"Twilight", nothing but twilight

"Twilight", nothing but twilight. Nor day or night just in between. Was it all a mistake? No I did it for the kingdom. After all it was life or death for Hyrule.

But why do I feel like I made the wrong choice? Why does it fell like I could do more for the people, than staying here and being locked up? And what about that imp named Midna. Should I really trust her?

Zelda kept pondering these thoughts in her head over and over again. As she stood in front of the window watching the raindrops steadily hit the glass. Wondering if Hyrule would ever be the same again.

She was taken out of thought by the sound of footsteps coming towards her. She stood thinking it was just the night guard making his rounds.

The sound of footsteps got closer and closer. Until the footsteps stopped a couple of feet away from her.

Her heart skipped a beat what if it was Zant.

What if he had found out about Her and Midna's conversation? What if he finally decided to it was time to get rid of her. What if….a low growl followed by a giggle came from behind her. Little did she know, this would change her life forever?

Sorry for the short chapter but, I'll try to make it longer next time. I'm still new to this website so try to be nice. Any tips will be welcomed, with that said I'll try to update soon.

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