2 weeks? Time to go shopping before you hit high tax and over priced merchandise, New York!" Roxas screamed "LET'S HIT THE MALL!"

Their first stop was Sephora. Sora needed a new colon before he left. He needed to smell like a New Yorker (and no that doesn't mean dirty and nasty). It had everything and anything.

"Awesome! This is a good song!" Sora cried with excitement.

"Yes, I agree" When they walked in Naughty Girl by Beyonce was playing. They started to look for a new colon for Sora. Sora was good at looking for the right scent, he had good taste. While they were looking Sora, Axel, and Roxas were also singing and dancing to the song and got many stares from people, but good stares like stare of interest. When the song was over everyone in the store applauded. The three of them blushed madly but thanked everyone and continued on their merry way.

"Ok let me see what you got for me there Roxas" Roxas then dumped the items onto a tray over in the make-over area of the store so they could get organized. "Ummm…Roxas I don't wear make up." He said blankly to him. "Oh sorry that's for Axel…." Roxas handed the make-up over to Axel and then handed a couple of samples of colon to Sora. "Well I like this one and this one, but this one smells like feet." Sora took the ones he liked and walked up to the register with them on the big long line.

"Nice choices there, Sora" Axel stated. "What do you think of mine?" Axel turned and showed Sora his new make-over.

"It's very…" Sora blinked a few times.

"C'mon we have so much to do in so little time let's go!" When they went to go pay for the stuff the girl at the register wouldn't ring it up.

"You guys gave a free performance for the store so the least I can do is let you have this for free!"

They didn't argue with her. They thanked the girl and left.

"Good thing she didn't charge us anyway it would have been like a $150 bill just on colon and we need clothes and more music still!"

The three of them had a good laugh about that and raced each other to the glass elevator. They made it just in time and took the elevator down to the lower level to F.Y.E.

"Hey, Sora!" said a man behind the counter.

"Hey, Frank!" Sora said. They know him very well there. He's there almost everyday.

"So Sora what do you say? Where should we start?" Roxas asked.

"Let's start with rock then work our way around." (A/n: I'm just going to skip all of this and write what they bought.)

They bought the new The Used CD, Kelly Clarkson's new CD, the Bond CD, and the new Utada Hikaru CD. After when they were done with that they went to their last stop, Hot Topic.

"Now time for the big cheese!" Sora said all too happily

"The big, dark, where all rockers go to get their essentials in life, cheese!" Roxas added

"More like the emo cheese!" Axel exclaimed! (Thank you Heather for this awesome line.)

They laughed so hard they almost fell on the escalator. They raced in there with 4 of their frequent flyer cards filled out. Sora loved the clothes in here because they were all so different he liked being different but he also loved not being noticed. (A/n: I'm going to make this short and sweet.) Sora got 3 chained-up pants all done by Tripp, it was the one brand he knew he could trust because all of their stuff was so well made, he got about 5 shirts from them, 2 pairs of arm warmers, 2 new pairs of sneakers, 1 pair of boots, an incense burner with 3 different scent sticks, and a new bed set. The total was $3,632; Sora almost fainted at the price but didn't care. He was going to New York and all was essential. He walked out with 6 of the stores largest bags he had to condense so much in order to carry it all.

"OH NO I FORGOT!" Sora screamed!

"WHAT!" Roxas screamed back


They ran in there quickly and bought the entire series of Confidential Confessions, The Tarot Café, The Ring, In Dream World, .Hack, Gunslinger Girl, Evil's Return, and Legal Drug. The bill was $500, Sora sighed but paid for it all and they picked up all their stuff and went to the car. They put it all in the trunk and there was so much that some of it had to go in the backseat! Axel came in a separate car and had to leave early so it was just Roxas and Sora left. They fell into the front car seat and breathed heavily.

"Our last power shop together Roxas…" Sora started to cry.

"Oh no Sora don't say that you know damn well it isn't! I'll visit you and you'll visit me!" They hugged each other tightly and Roxas started the car driving back to their house.

"Wait Roxas!" Sora told Roxas to stop the car. He did.

"What is it Sora?"

"Let's go have a picnic at the park. I want to make the next 2 weeks the best 2 weeks of my life before I start life in the big apple. Let's see if Axel can join us." Sora picked up the phone and dialed Axel's number.


"Hey, what's shaken bacon?"

"Nothing, omelet!" They both laughed.

"No, seriously, what's up Axel?"

"No, seriously, nothing Sora."

"Wanna have a picnic? Me and Roxas will supply music and entertainment if you supply food!"

"Sure, of course you caught me when I just finished food shopping!"

"GREAT! We'll meet you at Destiny Park! BYE!"

"See ya!" They both hung up and Roxas made a U turn to Destiny Park.

At the park…

They all met each other at the top of THE hill in Destiny Park. This was their favorite spot on Destiny Islands besides the Oblivion night club you needed reservations for that club which Roxas and Axel made to surprise Sora with the night before he leaves.

