Author's Notes: Okay, I know I've been such an ass lately for the un-updated fics but I really wanted to do this for a long time. THIS FIC IS NOT MULTI-CHAPTER(ED). This is simply a collection of one-shots with DIFFERENT GENRES. They could range from fantasy to humor to angst as long as it revolves around our lovely ToFuu couple. I hope you enjoy!

Okay, my first one-shot is different from the other stories. It's kinda like a fantasy fic or something. Let me know what you think about it.

Chapter 1: Reasons

There are many reasons why I hate him. Why I shouldhate him. And somehow I wanted to congratulate myself for coming up with one of the most intelligent, comprehendible, aboriginal statements for proper reasoning. Proper reasoning…

Proper. Is it really?

I unconsciously bit my lip as I stealthily tried as much as to slow down my heart rate for fear he might hear it.

One, I hated him for being the cold jerk that he naturally is. I know… childish. I lightly let out a soft growl. I wanted to slap myself for even thinking of making such sound. Right now, I could feel his crooked smile on me. I looked at him through my lashes and saw him at the other side of the dark room, leaning casually on the wall, arms crossed as I recognized that glint in his eyes. I immediately bowed my head down and prayed to Kami that he didn't hear my sharp intake of breath.

I've known him for a long time. A long, long time that it irked me how I even made such effort to befriend him.

How he would always scowl at me when I talk to him. How he would jerk his hand away from my slightest touch. How he wouldn't even acknowledge my presence at all.

I remembered the time where I felt like I was embarrassing myself in front of him and others. And since that time on, I decided that after he gave his final glare at me for deliberately calling him 'Ms. Little Snowhite', I finally let off.

"Are you afraid?" his voice was deadly laced with arrogance and amusement, and also the tone that underlies intimidation.

"No." I tried to keep my voice as even as possible despite that I was already gasping.

Of course I was afraid. That's the second thing I hate about him. He scares me. He scares me for different reasons I couldn't even name.

But right now, the fear I'm feeling is probably not the fear he wanted to evoke on me. He wanted me to fear him. His whole being. And even for how much I wanted to give in to that fear, I just fear for the wrong thing.

Fear for losing him.

I cringed. That sounded so wrong.

I could hear him taking sure, light steps toward me.

"Why?" my voice broke a little and I bet he was already smiling triumphantly at my admittedly weak tone.

But instead, his voice dropped into a low and gentle pitch that somehow encouraged me to look up at him. "I'm tired of staying away from you." He nearly breathed that sentence and I sworn I felt my heart stop. His eyes held sincerity and vulnerability that I took every ounce of my strength to not shut my own.

I hated him for his mood swings. He is neverpredictable. And that attracted me to him. Right now, I'm sure that my eyes held back the fear he had been searching earlier. Instead, I'm sure my eyes were exposing him confusion.

Why would he do this?

Why would he keep something like this from me?

He took another step and his features seemed to glow in the moonlight. I hated him for that. How he would look so elegant at all angles, at all times. He wasn't even trying.

He smiled. Not that arrogant smirk I have been expecting. But an apologetic smile. A smile that seemed so delicate, I tried as much as to not place my fingers at the corners of his mouth and stretch it more to the sides. It would seem funny if this was a day like any other. Sadly, it wasn't.

And swiftly, but gracefully, he was in front of me. His hand was lightly touching my cheek and his other hand at the side of my head. I never realized how cold his hand was. He trailed his fingers from my cheek to my jaw, and back to my ear where he tucked away a stray of purple hair then slowly trailing his hands to the side of my neck. I still couldn't deny the burning sensation his cold fingers trailed on my soft skin.

"Are you sure?" he asked softly. And I unconsciously nodded my head in response, keeping my eyes closed. At that very moment where I nod my head, I honestly forgot what I was agreeing with him for.

My eyes jolted open when he carefully placed his sculpted nose at the dip of my throat, deliberately brushing his nose at my collarbones and up to the side of my jaw. I never realized how loudly my heart has been beating and how fast my blood was rushing through my veins. The hand at the side of my head were balled into a fist while his other hand seemed to weigh on my neck.

He lightly placed his cold lips at the shell of my ear as he inhaled my scent deeply before placing it over my lids, to the corner of my mouth and back to my throat.

I hated him that he's a vampire.

"Are you afraid now?" he spoke softly against the thin skin of my throat. It was then I realized that my hands were tangled to his silver locks, slightly pulling him closer. He took it as an initiative to finally press his lips to my pulse point in my neck before licking it. Then, before anything else became blindingly white, I felt the tip of his fangs piercing my skin.

And after all of my reasoning, all my statements; I realized none of them was credible.

Even my musings failed me.

After all, I was in love with him.

Author's Notes: Okay, be honest, how was it? This chapter is inspired to Stephenie Meyer's book "Twilight". I just finished the book and I must, MUST have the second book called "New Moon". I suggest you read it. And yes, I know it's weird making Mi-chan a vampire. But don't you think it's hot?