United Nations of Earth- The United Nations of Earth is not a collection of star systems, but rather a confederation of independent nations on a planet called Earth, located in the distant Orion Spiral Arm of the Milky Way. It was at first conspired as a means of countering the growing threat from the Shank Pirates and their allies after they attacked the Earth Exploration Fleet while it was on route to the Jurai homeworld for a peaceful meeting between the two civilizations. After a surprise attack on the UNSDF ( United Nations Self Defense Forces) the plan was immediately put into action and ending with the Terrans declaring war on the Shank Pirate Guild and their allies.

The Earth is completely isolated from any other civilization, this backwater planet was first discovered 150,000 years ago and added into Jurai's registry of planets by the first emperor of Jurai's sister, Masaki. Some 1000 years ago the Jurai rediscovered this ancient entry in its records and saw it could be a promising new colony. Upon first investigation it was discovered that the lone planet was inhabited by a developing human civilization and was automatically prohibited from becoming a colony, instead to be watched over and protected from outside interference as the Terrans continued to develop. (The people of Earth are completely unaware of the fact they are in a special protection zone of the Jurai Empire.) The Terrans developed slowly much like any other society with many nations rising and falling over the millennia.

It was within the last century that the Jurai took an interest in the planet when it was noticed a significant jump in technology had occurred. In a hundred years the Terrans had gone from horses and carts to computers and space travel and the growth wasn't stopping, their mastery of technology continuing to rise. Washu Hakubi, a current occupant of the planet noticed the growth as well while personally living on the backwater planet. She herself stated that, " In my years living on the Earth I have observed that the Terrans are capable of reaching great heights of creativity, but also capable of extreme acts of violence." The Terrans are noted for being an extremely aggressive and violent civilization, using even the most menial situations to make war on one another. The planet has been considered to be in a constant state of conflict since the Jurai re-discovered it, with two world wars in the last century alone resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions. In the mid-last century the earth also came close to nuclear annihilation during the Cuban Missile Crisis which was barely diverted. The Jurai consider the Terrans to be the most violent, aggressive and barbaric civilization they've come across. The existence of the Jurai Empire is known only by the highest officials of the UN and select countries who maintain contact with the intergalactic empire. Unknown however to the Jurai is the fact that the Terrans are in possession of highly advanced space travel technology recovered from an ancient crash site discovered in the Antarctic during the early 1900's by polar expeditions. Where as the Jurai possess a network of known worm holes and light speed to travel vast distances, the drive of the alien ship recovered by the Terrans is far more advanced, possessing the ability to create worm holes anywhere in space time using an artificially created black-hole, the Terrans call it a Gravity Drive. While the last century gave the Terrans time to understand how the technology works, it is nearly impossible for them to recreate it. It was then decided to contact Washu Hakubi for help to help finish reverse-engineering the Gravity Drive under a veil of great secrecy, enabling the Terrans to manufacture the drive on their own. After much effort to convince her to help, she agreed to assist them on the condition it be for the aid of peaceful purposes, such as to colonize new worlds to help stem the overpopulation of the Earth. Hence she refused to help develop weapons technology or any form of technology that might be used for hostilities. This was done under a great veil of secrecy as to not alert the Juraian Empire. However Washu still unknowingly set the stage for the Earth to rise to become the great galactic super-power of the far future.

The product of this reverse-engineering was two ships named the Iliad and the Odyssey. However while these ships were the result of the reverse-engineering the Aenied was by far the Terrans greatest achievement. The vessel was in fact the original alien craft that crashed landed in the Antarctic and had been rebuilt from the ground up with the original Gravity Drive installed. The moment it was completed every other ship in the galaxy was rendered obsolete. Though it's weapons systems and standard propulsion system is not as advanced as other races the gravity drive itself far outpaces anything any other civilization possess. This ship would go on to be the flagship of the UNE Navy and a symbol of Terran technology and power. When it was eventually found out that the Terrans possessed such technology many of the greater nations held a great disdain and jealousy towards the young civilization of Earth. A disdain that eventually would become a point of conflict.

