Dark clouds filled the early evening sky, blocking out the sun and adding heaviness to the already dark mood in a small local restaurant. The place was nice, one of the few able to strive in the Earth's growing economy. Inside the tables were beautiful shades of honey oak, polished until they shined enough to envy the brightest piece of jewelry. Hence the name of the restaurant, The Ruby. The walls were painted a lush shade of red, accented occasionally with white. All of the chairs had, luxurious crimson, velvet cushions, making any visitor feel like they were at one of the prime chain restaurants in the area, not just some home grown business. However, all of this was lost on one small face that stared down into her glass of wine as if she were waiting for it to sprout legs. Her dark eyes were partially hidden by long thick lashes. She was dressed casually in a pair of jean Capri pants, a black tank top with a simple white shirt, and a matching jean jacket. Slowly the woman looked up. Her dark eyes, that so many times looked, seductive, dangerous, and mischievous, now looked tired, lost and on the brink of letting forth a shower of tears on to her cheeks below. The dark brown orbs finally settled on the wall clock across the room. 10:57pm. It was obvious now, he'd stood her up.

A rumble of distant thunder reached his ears and he looked up at the clock. 10:58pm. Closing time was at eleven. Parting his lips he sighed and looked down at his drink. The Ruby was his escape. He knew the owner, and was a frequent visitor when he needed to get away from the pressures of the world. The man was of good standing, dressed easily in a pair of crisply creased khaki pants and a black silk shirt. It wasn't so much his clothing that gave away his standing, but instead the platinum watch that graced his right wrist. Or maybe it was the way he carried himself. Those violet eyes intimidating some with just a glance, giving others a flutter in their stomach. He wasn't too tall, standing at an easy 5'9, but he rarely needed to use his size to intimidate anyone. He shook his head, the strands of deep brown hair falling from his eyes to either side of his face. Grasping his glass, he raised it to his lips and finished the last of its contents in a quick swallow. Standing, he stretched and grabbed his suit coat from the back of his chair. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a crisp one hundred dollar bill and set it on the bar. He'd lost track of how many drinks he had, but one hundred should cover it. After all, he'd sworn to himself, the moment one hundred dollars wasn't enough to cover his tab, he'd quit drinking all together.

Angel Blackwolf looked up in her seat the moment the rain started, the heavy downpour hitting the roof and windows announcing its arrival. Of all the days she had to get stood up…it would be the day it rains. She let out a heavy sigh and pulled her purse into her lap. Angel looked up to see, instead of her waiter, she saw the owner of the restaurant who was also a close friend of her eldest brother.

"Ms. Blackwolf, I'm so sorry, but it's closing time." the waiter stammered out, partially because of her beauty, partially because of her family name. Angel, used to people knowing who she was, didn't even break her train of thought.

"It's alright...here." She tugged the twenty from under the glass and held it out to him. The man looked at Angel, then at the twenty and shook his head. She reminded him so much of a daughter, and the thought of seeing his daughter so sad and alone hurt him enough to turn down the healthy tip and the actual money for her drink.

"No, no. You go ahead Ms. Blackwolf, it's on the house."


"You look like you've been through enough." Angel sighed in reply and brushed a silken strand of long, dark hair from her eyes. The man walked behind her, and pulled her chair out slowly, "If your brother doesn't get to him first, he's mine."

Angel smiled softly and slipped the twenty back into her pocket as she walked towards the door. Her smile fell not even two seconds later. Angel pushed through the front doors and stepped out into the rain, eager for anything to hide the tears that now fell from her eyes.

Duo Maxwell smiled and gave a wave to the owner whose eyes were on the retreating back of some woman. He draped a black coat over his arm and walked over next to him, just as the dark haired woman slipped out of the front doors. Even from behind, she'd captured his interest. For him that was a rarity, women usually caught his lust before he even bothered to try and seem interested.

"Who was that?" Duo's violet eyes remained on the now closed door.

"Hmm? Oh, that was Angel Blackwolf. She's a friend of the family"

"Ryan's not married…" Duo tilted his head in thought, the name sounding familiar, as well as the body, since he didn't get to see her face. The name Blackwolf was well known, the two brothers, Ryan and Sean being two of the best pilots of Gundams at the moment. The owner of the restaurant tipped his head back and roared with laughter at Duo's obvious statement. As soon as his laughter died to just small chuckles he answered,

"Of course not. It's his little sister." Duo's mouth dropped slightly. That was the once rowdy little girl that no one seemed to be able to control. The one he danced with, that time before… That woman was Angel? He hadn't seen her in years, four years to be precise. There was no way, absolutely no way he'd just run into the girl that plagued his dreams ever since that one dance so long ago. What the hell were the odds of that happening? Not to mention she was a Blackwolf. Sure, leave it to Duo to find one of the most off limits girls.

