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Link moved slowly across the terrain with his body nearly touching the ground. It looked as if he was preparing to attack the two men standing merely inches away. But in truth he was simply spying on them, listening to their long and boring conversation. Waiting for a chance to sneak up behind them and take the goods. The only problem was that he had been at this for at least a half an hour now.

Come on go inside already. Link thought. He started to grow very impatient. Oh how he wished to stretch his legs and run around like mad. But instead he was patiently waiting for the moment to strike. Do they ever shut up? Link thought. He was getting more and more anxious by the minute. Without thinking he started to tap his paw in accord with the men's voices.

"Will you stop that," Midna whispered immediately from Link's shadow. "Any louder and they'll hear you." She caught sight of him rolling his eyes at her. What an idiot. She thought. He'll blow his for sure if keeps this up.

Link ignored Midna and kept on watching the two men.

"I'll defend the village," Bo the Mayor of the village spoke up. He was well... a very well fed man. He had a odd looking mustache that seemed to grow upwards. Link knew the man very well since he was Ilia's father.

"Bo are you serious? Look at what those creatures did to Rusl and he had a sword!" Jaggle said. He was Talo and Malo's father and the pround owner of the watermill. "Now he can't even lift a sword to defend himself. He's lucky that he even came back alive."

"Don't be silly!" Bo laughed half heartily. "I'll use the sword that we were suppose to deliver to the royal family. Plus, I'll have one of the finest shields crafted in all of Ordon."

"I guess you're right. Do you want me to go and retrieve the shield from my house? The sword is still at Rusl's house you'll have to run down there and get it yourself."

"Sure, and I'll come inside with you. You never know what could be lurking around here at night. Right!" He slapped Jaggle across the back and started to laugh like mad.

Which in turn made Jaggle roll his eyes clearly annoyed by the Mayor's behavior. "Come on then we'll have to hurry."

"Fido, they're heading inside follow them." Finally, it took them forever. I was starting to grow old here. Midna thought.

Link looked on confused, and overlooked Midna. He just couldn't make since of what was said. Rusl, I can't believe it. How could you be defeated? I've never even won duel with you. And then you go out and let some overgrown monsters defeat you. I don't understand. Rusl, how could you lose? Link looked down at the ground clearly lost in thought.

Midna started to tug on his fur, trying to get his attention. "Earth to Fido, they're heading inside."

Link snapped out of his thoughts and was surprised to see that Midna was right they were heading inside. What! No! Without thinking He jolted forward; stepping on a dead branch.


"What was that?" Jaggle Questioned turning around. Bo also looked back as well. The two men spotted the furry beast, and began to panic.







"You did it now Fido," Midna sighed. "Now what are we going to do. We can't get in like we planned." Idiot, I knew this was going to happen.

Link stood there emotionless. He stared at the door not once taking his eyes off of it. I messed up big time.

Midna looked toward Link with pity in her eyes. He just stood there like a zombie. Now she was going to have to come up with a solution to his problem. Quickly she glanced around looking for another way in. After a few moments of doing this she finally saw an opened window. Yes! That's our way in! Now it's time to get Fido's attention. "Look those idiots left a window opened."

As soon as she said this Link's eyes jolted open. Midna slightly smirked to herself before pointing a finger towards the top part of the watermill. "See we can get in though there." She slightly paused before continuing, while at the same time making sure that she still had Link's attention. Which to her surprise she still had his attention. "Now all we have to do is figure out a way to get up there. Hmm… Let's retrace our steps."



A man that Link knew as Beth's father screamed before jumping off into the shallow waters below. This in turn made Midna laugh and giggle uncontrollability. Some how this was actual entertainment for her. It sadden Link that Midna only saw this at a lame attempt to protect the village and avenge his daughter. She didn't seem to understand the suffering this man had to go though in the last few hours.

I bet he's worried sick about poor ole' Beth. He was only trying to protect everyone by throwing a hawk at me. At least he tried to do something; and all Midna can do is laugh at him. Link thought before continuing on ahead. With swift actions he leaped towards the next rock. Landing perfectly he started to proceed to the window. But instead he ran into a little problem… It was too far of a jump for him. How am I suppose to make this? He wondered.

"Concentrate on me," Midna said. Her shadowy figure disappeared, and then reappeared at the top of the window. She still had a few tears in her eyes from laughing so hard.

Link looked at her in bewilderment. How was he suppose to believe that this would work?

"Come on already! We don't have all night you know."

Link hesitantly looked up at Midna. She nodded urging him to come on. He took a deep breath, and backed up some. Here I go! He then dashed forward, still focusing on Midna. After that jumped off of the ledge towards the window, hoping he would make it. Before Link even realized it he crashed into the cold hard wooden surface located inside the watermill.

"Well not the best landing ever, but at least you made it," Midna said. While watching the now struggling Link. He had landed with all four of his shaggy legs spread far apart from each other. It was quite amusing for Midna to watch, but stressful for Link. When he finally did manage get back up on all fours, Midna had already located the shield. It was hanging on the wall opposite of Link.

"Well now how about you use that head of yours too…" Link ran as fast as he could and rammed himself into the wall. Knocking down the shield, and making it land on his back perfectly.

"Well that's not exactly what I had in plan." She moved closer to Link and started to examine the shield. "This is a lame excuse for protection. It's wooden, so it won't last very long in a heated battle," Midna stated dully. "But, I guess it can do… for now."

Link looked at her in shock. This was one of the best shields in all of Ordon, and she mocked it. She didn't even bother to think about how hard everyone had work to make it. This imp is a heartless freak; all she cares about is herself. How am I suppose to corporate with her? When I can't even see eye to eye with her?

"Come on let's go Fido. We still have a shield to retrieve remember?"

Link slowly followed after her in opposition to his will. I don't see how this is going to work out. He thought before jumping out of the window after Midna.

"Did you hear that?" Bo asked. He was hiding under a table with Jaggle, still frightened about what he heard.

"Y…yes." Jaggle stutter. He was so frightened; his whole entire body was shaking.

"Do you think the monster followed us in here?'

"Let's… stay in here for a little bit longer."

"I like your idea."

I guess now we're off to Rusl's house now. I hope he and Uli are okay. Link thought while running across the old wooden bridge, which was built over a small stream and always flooded when a strong storm came in. Link quickly came into view of a small house and to his surprise an angry Rusl stood only a few feet away from him.

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