The Jurai Empire- One of the oldest and dominant powers in the galaxy, the Jurai Empire was founded by a former pirate who encountered the giant, sleeping form of the goddess Tsunami on the planet Jurai. Detecting traces of what she was looking for, Tsunami made a pact with this man to protect him and his descendants. As her giant body had already begun to turn into a tree, she completed the process and her physical form became the giant tree Tenju which became the Royal Palace for Jurai's Royal Houses. This was how the Jurai Empire was founded. The Jurai's culture can be considered to one of a perfect union between man and nature while as most other species rely on machines. However these species have learned the folly of relying solely on machines and attempt to maintain a balance with nature and not distance themselves to far from it such as the Seniwans. Terrans seem to be the exact opposite and have learned to embrace technology and have virtually abandoned nature. This becomes clearly evident in the far future where the Terrans have achieved a perfect union of man and machine in all aspects of their culture. The Jurai are feared throughout the galaxy for their superhuman strength, so much so that even a GP officer equipped with nanomachines isn't even considered a threat to a Juraian civilian, so it is advisable to engage them from range and avoid all close quarters combat if possible. The Jurai are most infamous for their "tree ships", the ships of the Holy Fleets. Each one of these ships is powered by a sentient tree that has a direct link to Tsunami's power through pseudo space.

The sentient tree itself powers the whole ship from simple luxuries to weapon systems. The tree ships of the Jurai are organized by seed generations, Sasami's ship the Tsunami is the zero generation. The first generations are by far the most powerful (other than the zero generation) and only a few exist, as of now only the Juraian Emperor Azusa has a first generation ship in service. The second and third generations are next in line in terms of power, each being able to hold their own in the line of battle. However these first three generations of ships are the only ones capable of generating Light-Hawk-Wings on their own. Fourth generations and lower require additional ships present to generate them thus making them far more vulnerable. Another disadvantage of these tree ships are they can't be mass-produced in vast number as they require more time to grow. Juraian ships cannot be manufactured, they are grown and thus the Jurai are constantly looking for ways to bypass this.

Jurain naval tactics are at the top of their game, but in terms of groundside tactics they are seriously lacking as are most space faring nations when compared to average Terran armies. Terrans have vast experience in this regard and their tactics far outpace anyone else using fast, hard-hitting fire and maneuver and Blitzkrieg strategies. The wars that plagued their homeworld are unimaginable in the minds of most people. One example would be the Battle of Stalingrad, a battle that lasted over 180 days of constant combat in the most grueling conditions and result in the deaths of over 2.5million people. In this regard Terrans make excellent shock troops. Meanwhile Juraian infantry tactics have not passed beyond those used on Earth from the sixteenth to late nineteenth centuries having their soldiers stand shoulder to shoulder in line of battle formations and unleash massive volleys of high-impact plasma and laser weapons coupled with massed artillery and overwhelming numbers. They also use large arrays to create shields to advance with their infantry lines, making it highly inadvisable to engage them in open fields or areas. There are many reasons for this lack of modern military tactics however. One is there has been no full scale war in the galaxy for over 40,000 years. Second is most conflicts are decided in space between enemy fleets and rarely turn into ground wars. If there are no fleets to defend your worlds the war is already lost, thus most nations concentrate on their naval fleets more than their armies.

Seniwa and the Galactic Union- ( Thanks to other members I have found information on these other factions that have evaded me for so long, thanks for the help!) The Galactic Union is basically like the United Nations, composed of various nations, of which Seniwa is the largest and is considered second to none against the Jurai Empire. Thus, in actuality, much of the Galaxy Police and Galaxy Army (the law enforcement and military arm, respectively) is actually composed of Seniwa's forces. That is why the influence of the Kuramitsu family (Mihoshi's family) is so great within the Galaxy Police and Galaxy Army. Jurai also participates/cooperates with the GA and GP, particularly in anti-pirate actions. However Jurai does not fully trust the GA/GP, making it a point to prevent any other nation from gaining possession of an Imperial Tree of Jurai and from the fact that Jurai and Seniwa were bitter rivals locked in a cold war twenty millennia ago
around the time Washu was found on Kanemitsu. A core part of the Galactic Union is the Galaxy Academy which is the old Imperial Academy of the Jurai Empire, but was made an independent and neutral place of learning by Washu Hakubi and Akara Naja. This allowed for many nations to come into contact with each other and exchange ideas freely. This is largely believed to be the origin of the Galactic Union, a simple idea.

