forbidden dance Forbidden Dance
Rating: PG-13 ( I'm not sure if it is but just to be safe e.e;;)


I laughed as my dance partner swung me around. I loved this feeling, the feeling of being safe in a pair of strong arms, the feeling of no gravity holding me down, I felt as if I could fly. My hands clung tightly to his shoulders as he held fast to my waist. When he set me down, I was facing him and he was holding on to one of my hands. He quickly pulled me towards him and the pushed me away just as fast. I spun gracefully the beat of the music taking over my body, letting me loose control. At the next thump of the bass I was in some one else's arms. My new partner grabbed my hand and pushed me away from him, just as the first had, them pulled me back again and twirled me once back towards him. He then held his hand behind my back and bent down putting his other hand at the back of my knees. Swiftly he swept my feet out from under me his arm behind me taking my body weight before gravity pulled my feet towards the ground. As soon as I flipped all the way around and my feet touched the ground I stood straight up. See, people always asked me why didn't I ever wear skirts and dresses to events like this, that is the answer why. When I dance I dance which is why I always wore outfits like the one I had on tonight which consisted of a pair of short black shorts, that pulled against my hips and stretched with every movement I made, and a simple dark blue, quarter length, knit tee. I wanted to be free when I danced, mobile with out a care in the world about if my dress flew up or not. Besides I was always looked at as one of the guys. If I wore a dress they'd all just laugh and call me a drag queen or something.

