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Pairings: Main: RikuSora and side pairings are: AkuRoku and LeonCloud.

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Setting: AU, you'll understand soon enough.


Selphie has always been telling me about the legend of the Paopu fruit. That girl always DID have a love for anything 'romantic'. She would tell Sora countless of times about how she wished she had owned a paopu fruit. To Sora, the paopu fruit has always been one of the special things about Destiny Island, because no where else in the entire world, or worlds, grew it naturally. So the brunet probably believed Selphie especially since the King made it an effort to protect the fruit.

It however, didn't seem fair to Selphie that Destiny Island only produced one fruit a year, and that said fruit was heavily guarded by the King.

The King… Sora had the privilege of knowing the King himself, King Mickey, though he was more close to the King's friends Donald and Goofy. Yes, they really went all the way back. But that wasn't the issue right now…

Sora Strife sighed in a self-satisfactory way and turned slightly, shifting carefully to make minimum noise so as to not wake his sleeping partner. He could well see those silver locks spread across the pillow shimmering in the moonlight that came through the open window.

But honestly, who would have thought that fruit would become the bane of his existence?

Starting from here you will watch how Sora's story began, and how it spiraled downwards once his family moved to Hollow Bastion, or for a nicer name, Radiant Garden.


Curse of the Paopu fruit

By: Hiki-chan

Legend of the Paopu Fruit is that if two people share one fruit then their destinies become intertwined and they stay apart of each others lives forever…

Whether they want to or not.


Sora Strife age 18 had extremely spiky messy milk chocolate hair, his face was the shape of a perfect heart, his cheeks naturally chubby and pink with baby fat that refused to go away. His body was small and lithe laced with slight muscles. However, like all the members of the Strife family, their main feature was their eyes. All Strife members had blue eyes, be it sky blue, or ocean blue and every variety of blue out there, they would have eyes the shade of blue. Sora's eye color was just like his name, sky. They were as bright as the clear blue sky.

The brunet had always heard from his older brother about his boyfriend who lived in Hollow Bastion, or should he call it Radiant Garden? Anyway, this… Leon guy was suppose to be tall, dark –or tan- and handsome. He was supposedly the man of everyone's wet dreams, or at most, Cloud's wet dreams, which Sora had the misfortune of hearing almost every night.

Not that the brunet really minded, it just provided him with more blackmail materials, not to mention giggling away with his slightly younger twin brother, Roxas.

Cloud had met Squall Leonhart –Sora doesn't know why the weirdo wants to call himself Leon- when Cloud went over to Hollow Bastion for a job interview. And at that time, there was a fighting match with the prize as munny. Cloud obviously participated and the tournament ended in a draw between Cloud and Leon. Sora could only guess what happened afterwards…

Problem was, that Cloud wanted to move to Hollow Bastion so that he could finally get together with his boyfriend. They were going to move in together to stay in the same house that Leon and his two relatives stayed in. Sora did wonder how they were going to fit into one house, but Cloud had said not to worry.

Not that Sora didn't want them to get together; Cloud had been going steady with Leon for quite a few years and they deserved to get together. What Sora did not want was to leave Destiny Island, his home since he was born. But what could he do? Their parents had died a few years ago, leaving Cloud as the eldest to look after the family.

Sora wouldn't want to do anything to deny Cloud his well-deserved happiness. And let's say Leon didn't live up to expectations, well, Sora was sure no one who suspect him of using his keyblade to… harm Leon. Not to worry, Sora wouldn't do anything drastic, that was very un-Sora-ish of him. The least he would do is to castrate Leon, see, no harm done.

Yes well, Sora was a little protective over his siblings, but he supposed he had an excuse, they only had each other once their parents died. But hey, don't look at him like that! Cloud and Roxas were just as protective over him and each other than he was.

They all had a serious case of brother complex. So sue them.

Blowing a lock of chocolate brown hair that flew over his eyes, the brunet sighed softly. He wondered how things were going to be when he moved over to Hollow Bastion. He wondered how his friends like Kairi were going to be. He wondered how Leon was going to be, how the house they were sharing with Leon and his relatives will be. He wondered whether Leon's relatives who were staying with him were like. He also wondered, if he should continue to call Hollow Bastion, Hollow Bastion or Radiant Garden.

They were going to be leaving Destiny Island tomorrow morning, and Sora could only hope and wish that everything would be alright when they got there. He hated that sinking feeling deep in his gut, he hated it so much. The fear and anxiety…

"Roxas…?" Sora called out into the dark room softly, "Are you awake?"

It didn't take long to hear a reply, "Hnn?"

"Can I come over?" It was times like these, that Sora felt the need to be close to someone. His twin brother was always there, and that usually made Sora think and feel like he was the youngest of the three.

He heard his younger brother stiffen a yawn, "Sure."

And with a happy grin, Sora slowly tried to make his way to his twin's bed at the other side of the room without banging into any box. Upon reaching his twin's bed, Sora squealed –manly if you ask him- and jumped on his twin. They both struggled for the blanket all the while laughing before they ended up sharing it.

"So what's up Sora, can't sleep?"

Sora buried his head in his twin's pillow, "Mm hmm," then he turned to lie on his back, "I was wondering about how our life would change… from Destiny Island to Hollow Bastion."

" Radiant Garden." Roxas corrected.

"Whatever." Sora mumbled before he shifted to face his twin. Roxas looked a lot like him, except for the fact that his hair was styled naturally in a different way and he was a blond and his eyes were the color of the deep ocean. "But I wonder what would happen if Leon doesn't meet our expectations. What if he mistreats Cloud?"

Uh-huh, brother complex kicking in right now.

"I'm sure Cloud can handle himself," Roxas said quite maturely. "he would definitely know." Then Roxas smiled at Sora, "You sounded like me just now. What happened to the Sora who trusted everyone and thought everyone had good intentions?"

The brunet stuck his tongue out at his brother childishly, "Kairi told me to make sure no one bullies me when I leave. So she told me to beware of the people I don't know over there…" Sora smiled wistfully, "She doesn't want me to get hurt."

"Kairi really cares for you." Roxas pointed out.

"Olette really cares for you too." Sora retorted, not to be beaten easily.

Roxas shook his head at his twin before he ruffled his slightly older brother's hair, "Alright, time to go to sleep, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

"Yeah… new brother-in-law and relatives-in-law…" Sora trailed off suddenly as he heard a soft moan echo through the room coming from outside.

Sora and Roxas were silent for a moment before they turned to each other with identical grins and burst our laughing.

They'll never let Cloud forget this.

To be continued.

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