The Soul of a Musician

The-Wind-Dragon-Caller: Hello everyone! Well, I think it is safe to say it is time to bring this story to a close. I will use what little ideas I have left for this story then I'm going to start my other story. There might be a sequel to this story if I can come up with some really good ideas for it as of right now I have nothing. OH BTW!: I was accepted into my first college choice so this is a happy occasion! YAY!

Chapter 13

8 days really flew by fast for the 2 couples and Axel and Roxas were leaving tomorrow. Between going to see shows, giving Roxas and Axel a grand tour of the city, and partying every single night, it was needless to say that everyone was exhausted but Sora had one more surprise for the whole house hold.

It was 8am when Sora leaned over Riku and kissed him gently on the lips. "Riku, baby, time to get up." Riku moaned not wanting to wake up.

"Come on Sora! It's so early. Why?" Riku buried his head underneath one of the many pillows.

"I want it to be a surprise…come on baby…" Sora climbed on top of his lover kissing what little of his neck that was exposed. "…please…?"

"Sora…as much as I love what you are doing to me…that is NOT going to coax me out of bed this morning" Riku slowly started to fall back asleep.

Sora pouted. "Fine, I'll go wake up Axel and Roxas first then I'll get you…"

"I'm kind of liking the sound of that…" Riku said half asleep.

Sora walked out of the room into the living room where he found his brother and Axel sleeping intertwined. Sora was happy for Roxas that he was able to have sex again but he would defiantly have to burn the couch after they left. He leaned down and shook Roxas a little. "Hey Roxas, wake up. We have a long day ahead of us. It's your last day of vacation." Roxas stirred in his sleep and stretched.

"Ok…" Roxas said sleepily.

"I trust that you'll wake up Axel?" Sora asked.


"It's going to take me a while to wake Riku up so you guys can grab the shower first."

"Uh huh…" Roxas slowly moved and start to poke Axel while Sora walked back into the room to see that Riku changed positions on the bed. His whole body was laying the short way and he was snoring. It was so cute to see a little bit of drool fall out his mouth. Sora could resist. He picked up his cell phone and took a picture.

"Hello new background." Sora set the picture to be the background on his phone. He put his phone down on the night stand and crawled over Riku's lifeless form rubbing his back lovingly. "Come on baby, even Roxas and Axel are up…you got to wake up." When Sora heard nothing but snores coming from the older one he got frustrated. 'Alright, no more mister nice guy!' Sora stood up from the bed. "RIKU!" Sora yelled.

"AHH!" Riku rolled off the bed and fell hard onto the floor. "Ahhhh, Jesus Sora! What the fuck?" Riku said rubbing some sore parts of his body.

"I told you to get up and apparently I can't do it nicely. I promise you'll be able to sleep in the car."

"Car? Where the fuck are we going that we need a car?" Riku said irritated.

"Jersey." Sora said.

"JERSEY!?!?! WHAT THE FUCK IS IN JERSEY!?!?!" Riku screamed.

"You'll see when we get there…stop yelling…jeez I'm about to put you in anger management…" Sora rolled his eyes and started to walk towards the bathroom when he was throw against the wall and pinned with Riku body.

"If you are waking me up at this ungodly hour you will tell me where we are going." Riku said huskily due to lack of sleep.

"Awww but Riku where is your sense of adventure?" Sora smiled wickedly.

"You son of a-"

"Sora the shower is all yours!" Roxas yelled.

"Ok! Care to join me? I need to wash that grumpiness out of you." Sora said pulling Riku into the bathroom. Riku smiled at Sora lovingly. Sora smiled back. "What?"

"Nothing…I just love you…" Riku smiled against pulling Sora chin upwards to kiss him.

Sora kissed him back lovingly. "Oh so now your all lovey dovey huh?"

"How can I not be? I'm about to be washed by beautiful, sexy, boyfriend." Sora smiled. 'Soon to be more…" Riku thought as Sora lowered his boyfriend's boxers and pulled him underneath the running water.


"Ok does everyone have a bathing suit and a big water bottle?" Sora asked bouncing up and down.

"We're not going to a photo shoot are we?" Riku asked looking at the supplies.

Sora gave Riku a glare that said 'I-love-you-but-I-want-to-slap-you'. "No silly, come on the car should be here."

When the boys got down to the lobby, outside they saw a limo. Riku wasn't expecting that. Sora defiantly said a car upstairs. Whatever he wasn't going to complain. The driver greeted Sora and ushered the boys to the trunk where they put their stuff in and then went inside the limo. It was huge, it was just the right size for 4 people to sit or lay comfortably. Riku automatically eyed 4 Starbucks cups and noticed that each cup had their names on it. Riku grabbed his right away and started to chug the caffeinated substance. God knows he needed it. "Sora, love, did you set this up?" Riku asked pointing at the cup.

"Uh huh, I knew you guys would be tired when you woke up and trust me when I tell you, you will need all your energy today." Sora smiled. "Ahh!" He was pulled into a passionate kiss by Riku.

"What would I do without you?" Riku asked taking another sip of his coffee.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Sora laughed and took a sip of his own.