I let out a deep breath and with my hands still in front of me I fell straight backwards. Usually there was someone always behind me, but just in case I learned to keep my hands forward so that if needed, my previous partner could grab me and pull me back up. That wasn't needed for just then a pair of strong arms grasped me. They were bare and slender but surprisingly stronger then they seemed. He pushed my limp body back into a standing position and spun me twice. Finally he pulled me back towards him some what roughly and grasped me tightly around the waist, the fingertips of his other hand pressing right below my ribcage.
"May I have this dance?" My eyes looked at him in astonishment. His violet eyes looked down at me waiting for an answer. You'll have to understand, having someone ask you to dance was very unusual. Most of the time the men just grabbed the girl spun her and passed her off, wanting to dance with as many girls as possible. I nodded dumbly and followed him as he pulled me towards a corner of the dance floor. I hear a few aw's as we walked away. Some male some female, both for different reasons. A slower song was now playing and he wrapped his right arm around my waist and pulled me closer again. With his left hand he took my smaller right one and began to move to the music. He rested his head on my shoulder, while I rested my head against his. Out of nowhere he said gently in his soft tenor voice. "What's your name?" I snorted.
"A name is something that can be changed, given or taken, and stolen. So what's in a name?"
"Good question. I'd tell you mine but then I'd have to kill you." I stiffened in his arms and he laughed. "But for you I think I'll make an exception. It's Duo Maxwell" The name sounded strangely familiar to me and I told him so. "To you and everyone else." I was puzzled by his response but I didn't reply. A silence passed and I wondered silently what the harm would be in telling him my name.
"That's what they call me around here"
"Even though that name fits you perfectly, why do I have the feeling that's not your real name?"
"Even though I just met you, why do you ask so many questions?" He laughed again, and this time I smiled. I closed my eyes the faint strands of guitar barely breaking through the wall of peace that had managed to surround Duo and I. Nothing else seemed to matter but he and I. I felt like I was the only girl with him, the only girl that mattered in the world. It was the most beautiful feeling I'd ever experienced in the world, but in a way it also scared me... His arms pulled me a bit closer to him and slowly his left leg some how managed get between my legs which succeeded in only further intertwining our bodies. His chin was pressed against my shoulder and I could feel the bottom of his jaw pressing against my muscle, it was painful but at the same time a reminder that this was my reality. With his nose he nudged my hair away from my neck and back over my shoulders. He moved his face closer to my neck and I could feel his warm breath against my skin, the hairs on the back of my neck standing alert. The moments felt like years as he slowly inched his mouth towards the flushed skin of my neck. His right hand shifted downwards with it's own leisurely pace until it rested at the final curve of my spine. I shivered, my tiny body turning to jello as he found the weakest point on my entire body effortlessly. He seemed to know all my secrets, yet I knew nothing but his name. He intrigued me, peaked my curiosity. I wanted to know more, I yearned for this man who's amethyst eyes seemed to be able to see through me and into my soul instead of just at my exterior. And in that moment I knew it. I would be everything to him, he would be mine. Softly, almost as though nothing but the wind had touched me, his lips brushed against me, but oh...he had no idea what he was doing to me...yet it wasn't hard to believe that he knew exactly what he was doing. He inhaled deeply and I closed my own violet eyes and pretended he was trying to memorize me the way I was trying to hold on to him. His touch was so gentle if I wasn't paying attention I would have missed it all together. There was nothing but me, him, and the music the soft strand barely making it's way to my ears, through the wall that seemed to contain only Duo and me, in our own little world. Slowly I felt his chin pull away from my shoulders, but not before he planted a gentle kiss on my jaw. Pulling back further he slowly rested his forehead against mine, I knew because I could feel his warm breath against my face. I was lost I didn't know whether to say something, smile, pull away or what. The voice of logic in side my head was growing smaller, and was barely audible anymore. Duo had caught me, I was trapped in his web. He was moving closer now, moving his left hand, which still held my right hand, towards my face. Raising only his index finger he lifted my chin giving him a full view of my face in the light of the strings of lights that surrounded the dancing area, which was nothing more then a thirteen by thirteen square area of compacted dirt. I slowly opened my eyes to see his face only centimeters from my own, his dark eyes half lidded but gazing at me with an intensity that chilled me through and through. Suddenly I wanted to run, I wanted to get as far away from this man who's gaze was dangerously growing hungrier by each passing second. And in that moment before he lowered his lips onto mine I was aware of everything. The cool breeze blowing my dark hair, the slight strain in my calves from standing so still for so long, the feeling of his denim jeans against the inside of my leg. Everything stopped. I didn't know what I was doing, this after all was my first kiss. His lips were gently pulling against mine, as if they were begging me to respond and slowly but surely I did. He pulled me closer still crushing my petite body against his firm chest. The material of his tank top rubbed slightly against my shirt, creating a friction that only added to my own raised body heat. His hands were becoming comfortable and were slowly beginning to explore past my spine and along the curves of my hips. Suddenly he was pulled away roughly, I had been leaning against him and almost fell over when he moved.
"Maxwell, we've got to go..." Duo looked dumfounded as he held on to me still helping me regain my balance. He asked if I was alright and I nodded. The man who had pulled on him had Blue eyes that seemed to shoot daggers at me all the while he was talking to Duo.
"What the hell are you talking about..."
"They're coming.."
"So what?!" Duo was obviously angry at the fact of being disturbed.
"If we don't stop this now they'll get to here and destroy the town..." Duo opened his mouth to object once more but instead he looked down at me, his violet eyes searching my face in the dim light. He sighed softly and closed his eyes. Turning to the other man he nodded. The man with the blue eyes gave a soft grunt.
"Quatre still has to find the others, you've got five minutes." I was totally confused by his words and I'm sure my face showed it as I looked back and forth between the two men. Duo nodded sadly.
"Alright Heero..." His voice rang with defeat, the tone of a man who's found treasures on the shore only to have them washed away before he could hold them. I frowned slightly as Duo continued to look away from me even after the other man had jogged off.
"Duo?" He just shook his head, the chestnut strand of his hair falling into his eyes as he looked back to me, the remorse quite obvious. "What's going..." I never got to finish, because he raised his hand and pressed his index finger against my lips.
"Don't ask questions Angel." I tried to persist but he just shook his head. "I have to go now, the reason why I have to go I cannot tell, but you're a smart girl, you'll figure it out." He leaned down and kissed my forehead gently. "Goodbye my Shi no Tenshi" He gave me a soft smile and let me go running off in the direction of his companion, the sides of his black shirt billowing out beside, making him seem as if he had wings. Dark, full, beautiful, black wings. And as he disappeared his words sunk in. He had called me his Angel of Death. I closed my eyes trying to store the sound of his voice in my mind when suddenly his name was placed. I gasped aloud and my hand snapped up to my open lips. One word fell from my lips, a single word that to others brought fear, but to me it would always bring pleasure.
"Shinigami..." I had danced with death and lived...This meant something. I wanted to scream, cry, and jump for joy in the same moment, but I knew that was far from appropriate. I tore off in the direction that he went, my legs pushing me over the ground quickly. I dashed through the small forest of trees surrounding our desert village, dodging in and out of the path of trees, hopping over roots. I had to find him, to tell him that I knew who he was and I didn't care. I had to tell him I'd be his Angel. I reached the edge of the trees where the forest abruptly stopped leading only to the endless sands of the desert. He was a Gundam pilot just like my friend Quatre, he was fighting an endless battle for the rest of the world. I never got to say thank you.

I returned to the village and went directly home in search of any information I could find on the pilot Duo Maxwell. I didn't get much but the feeling in my chest which started as a flicker of caution had turned to a flame of yearning. I didn't know what love was but somehow I knew this was the beginnings of it. Turning to the small table inside my bedroom I lit the oil lamp and sighed. I turned to collapse on my bed but paused when I saw a silver cross on a delicate chain sitting against my pillow. I wanted to scream and tell the world but seeing as how the world was in the middle of a war, any subject even mentioning the Gundam pilots was strictly taboo. I blinked a few times and reached out for the small item, it was then when I noticed a small note under it. As I read his words and ran my fingers gingerly cool luminescent metal of the cross, I wasn't afraid. I knew I'd see him again.

I've learned that forbidden dances, lead to forbidden loves.



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