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Curse of the Paopu fruit

By: Hiki-chan

Legend of the Paopu Fruit is that if two people share one fruit then their destinies become intertwined and they stay apart of each others lives forever...

Whether they want to or not.


"Hurry up you two!" Cloud hollered through the house, hoping it would make his two younger brothers hurry. Honestly, those two slept like logs! Checking his watch, Cloud impatiently tapped his foot. Leon was expecting them by afternoon and his two lazy brothers were still lazing around like dead zombies!

Tough luck Cloud.

"Nnnghhh so good!" Was the greeting that came out of Sora's mouth that morning as he came down the staircase with Roxas.

"Harder Leon, Faster Leon! Oh yeah, that's right! Nnnnn!" Roxas mimicked before Sora collapsed on him and started laughing so hard that tears were forming at the edge of his eyes.

At least Cloud had the decency to blush. "Come off it you idiots. Stop that!"

"I'm so close, deeper Leon!" Sora blushed brightly as he said that, but whether it was due to laughing so hard or plain embarrassment Cloud would never know.

Roxas couldn't even keep himself straight up and both Sora and him tumbled to the bottom of the stairs in a heap, laughing all the while.

Fighting down his blush, Cloud whacked the two of them on the head. "You're both late! We're behind schedule, so hurry!"

"It's not our fault!" Sora protested, giving Cloud an innocent look.

Roxas caught on quickly. "Yeah, who'd be able to sleep with all that noise you made?"

Scrunching his nose in disgust, Sora said, "You know Roxas, it'll be worse when we move in with them."

"That's why I asked you to pack ear-plugs Sora. God knows we need them." Roxas muttered the last part.

Cloud felt his right eye twitch uncharacteristically, he was right there! Not invisible! Just when Cloud felt the need to hurt his baby brothers once more, Sora and Roxas turned to give Cloud identical sweet smiles.

The oldest stared at them for a moment before he shook his head with a sigh, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

"Come on."



Sora visibly jumped.

"What's with you?" Roxas asked, cocking an eyebrow in question.

In truth, Sora felt extremely panicky as they road in the van to their new home. It wasn't event their home because it belonged to Leon and his two relatives. Speaking of his two relatives... Sora really wondered who they were. He had heard from Cloud that one was a pyromaniac and the other was arrogant asshole. Weird huh? The keyblade master had a bad feeling, and that was probably why he felt so jumpy. Though Cloud did say they were generally nice people. Going deeper into this, how do you generalize generally nice people?

"Nothing, just excited."

"Excited?" Roxas's expression turned to a knowing one, "More like 'freaked out of your mind'."

It was NOT fair that Roxas could read him like a book. But Sora supposed that it was because they both felt the same way, but they expressed it very differently. Roxas, for example, had a very short patience limit, thus him having quite the temper at times. He would only show a few emotions. Though Sora felt that Roxas only wanted to act like a cold-hearted bastard but in truth was nothing like that.

"You don't feel that way?"

"I do."

Sora was about the reply but the van jerked to a stop. The brunet gulped, this was the moment of truth...

Upon alighting, Cloud came out from the front to open the van door. He grinned, "Leon said he needed to run over to the store to pick up some items. I'm going to find him so you two can go in first."

Taking a hesitant step out, Sora gaped. There was no way they were staying here. In this, this... apartment! There was no way this was able to small house would be able to fit six grown people!

"Eh Cloud... isn't this a bit small?"

Cloud smiled at Roxas's question before he spun Sora around to the other way. "You're both looking at the wrong house. It's this one."


There was no way they were staying in this... mansion! Behind him, he heard Roxas give a soft whistle.

It was huge! Sora's eyes widened comically as he continued to drink the image of the mansion. It was probably bigger than three of his old house put together! 'So they're wealthy?' Sora turned to face Cloud questioningly but no words left his mouth.

Roxas on the other hand, narrowed his eyes. 'Would people think that Cloud is marrying Leon for money?' He snapped out of it with a shake to his head. Then again, he never cared about what people thought of him. However, if anyone expressed what they thought about Sora or Cloud in front of Roxas, they'd probably find out the true meaning of the word pain.

"You two go on ahead, Leon's at the store picking out some stuff." Cloud grinned at his two little brothers. "It's not locked."

With that, Cloud ran towards another direction leaving his two younger brothers by themselves.

"Uh, how does Cloud want us to go about introducing ourselves?" Sora finally said after moments of silence.

Shaking his head, Roxas sighed before he grabbed onto his twin and pulled Sora towards the door of the mansion. Since the van was locked, they could not bring in their belongings, and Roxas didn't want to haul all their items without their oldest brother's help.

Knocking gently first, Roxas frowned when no one answered before he found that the door was slightly ajar. He let Sora go before the both of them stepped into the house. Roxas knew his brother was going to start calling around to announce their arrival but they were interrupted.

Roxas with fast reflex actions, grabbed onto his brother and yanked him backwards towards him just seconds before a pair of chakram's shot through the air and pierced the wall behind them.