"T-that's Angie? That was Angel? Little Angel?" Duo was shaken obviously. She'd gotten taller, filled out some and cut her hair. He'd fallen for her the moment she smiled ever so sweetly and told him he asked too many questions. Those feelings he thought fizzled out years ago began to show themselves again after years of hibernation. "Um, I've gotta go an- Yeah Bye!"

Duo turned and jogged out of the restaurant, grabbing his black coat from the hanger in the entryway. He reached out and pushed the door open, slipping out into the rain. His violet eyes looked down the street, and finally back up the street. He had been so close, so close he could almost taste her again. Sighing heavily he shoved his hands in the pocket of his coat. She'd managed to slip through his fingers this time, but next time… Duo sighed again and pulled out his cell phone to call a taxi when he heard a small voice from the shadows.

"You wouldn't happen to know what time it is…would you?" A small voice spoke from inside the shadow of the building. Duo turned around slowly, his long chocolate bangs, now plastered to his face. Struggling he tried to place the voice to a face. "The rain killed my watch." The second she spoke again he knew who it was.

"Angie…" Angel stepped forward out of the shadows, her dark hair hung limply and stuck to her face in various places. Her hands rested at her sides as she stepped into the light, her brown eyes dull, and her cheeks covered with streaks of her mascara. Her movements were small, because all the denim she wore was as heavy as bricks with the water soaking in. Duo's eyes narrowed and he felt rage rising in him. Something was wrong; he was going to have to hurt someone.

"I-I was waiting for the bus. I don't have enough cash on me for a taxi..."

"Angel, you're staying on the other side of town, why in the world are you over here...alone?!" Duo watched her, his violet eyes showing his concern, but his voice was showing his anger...and she couldn't see his eyes.

"I'm not sixteen anymore, so don't treat me like I'm some kind of child." She snapped back at him, her voice touched with a razor sharp edge, but beyond that there was the slightest hint of despair. "Don't think I don't remember you Duo Maxwell. You're the only person I've allowed to…" Angel's voice faded out as she caught her thought before they went tumbling out of her mouth.

"Allowed to? Allowed to what?"

"Mind your own." The edge was back in her voice, this time with a touch of bitterness.

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry, it's just you shouldn't be out alone like this..." His voice softened as he spoke to her, and took a small step forward, his hands up in a show of surrender.

"I wasn't supposed to be out here alone…" She spit out the word alone like it tasted like soapy water. Afterwards she sighed softly, the rage in her voice quickly replaced by a heavy sadness. "I was stood up..." Duo sighed softly and watched her look away from him, towards the ground. For a moment all that could be heard, was the noise of the city and the rain falling against the ground, lighter then before, but still falling.

"His loss." Duo's voice was firm and yet very comforting to Angel. She sighed softly and looked up from the ground, her dark violet eyes meeting his. Violet clashed with violet, and the intensity that ensued was a new sensation for the both of them. Like a moth to a flame, Angel unconsciously took the few steps forward and found her self locked in, despite the rain, the warmest embrace she'd ever felt.

Duo's arms wrapped instinctively around Angel's small drenched body, he didn't even have to think twice. Holding her for a few moments longer Duo sighed softly, and rested his chin on the top of her head. And within the blink of an eye, Duo and Angel were carried back four years to the moment that Duo pulled Angel into his arms and danced with her for what seemed like forever. A love like this didn't need a rhyme or a reason, it just was. No matter where either of them went, there was the other, whether they knew it or not.

Finally realizing that they were going to get sick if they stayed out in the rain any longer, Duo tucked Angel against his body with one arm and walked towards the curb, ready to hail for the first taxi he saw. Angel, amazed at the amount of comfort he provided, slipped her arms around his waist and buried her face into his soaking coat.

From the moment they touched those years ago, they were meant to be. It was beyond their control now. Love is the forbidden dance. It's the only dance where neither partner leads. All you can do, is hold on to each other, and pray that you can keep up.

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