Sora munched happily on a honey bun "MMMM SO FATTING BUT SO GOOD! LOVE IT!"

"My mother made that especially for you Sora she knows how much you love them" Axel stated

"MMMM please tell her I said thank you!"

"Of course"

They had The Bond CD playing and Sora was humming the song while he ate.

"Care to dance Roxas, my love?"

"Oh Axel, damn you for being so persuasive" Roxas and Axel started to dance.

"Oh Axel, damn you for being so persuasive" Sora mimicked and started to dance identical to Roxas right behind him.

"Sora cut it out!" Both Axel and Roxas said and tackled Sora and they fell down the hill. When they reached the bottom Axel was on top of Roxas and Sora fell next to them. They were laughing so hard.

"Well HAHAHA I'm going to HAHAHA clean HAHA up on top." He laughed on his way up. While he was cleaning up he saw Roxas and Axel making out at the bottom of the hill. He was in such a good mood it didn't phase him but he still wished he had a man for himself. When he was done cleaning up, both him and Roxas thanked Axel for the food and they all left. Roxas and Sora went back to their house and started to pack the rest of his furniture and items; he would take his clothes and music with him the day that he'll be going to New York.

"Well that's the last of it; all of it should be there the day I get there." Sora said. "I'm going to miss you, Roxas."

"I'm going to miss you too Sora. Remember if you need me for anything give me a call, e-mail, tell me to go visit you, or you come visit me ok?" Roxas cried.

"Of course, Roxas. I promise" He hugged his brother and wiped the tears away.

"Well, I got to go to bed I want to make sure I see you off tomorrow" Roxas put on a slight smile

"Ok Roxas, well I'll see you in the morning."

"Good night, Sora"

(A/n: I'm not going to go through the whole 2 weeks let's just get to the night before he leaves.)

One night before Sora leaves for New York…

"Hey Sora! You dressed yet!?" Roxas yelled up to his brother.

"Yup! Here I come!" Sora came down the stairs and he looked dead sexy.


"No I don't!" Sora screamed back

"YOU'RE RIGHT I'M JUST JELOUS!" They both laughed.

"You look great Roxas. This will probably make Axel melt and that's hard to do considering he can control fire!"

"Hahaha, thanks!"

"So where are we going anyway?" Sora questioned

"Oh you'll see. It's something I know you'll love." They both got into the car and drove to Axel's house and Axel and Sora switched spots so Sora was in the back and he was the one driving.

"Now, Sora for this surprise I'm afraid I must blind fold you and put sound proof headphones on your head so you can't figure out where we are going."

"O-Ok" Sora said and Axel and Roxas sound proofed and blind folded him.

"Oh man I can't wait until Sora sees this!" Roxas said. "So what is our actual plan?"

"I say we bring him into the club like this right in the middle of the dance floor and then you'll take off the head phones and I'll take off the blind fold at the same time to reveal it to him." Axel took a breath and sighed "I'm going to miss, Sora."

"Me too Axel me too." Axel kissed Roxas on the cheek and hand and drove to the Oblivion night club. They pulled Sora out of the car, gave it to the valet and worked their way through all the people.

"Are you on the list?" The guard asked.

"Yes. Axel party of 3?"

"Oh yes, c'mon in!" The body guard unclipped the rope and let them pass. Axel and Roxas brought Sora to the middle of the dance floor. They took off her blind fold and head phones and screamed "SURPRISE!" Sora was so happy he screamed but his screams sounded like he was talking normally.

"OMG YOU GUYS THIS IS AWESOME! NOW WHAT ARE WE STANDING FOR LET'S DANCE!" Just when he said that Mis-Teeq's "Scandalous" started to play and Axel and Roxas…well let's just say they were occupied with each other so Sora got up on stage and started to dance on his own. A lot of people started to cheer him on and one guy was even brave enough to try and dance with him but he kicked him down.

After another 4 hours of dancing, making out with random people, and getting drunk off there asses (surprisingly Sora didn't drink as much only because he knew that Axel and Roxas were going to be crazy drunk and he would have to drive home), all of them went home still laughing and having a good time.



They were laughing so hard they could barely catch their breaths. Sora dropped Axel off.

"Sora, I'm going to stay with Axel tonight, ok? Roxas plainly stated

"Ok, play nice you two!" Sora said and drove off.

He threw his car keys on the front door's hanging key thingy (Don't know the name cut me a break). Sora went upstairs and sat down at his computer. He opened up his e-mail and typed in Riku's e-mail address and simply wrote "…I'm coming to New York" he hit "send" but it didn't go though. "That's weird he must have changed it. Well it has been 7 year I wouldn't be surprised." He yawned and looked at the time 2:30 am his flight was at 7:00 am. "Oh shit well I guess it's time for bed." He set his alarm got in his pj's and hopped into bed. "See ya soon I hope, Riku." He then drifted off into dreams.

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