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In Konoha, a large village in Japan there were a number of schools. The way these schools work would be thought as… different

You see in Konoha either the male or female dominate. It's either one or the other. So far the male population had conquered most of the schools and barely left any remaining female dominated schools.

This system was called "Jurisdiction"

That's where Hikari came in. A group of female playgirls, but don't get the wrong idea. They became this group to help women finally dominate the schools. It's members included the four infamous seductresses.

Long raven hair and white pupils.

Hyuuga Hinata, out of the rest of the group she was merciful one. The idea of playing with the boys didn't go well with her, she didn't want to make them fall in love with her and them break them later. After some convincing though she agreed on some terms, she wanted to help women lead. She was the wise one and always trustworthy. Hinata is the wisdom of the group.

Brown hair fixed into two Chinese buns and brown eyes.

Ten-Ten, just Ten-Ten. She's the mysterious tomboy of the group. When Hikari found her Ten-Ten was a street fighter who despised sexist men, so when offered to join Hikari for the sake of Jurisdiction of course she agreed without hesitation. She also hated people who thought of others so far beneath themselves, it was disgusting. She was outgoing and spoke her mind and would jump in to protect her friends. Ten-Ten is the strength of the group.

Long Blonde hair pulled into a pony tail and blue eyes.

Yamanaka Ino, the cheerful and energetic member of the group. When Ino heard about Hikari she joined almost instantly. She believed that women should dominate and that the way men ran thing were insufferable. She was also not afraid to throw a hissy fit or chew off anyone who got on her bad side. She is high spirited and if anyone mouthed off her friends she'd mouth right back at them. She was the internal strength of the group.

Long pink hair 5 inches past her shoulders and emerald green eyes.

Finally Haruno Sakura, the women who started the group. She found Ino first then Hinata and soon after Ten-Ten. Sakura hated how the men used women, played with their feelings and break them or physically hurt them just for Jurisdiction, and that's where Sakura decided to fight back. So at grade 6 she started the group. Sakura was head strong and passionate at what she sets her heart to. She was the heart of the group, the will.

Now you are probably wondering why they sunk to seduction to win Jurisdiction? Well it is not only seduction, that's just a part of it.

The rest is calculating strategically to bring down the school.

So, I guess you've learned enough of Hikari and Jurisdiction, ne? Well on with the story.

In Suna…




That was the sound of four pairs of high heels strutting down the halls of the school. People stopped to look at them as the four stopped at the school exit.

"It's Hikari"

"oh yeah! It's the end of the school year, right?"

"that means they're leaving"

"I wonder where their next target will be?"

Whispers and murmurs spread everywhere until The blonde cleared her throat and at once silence issued.

"You know the drill girl. We're leaving for the next school." Announced the blonde

The women of the school let out disappointed sighs and calls for them to stay. The men had a blush as they recalled earlier events in the year and mumbled how it was better that they left.

"This school is officially dominated, now girls stay strong and remain in power! Don't let them conquer you again." The bun haired girl spoke up

"Don't let them cloud your judgment either" the raven haired member of Hikari spoke

The men glared at nothing in particular. They lost their dominance to these woman, they no longer control the school because they underestimated these girls.

The Women on the other hand looked proud and felt empowered that they control the school now and they owed it all to Hikari.

"thank you Hikari-sama! We'll handle it" they chirped with a grin

Hikari also taught them a couple of things, like how to get to the guys mentally and some physically (not THAT way!).

The pink haired one spoke this time. "Alright, it's time to go. Our next target… Konoha" she smiled deviously

The women cheered Hikari's name while the men tried to think of how to get their school back now that Hikari was gone.

Hikari paid no mind though. The women of this school knew everything they needed to know, there was no chance the guys would control the school.

Ino, Hinata, and Ten-Ten also smiled deviously. The next school won't know what hit them. Hikari had 4 years of experience at this game and so far only one school still had men in control. Soon they'll win this game.

In Konoha…





Girls screamed everywhere you turned. Men were around corners or near the bathroom stalls, smoking and sometimes doing drugs.

Women would shamelessly try to seduce men who smirked and allowed their "fun".

The place was dirty and the people who attended this school weren't any better.

Suddenly everyone looked to the center of the halls and everything was quiet. All eyes were on four men. Each had a girl clinging to them.

Some guys looked indifferently at them and others looked on with fear. Women swooned at the sight of the men and paid no heed to the girls on their arm.

The guys smirked before putting an arm around a girl.

These four men were the kings of the school. Feared and hated by men. Loved and desired by women.

Spiky ponytail and dark eyes, genius heartthrob.

Nara Shikamaru, the lazy strategist. He was the brains when the four kings decided to prank or torture anyone who dared defied them. He would hack computer systems and eventually the target would exchange schools after the right amount of torture.

Long brown hair in a low/ loose ponytail and pearl eyes, controlling heartthrob.

Hyuuga Neji, he was the over confident genius of the group. He is a skirt chaser, even more so then his player friends. He thought less of people except for his group. He's a dare devil and held high pride. Anyone who dared challenged him were disposed of. He's also a believer of fate, thinking things are already planned to happen and nothing is unexpected.

Blonde spiky hair and blue eyes, humorous heartthrob.

Uzamaki Naruto, best friend of the leader of the group. He is the good natured guy of the group. He was the one to crack jokes of all kinds teasing, mocking, or sneering. He had a soft spot of course and would never let anyone suffer immense torture or pain. Usually if his friends were unjustly accused he wouldn't hesitate to stand up for them, even if he knew he'd get thrown back down he'd just get up again. He was a strong willed person.

Dark spiky at-the-back hair and onyx eyes, bastard heartthrob.

Uchiha Sasuke, leader of the group. He was an eye for an eye person, the avenging type. Another thing is he's stubborn and wouldn't listen to reason if he had his sight set on something. He was arrogant, spiteful, emotionless, cold, and in simpler terms a bastard. Although when it came to loyalty he was number one. He would never rat out his friends even if he'd be tortured or punished. He was also the try hard or die trying type of guy and when he gets knocked down he would get back up, wounded or dying it didn't matter. He'd get up on his own two feet. He was also conniving, a genius.

This group together made the group Hebi. The chains dangling around their neck was like their I.D cards. They have been ruling Konoha ever since they came as freshman.

The seniors that would try to mess with them were taught a lesson and after a while they eventually gained the respect to control the school by their junior year.

"now now. This is the last day. We won't being seeing each other until we come back after summer vacation" Neji said with a smirk

The girls pouted and whined while guys muttered relief under their breathes.

" We'll be back though" Shikamaru said lazily as he used one hand to play with one girl's hair.

She blushed heatedly and swooned.

"But for now" Naruto trailed with a dirty grin

"we'll bring two lucky ladies with us home, maybe even three. After all we're feeling lonely today" Sasuke smirked that suggestive sneer





The woman shrieked and Naruto grinned. He must've decided to be generous today.

"how about we bring some of you to accompany us for the whole vacation?" he asked huskily

"KYAAAAAAA!!!!" they squealed

"that's actually a good idea, dobe" Sasuke smirked

"they could last us the whole vacation. One every week and we'll just alternate girls" Shikamaru shrugged

The girl squealed at the thought of being able to get laid by all four heartthrobs. Some even fainted.

"looks like we excited them a bit too much" Neji remarked

"doesn't matter, take the ones alive and kicking" Sasuke said coldly yet suggestively.

Looks like Hebi is having fun, completely unaware of what will happen the next year.

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