Like Mother, Like Daughter

Part twenty -two

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Braden was standing beside me upstairs, holding my hand and staring down into my eyes. "Are you sure about this?" He whispered.

I nodded. "I want to be with you. No matter what they say. Any of them."

Braden gave me a soft smile, then turned toward the staircase. We slowly made our way down the stairs, still holding hands. Everyone was talking and laughing, then they saw us. Everyone froze. "Wh-what is this?" Nathan asked slowly.

"Braden and I have an announcement." I said, staring right at him.

"Don't Keira." Colin said, his eyes wide. "He's like our cousin."

"Second cousin." Niki corrected.

"Still gross." Jamie muttered.

"Keira and I are dating." Braden said over the noise.

"Like hell you are!" Nathan yelled.

"Leave them alone." Peter said firmly. "I'm not going to make them stop doing this. Not if they really love each other."

Nathan scowled at him. "You're right. We wouldn't want to break them up so that they would just decide to ruin every other relationship they could ever have-"

"Do not turn this around on me!" Peter growled.

I decided to break in. "Guys, we are just trying to tell you that w-"

"Claire, shut up!" Nathan yelled.

Silence. Nathan stared at me and I stared back. "I'm not Claire, Nathan." I muttered. "I am not my mother."

"Well you sure are acting like her." Nathan sneered.

"Nathan-" Niki said warningly.

"Stay out of this Niki!" Nathan yelled.

She stood quickly. "I need to make a call." She left.

"That wasn't necessary, Nathan." Peter growled.

"Yes it is." Nathan yelled. "She was the only one on your side the first time!"

"My side?!" Peter yelled. "Claire left me so I wouldn't have to break away from you and the rest of the family. But if she had given me half of the chance, I would have disappeared with her before anything else could have happened!"

Niki slowly made her way back in the room, though I don't think anyone really noticed. Nathan glared at his younger brother. "Nice to know how you feel-"

"Man, this is sick." Tyler muttered.

Braden glared at him. "Something to say Tyler?"

"Yeah," He stood up, glaring. "She's family man! This is incest! If anyone found out-"

"Well, nobody needs to find out!" Braden yelled.

"Someone's going to find out!" Colin snapped, defending Tyler.

"Not really!" Mira said, standing beside me. "And even if they did, it's legal! You just cant marry first cousins."

Colin looked at her in disgust. "Don't tell me you're approving of this!"

She glared at her boyfriend. "So what if I am?"

Meanwhile, Peter and Nathan were still yelling about their argument, and Peter looked about ready to explode.

Then the doorbell rang.

Everyone froze. "Who could that be?" Lauren muttered. "Everyone we know is here."

Everyone listened as we heard the door open, then slam shut, then the sound of footsteps. Then the door flew open and a woman with long blonde hair, and tan skin stood in the doorway. "Okay, what is going on here?"

"Claire?" Nathan said, staring at his daughter in shock.

Claire turned and smirked at her father. "Hello Nathan."

Silence. I stared at the woman in front of me. What…where had she come from? Wasn't she dead? If she wasn't, why did she leave? Why did Colin and I have to go live with him?

"How did you know to come…?" Nathan muttered.

"Niki called me." She said, she looked at me and Braden and smiled softly. "And if Braden and Keira want to be together, then nobody," she glared at her father, "is going to stand in their way."

I started to smile. "Wait, Niki called you?" I turned to Niki. "You knew she was alive? And where she was?"

Niki looked at me guiltily. "I'm so sorry honey. I had to…"

I looked at my mother. She was to busy looking at Peter to notice. "Claire…"

I watched silently as the two of them slowly walked towards each other and threw there arms around each other, holding tightly. Both were crying.

There was so much I wanted to know. Why did she leave, why didn't she contact us, why did she fake her own death?

But at the moment, all I cared about was Braden. I turned to him and smiled. "I think we are okay."

He kissed me softly. "I think so too."

That's it! I'm thinking of writing a sequel that shows things about what happens to Peter and Claire now that she's back, and how Keira and Colin's relationship with their mom is after she left them. And , of course, about Braden and Keira and their relationship.

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