"Who the fuc-" Roxas spared Sora a look who seemed appalled at Roxas's language. Without a second to lose, Roxas brandished Oathkeeper and Oblivion and took a stance in front of Sora. "Get out Sora, I'll take care of whatever this is."

"B-But!" Sora started to protest, because he was actually a stronger fighter than Roxas.

"Go and find Cloud," Roxas's eyes narrowed dangerously when the chakrams started to catch fire. "Now!"

Sora took a step back before he ran out the house to find Cloud, Roxas should be able to handle this.

With his big yellow shoes, Sora ran out only to stop along the sidewalk when he saw two people. A boy and a girl, around his age. The girl had long pale blond hair that fell over her shoulders a little messily, pretty blue eyes and a thin figure. Sora stared at her a while before he realized she that her hair was a little messy because she was shaking her head so vigorously, her pretty blue eyes were slightly red with tears and that looked a little like Kairi.

Shoving that thought aside, Sora examined the boy. At first glance, damn the boy was handsome. He had long silky silver hair, amazingly deep aqua sea eyes and a very muscular body. Those type of body that makes a person seem like they work out everyday. Sora... disliked him on first sight.

That thought alone made Sora freak, he never disliked anyone. Never ever, Sora Strife was just not made to dislike people. He was the type of person would look deep deep down inside a person and find their good points. He did not take first appearance as an option because first impressions should not be made on appearances alone.

So why did he suddenly have an intense dislike for this... boy? Was he being bias because this boy had made this Kairi look-alike cry? Was it because Sora was... dare he say it, slightly envious of the boy's body? Well, one part of himself couldn't blame him, Sora had always wielded the keyblade and had practiced with it long enough, but somehow his body just would not develop those muscles he so desperately wanted to have. Sure he had muscles, but they weren't outstanding.

'That's a stupid reason to dislike someone.' He told himself chidingly before he went slightly closer so he was in range of their argument.

"Please Riku!" The girl begged, tears glistening at the corner of her eyes.

Oh so the boy's name is Riku huh.

"Namine." The boy called Riku said, his voice stern and his eyes sharp. Sora inwardly cringed, it was so cold and uncaring.

"You need someone Riku, you can't hide away forever. Please at least give us a chance-"

"There was never an 'us' Namine, it was just a 'you' with your stupid ideas of us being together." Sora frowned at the words.

"Riku!" Tears slipped out of her eyes, "At least give people a chance to get close to you."

"I did didn't I? With you." Riku said, a harsh glare in place. "See where it got us, I told you when you asked last time, we can only be friends, nothing more."

"Ri...ku." She whispered in a dejected tone.

"Only friends Namine, nothing more. I don't like you in that way, never will. Don't bother wasting your breath." With that, he turned and started to walk away.

Now Sora had a weakness, he could not stand to see anyone crying. Especially any girl, it was practically in his blood as a keyblade master that he could not leave anyone helpless. Donald and Goofy always made fun of him like that. Ignoring a voice screaming at the back of his head to 'not butt into other people's problems', he ran forward and in front of the girl and shouted at the back of the boy.

"Even if you are her friend, how can you leave her crying like this?!" Shit, what did he just do? Sora immediately cursed the hero inside of him.

The girl, Namine was it, blinked the tears out of her eyes to stare at the boy in front of her.

Riku paused and turned back to face angry bright sky blue eyes. He blinked once, taken aback for a moment before he spoke in a cold voice.

"Did you eavesdrop on us?"

"I-I just happened to overhear..." Sora defended himself, softer this time.

Aquamarine eyes narrowed, "Is this your friend, Namine?"

The girl shook her head for a moment afraid of Riku but Sora spoke up, "I'm new here."

"If you're new here, you should know better than butting into other people's business." Riku scoffed, folding his arms.

"What if I want to make it my business?" Sora answered back smartly, before he cursed himself again. "I-I mean, at least let her down a little gentler."

Riku rolled his eyes towards the sky as if asking why he had to answer to the other boy. "If I did that, she would think she still has hope, which she doesn't. By just rejecting her outright I'm saving her a lot of trouble."

Sora frowned ready to retort before the girl put a soft hand on his shoulder. "He's right. I don't blame him for what he said to me... I appreciate your concern. I really do." She whispered.

Aquamarine eyes flashed before Riku turned back, "Mind your own business next time."

Clear sky eyes watched as the boy disappeared around the corner. In his mind, Sora uttered the word 'jerk' before he turned his attention to the girl. "Are you okay?"

The girl smiled a little, wiping away her tears with a thin finger. "Don't worry about me. Rejection hurts, but I'm fine. I expected that reaction from him."

"And yet you still...?" Sora trailed off, there was no confusion on his face while the girl smiled. "Never know until you try huh." Sora smiled a little, understanding written clearly in his eyes.

"That's right." The girl answered, her smile bigger now before she put her hand out, "You're new here right? I'm Namine."

Sora grinned the grin that Kairi always said was oh-so cute, "I'm Sora."

To be continued

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