Like Mother, Like Daughter
Part one

Disclaimer: If Heroes was mine, do you really think Peter and Claire would be related? I don't think so...

My mother is famous. She was one of the Heroes that stopped the New York bombing, and many things after that. She was fifteen at that time, and she was twenty-two when she had me. She died three years later- yes, the indestructible girl. Not so indestructible.

After that, my life kind of went to hell...mostly because my father left my mother when she was two months pregnant. He never wanted to see her or me. Lucky for him he got custody after she died. He was a complete jerk the entire time I grew up. He hit me, my twin brother, Colin, and my step-mother. Until that day.

I was fifteen when my gift began to show itself... and infuriated my father even more than I thought possible. Apparently, if I touched someone with a gift, I could use that gift. The first time my father figured out what I could do, he back handed me across the face, muttering, I'll never get away from that bastard.

That was when my step-mother made a decision. She quickly pulled me and Colin into my room, and helped me pack a bag of clothes. "You have to leave." She muttered to us. She handed me a wad of cash. "Your father is just going to get worse. You have family in New York." She whispered. "Your mothers family. Your Grandfather, Great-Grandmother, and-" She took a deep breath, "Your mothers uncle. Peter."

I frowned at the strange way she said the last name, but she just shook her head. "The last name is Petrelli. Go to them."

Colin nodded, then started pushing me toward the window. "Wait!" My step-mother said. She ran out of the room and came back a minute later with a small black leather book. "It was your mothers diary." She told us. "I was waiting till you were older to give it to you." She handed it to me, then gave me and Colin a hug. "Good luck."

Colin and I were sitting in the bus that would take us half way to New York. "Well," Colin started uncomfortably. "We could start on moms diary".

I looked at him and slowly took out the small book. Then, softly, I started to read:

December 7,

Its been exactly a week since Nathan and Peter blew up in the sky. A week since I haven't been able to sleep, a week since I finally admitted to truth to myself.\

I'm in love with Peter Petrelli.

You wouldn't think that would be such a bad thing, I mean he did save my life back in Texas. And then when I saw him in jail, it was...strange. Like this was who I had been waiting for. But of course, then I didn't, know he was my uncle.

Yes, I'm in love with my uncle, and yes, I know it's wrong. On many, many levels.
I'm going completely crazy. I mean, I'm sixteen years old. I'm not supposed to feel this way. I don't even know if he's still alive. He could be anywhere. I just keep thinking about that day...

I was standing there, the gun pointing at his head , and he was begging me to shoot him. But I couldn't't do it. How are you supposed to kill the one person you would die for? Then Nathan, or my bio dad, showed up. And he flew him up, and thats the last I saw of him. Either of them. But Peter has my power. He should have lived through that! Where is he?

December 16,

My father and mother really don't understand. They know Nathan was my dad, but they don't understand why I'm as upset as I am. What am I supposed to tell them? Oh yeah, well I'm upset Nathans dead, but I'm more upset about Peter. Oh, didn't I tell you, I'm in love with my uncle

Or not.

December 16, later

I was writing in this journal when my father, Bennet, not Nathan, walked into my room. I had to close this fast so he couldn't't see what I was writing. "Claire-bear." He said, sitting on my bed. "Your mother and I have talked it over, and we have agreed to let you go with those people."

I jumped from my desk. "Really? You'll let me try to find Peter?and Nathan?"

He gave me a strange look. "Yes. We already called them. They'll be here in an hour."

I hugged him, then started running around my room to pack. I grabbed everything I needed that would still fit in my small bag. The day after the explosion, Niki, D.L., their son Micah, Hiro, Ando, Mohinder, Matt, and Molly, had decided to try to find Peter. They had wanted me with them, but dad wouldn't let me go. Now I can. Finally.

Now I'm sitting in my family's kitchen, listening as everyone talks. "We have two cars." D.L. told my father. "We are planning on splitting into two groups. He has to be out there somewhere."

Hiro nodded. "Peter Petrelli is alive." He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"And who is going with who?" my father asked.

"That's the problem." Niki explained. "Molly is sick and Mohinder and Matt have to be with her. And Micah needs to be with his mother and father. Ando and Hiro go everywhere together. So-"

Dad shrugged. "Put Molly, Mohinder, Matt, Ando, and Hiro in one car, and you, Micah, D.L., and Claire in another."

Niki looked at D.L. and Matt, then nodded. "Okay." She said simply. Then she turned to me and smiled. "Ready to go?"

I nodded, then turned to my family.

Now I'm sitting in the back seat of a car with Micah, as D.L. and Niki argue over where to go. How fun.

December 21,

Everywhere we have tried has been a dead end. I was really starting to give up all hope, then, last night, my cell phone rang. "Hello?"

The was silence.

"Hello?" I asked again. Niki glanced at me.

"Claire?" A voice whispered. I froze. Niki saw the look on my face and came to stand next to me.

"Peter?" I whispered.

"Claire, I need you to listen to me." Peters hushed voice said. "I'm being kept somewhere. Nathan is here to."

"Are you hurt-"

Peter chuckled. "Thanks to you, I'm fine." I sighed in relief. "Claire, I don't know where we are. Its taken me this long to get away long enough to call you."

"You dint have any idea where you are?" I asked in despair.

He sighed. "All I know is its somewhere really green and humid." I saw Micah out of the corner of my eye, doing something on his computer. He motioned me to keep going.

"Peter, stay on the line. I think Micah is trying to track the call."

"Who's Micah?" Peters voice sounded harsh.

"He was there that night." I explained quickly. "I'm with his family. We've been trying to find you."

"Be careful Claire." He whispered. "Just because I'm not there to protect you doesn't mean you can go get yourself killed...again."

"I'll be careful." I promised.

There was a loud noise on the other side of the line and a muffled curse from Peter, then the line went dead. "Peter!" I yelled.

Niki took the phone out of my hand and turned it off, then she looked at her son. "I got it."