Axel and Roxas fell back asleep as soon as they got into the limo. They didn't even have a chance to drink their coffee.

"So do you think they had a long night last night?" Sora asked Riku.

"Looks like it. Didn't you see Roxas limp all the way downstairs?"


During the ride to their destination, Riku fell asleep in Sora's lap. The caffeine didn't seep into his blood stream yet. Axel and Roxas were still asleep and Sora was the only one awake. He was too excited to sleep. He was planning on just doing this with Riku but since Roxas and Axel showed up out of the blue it would have been rude not to include them.

"We have arrived, sir." The driver told Sora.

"Excellent, pull in over there" Sora pointed to a parking lot. "Everyone wake up! We're here." Sora kissed Riku on the cheek and shook Roxas and Axel. "Wake up, come on. Get your things out of the trunk." The three boys woke up very groggy but when the stepped out of the limo they were wide awake. "Welcome to Hurricane Harbor!" Sora squealed. "Surprise!"


While Axel and Roxas were waiting on line to get two big lockers for themselves and the other couple, Riku and Sora decided to get changed. Sora was always so shy to change in public and immediately ran behind a covered changing room. Riku smiled as thoughts of Sora changing ran through his head. Riku stood next to the stall and listened as Sora's clothes dropped to the floor. Then, a plan emerged. Riku quickly pushed himself into the stall.

"RI-MMM!" Sora screamed.

"Shh Shh Shh Shh." Riku whispered into his ears kissing up and down his neck. "Be quiet." Riku slowly trailed one hand down the side of Sora's body.

Sora pushed Riku's hand away from his mouth. "We can't do it here." Sora whispered and whimpered as Riku's hands cupped his member.

"Come on Sora, where's your sense of adventure? Besides…" Riku whispered as he circled his fingers around Sora's shaft and slowly began to pump. "…you owe me big time after waking me up at 8am." Riku crouched down to claim what was rightfully his.


Axel and Roxas walked towards the locker area. Once they located the lockers they walked towards the changing room.

"What's taking them so long? We were defiantly on line for like 20 minutes." Just as Axel said that, a smiling Riku and a limping Sora came walking out of the changing room.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Riku said smiling wider. "So where's our locker?"

"Did you really…?" Roxas asked looking at Sora.

"It's his fault! He jumped me." Sora exclaimed.

"I didn't see you fighting either." Riku said leaning in and licking Sora's ear.

"Stop, Riku! Guys go get changed and we'll meet you at the lazy river."


The lazy river was anything but lazy for the two couples. They were chasing each other around the whole river until they saw the family raft ride and decided that would be a good ride for the four of them.

They got on the line. The wait was 30 minutes long.

"Why did we choose a ride that has such a long line?" Axel asked.

"Cause it's the end of summer and all the lines are this long. They always are." Riku said leaning against a railing.

"Hey, let's sing the Mozart Sonata. That will take up 5 minutes and 45 seconds." Sora suggested.

"Sounds like fun. I call cello!" Riku said.

"Bass!" Axel.

"VIOLA!" cries Roxas.

"Ewww…I have to do BOTH violin parts? You guys suck." Sora sighed "Ok…1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4" Sora started off the song. "Ahhh ah Ahhh ah ah ah ahhhh! Ahhh ah Ahhh ah ah ah ahhhh!"

Once the song was over a round of applause broke out around them.

"Thank you thank you! We are the Anti-Gravity vocal band and are taking requests while we wait on this ridiculously long line." Riku yelled. An uproar of laughter erupted around the small area.


The two couples left the water park laughing hysterically.

"Oh my God! Did you see the look on that kid's face when you kissed Roxas under the giant bucket of water!?" Sora laughed.

"Yeah! It was priceless! He ran away screaming! The little girl on the other hand looked rather fascinated." Axel said.

"Ahhh young fan girls in the making. Gotta love it." Riku stated.

"Oh just so you guys know, the day isn't over yet." Sora said rather matter of factly slipping on his sun glasses.

"What do you mean?" Roxas asked.

"Well we got to dry off. What better way to do it than on a roller coaster?" Sora smiled.

They got back into the limo and headed over to the other side of the Six Flags property to the theme park. When they got the main entrance, they had to go though security.

"Ok which line has the cutest security guard?" Axel asked shortly after being slapped by Roxas. "What?! If they have to frisk us they might as well be cute!"

"He's pretty hot" Sora pointed out.

"Sora!" Riku exclaimed. "What about me? You don't love me?" Riku fainted over dramatically.

"If I told you that a bird just crap there will you magically come back to life?" Sora laughed at Riku as he jumped back to his feet.

After going through security and hitting on the security guard, Sora grabbed a map and handed it off to the other three to pick the ride they wanted to do first.

"Well boys, what do you want to do?"

"I'm hungry." Roxas said rubbing his stomach.

"Me too." said Riku

"I could go for something myself" Axel said as his stomach growled loudly.

Sora sighed. "Geez fine, what do you guys want?"

"Let's just walk till we find something. I just want something to eat!" Roxas said running ahead of everyone else.