The Nation And Religion of Airai-

Airai is a planet with the greatest concentration of precursor artifacts. By studying them, they have extremely advanced technology that makes them one of the greatest nations. Additionally, they are aware of the "Three Lives", the Choushin. Airai is also the center of the largest religion in the galaxy and while they have powerful religious leaders, they are seeking a 'true god'. They believe that Tsunami is one of the three great goddesses and are convinced that Jurai is selfishly keeping her to themselves. The Airaians thus plan to gain access to and 'acquire' Tsunami.

The usage of overt force is not their chief method in this undertaking. Instead, they use diplomatic and undercover methods. For example, Airi, the daughter of their leader, was to marry a member of the House Amaki of Jurai. By doing so, they hoped to someday have a Airaian on the throne of Jurai. Instead, Airi had a relationship with Yosho and broke off the engagement to the man from House Amaki.

This nation's religion had spread all over the galaxy and the number of its members surpasses the population of the largest country and is the largest religion in the galaxy. Before one million years ago, it was only one of the religions of a single country. However, a discovery had changed the situation and the number of its members exploded in no time.
The discovery was related to relics which existed on the planets all over the galaxy. (Earth however has no such relics). Each relic was related to some religion that was made by outsiders of an ancient civilization. From these relics a religion was renewed.

After the Galaxy Academy was founded, many countries started to communicate with each other and resulting from this, the researchers of the academy discovered that all of these relics, existing on each planets, were a common one. Though there was one question left, 'Who had built these relics?' Of course this question was not only for the researchers but also for the natives of each planets. They started to announce that they were the origin of this original religion. As the time passed, this debate was amplified and sometimes war began between them. 1000 years later, a research team lead by Washu Hakubi found the roots of these relics on the planet Airai. All the religious scriptures derived from the relics were all related to the religion "Airai". For this reason, this religion spread all over the galaxy in no time.

Another important fact is the relationship between Airai and Jurai. In almost all the great powers in the galaxy an outpost of Airai exists. Of course on Jurai the people had the freedom to choose which religion you believed in and as a empire of thousands of worlds, there were many different religions in the Jurai Empire when it first started. However, in the present, all of those religions have disappeared and only a few were left as a part of customs. This included the largest religion Airai as well even though the religion was non-existent on Jurai.
There were reasons for this however. Jurai was located far from Airai, so scarcely any relics existed in their home territory. The main reason being the Royal Trees born from the goddess Tsunami.
The formless God of Airai and an existing Goddess of Jurai was a natural conflict between the two nations and so it was natural that Jurai would not accept the religion of Airai nor vice versa. The Juraians however do not genuinely see Tsunami as a god to be worshipped, though they certainly regard her with a great deal of awe and respect. This is due to the contractual relationship that Tsunami has with Jurai . Thus, they have a partnership, rather than a religious connection as widely believed. The partnering process involving the Royal Trees, offspring of the original Royal Tree (Tsunami-no-ki), also contributes to this viewpoint.
However, the definition of God for these civilizations is different than that which the Terrans such as Tenchi believe in. Terrans believe in a formless all knowing and forgiving being commonly referred to as God or Jehovah even though there are many other religions on their planet that have a similar outline of a being or spirit. The god the Airai believe in is said to awe, a being who has the technique of flying between the stars, and is a different dimensional life form from a high dimensional intelligent life form like the Chousin. (The Airai are completely aware of their existence. How is unknown.) Though this can be considered a scientific explanation of Earth's God it is considered to be unrelated.
It was natural that the people of Airai took an adverse position to Jurai's religion of Royal Tree worship and called them heretics. Yosho and his wife Airi met during times when the two worlds were in very bad relations with one another, so much almost all communications were almost non-existent between the two nations for a time.