"ROXAS WAIT FOR ME!" Axel ran after his love.

Sora and Riku stayed behind holding hands as they watched the scene unfold be for them.

"If that's not love I don't know what is." Said Riku.

"They do have something rather special don't they? A lot of times it doesn't make sense but that's what love is." Sora smiled at Riku. "But sometimes….it makes perfect sense."

"…yeah…sometimes…" Riku leaned in and kissed Sora deeply when all of a sudden the entire cast of Loony Tunes surrounded them.

"Smile boys! This one's going to mom!" Roxas said and took a picture of the couple. "Alright enough with the lovey dovey stuff, let's eat!"


"Ohhh…I don't know if it was so smart to eat and then ride Nitro…" Roxas said uneasily.

"No one told you to have a hotdog, chicken fingers, cheese fries, and Zeppelins in one sitting." Riku said.

"But they looked so yummy!" Roxas whined.

"Whatever, let's do something a little less rough so Roxy can catch up with the big boys." Axel said jokingly kissing Roxas on the cheek. Roxas pouted at Axel's comment.

"Well…Skull Mountain is pretty boring. How about that?" Riku suggested.

"Alright. Whatever you guys want." Sora said.

The two couples walked towards the giant skull and went through the entrance and underground following the line. When they got into the train, Sora locked himself and Riku in. Sora loved roller coasters as much as he loved music…and Riku. As the train pulled out of the station Sora looked towards Riku and smiled interlacing their fingers. Axel had his arm around Roxas giving him a tender kiss.

"Wait…Riku you didn't say this ride was in the dark!" Axel said as the train climbed the hill.

"I thought you would figure it out when you could only see one part of the ride from outside!" Riku slapped Axel over the head as the coaster headed downward. Sora, Roxas and Riku were having the time of their lives. Axel however was having a breakdown. He was scared of the dark. He tried to conjugate fire but was unable to do to the wind the coaster was creating. When the ride was over Axel ran out as fast as he could.

"That was scary!" Axel said.

"Jesus, Axel, grow some balls would you?" Riku said.


The day went by fast and everyone had the time of their lives. It was now night time and the one thing they didn't do yet was ride the ferries wheel so they headed over there for their last ride of the night. It was one of the biggest ferries wheel any of them had ever seen. They decided that each couple would get their own car to have some privacy. They climbed into the separate cars and waited for the ride attendant to start it. The wheel started to turn.

"So did you enjoy the day even though I woke you up at 8am?" Sora asked Riku.

"I did I can't believe you pulled this all together all by yourself." Riku laughed.

"And just what is that suppose to mean?"

"Oh nothing." Riku smiled as the wheel stopped at the very, very top. "Wow check out the view and look the fireworks are starting!" Riku pointed out in the distance.

"Wow so pretty!" As Sora watch the fireworks explode Riku reached down inside his pocket and pulled out a small box hiding it in his shirt pocket.


"Yeah?" Sora turned his head to look at Riku and saw he was nervous about something "What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing is wrong. It's just that…well…ummm…I really don't know how to do this." Riku blushed. "Sora, I've loved you…for such a long time…and life…without you….is the most unbearable hell I have ever gone though." Riku looked down at his feet and then back up at Sora's face to see his reaction.

"Riku….I feel the same way…I couldn't live without you either…" Sora said holding Riku's hands. Riku's voice shook as he let out the most powerful vocal performance he ever performed before.

"Then say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime; let me lead you from you solitude." Riku sang as he stroked Sora's cheek with one hand.

'What…?' Sora thought.

"Say you need me with you, here beside you, anywhere you go, let me go too," Riku sang as he pulled out the box and opened it to reveal a platinum ring. Sora gasped. "Marry me, Sora. That's all I ask of you."

Tears started to swell in Sora's eyes. "Say the word and I will follow you." Sora sang back. Riku smiled widely. He knew it was a yes. Riku slipped the ring onto Sora's finger and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss. They both basked in the moment not letting each other go. The only things they heard were the beating of each other's hearts and music. The music that lived in both of their souls merging together to begin a new chapter in their lives.

TWDC: IT'S FINISHED! That's it. Last chapter! I hope you guys enjoyed this story. Sorry if you thought the ending was cheesy. I thought it was cute. I'll be more than willing to answer any questions you guys have. Like I said before, I'm not sure if I'm going to write a sequel or not. I got to come up with something really good because what ends up happening I tend to find that sequels ruin the original story. So I'll think about it but for right now it's a no. If you guys were interested in some of the songs that I used in this fan fiction here is the "soundtrack":

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"All About Us" – TATU

"Out Tonight" – Rent

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"My Immortal" – Evanescence

"Emo Kid" - Adam and Andrew

"Gay Bar" – Electric Six
"The Animal I've Become" – Three Days Grace

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"Night of Love"- Jesse Spencer

"Purpose" – Avenue Q

"Miss Murder" – AFI

"Cold" – Static-X

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"Lullaby" – Emmy Rossum

"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" – Mozart

"All I Ask of You" – Phantom of the Opera

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