A New Life: Chapter One

18 years ago, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the Nine-tailed Fox, the Lord of Demons, attacked the village of Konohagakure. In a desperate bid to save his village, the leader of Konohagakure, the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, sacrificed his life to seal the demon into his newborn son.

Fearing that his countless enemies would seek to assassinate his newborn son, Minato named his son Uzumaki Naruto, taking his last name from Minato's wife, Uzumaki Kushina. Naruto's parentage was also kept secret, so that he would be kept safe.

The Sandaime Hokage then took office again and passed a law, stating that it was an offence punishable by death to reveal to Naruto that he held the demon within him, hoping that Naruto would be allowed to live a normal life.

However, it was all for naught. The adults viewed him as the demon itself and not the container. While they could not tell their children about the demon within him, they simply passed their hatred of Naruto down to the younger generation.

Because his parents had died fighting the Kyuubi, Naruto was placed in the orphanage. Unfortunately, the head of the orphanage hated Naruto deeply and when Naruto was 3, she finally had enough of him and kicked him out.

Naruto lived on the streets for a whole year before the Sandaime found out about the situation and gave him a small apartment to live in as well as money for his daily necessities.

When he was 9, the Sandaime registered him into the Shinobi Academy as he was frequently abused by the villagers and he wanted Naruto to have a means to protect himself. Unfortunately, the teachers were biased against him, preventing him from learning anything useful. He then resorted to being a class clown in order to garner attention.

At the age of 12, Naruto failed the Academy test for the 3rd time, causing him to be expelled. Mizuki, one of the teachers who hated him, tricked Naruto into thinking that there was a special test that he could take in order to pass.

Following Mizuki's instructions, Naruto stole the Scroll of Forbidden techniques from the Hokage's vault and while waiting for Mizuki to turn up, learnt one of the techniques within; the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, which allowed him to create corporeal copies of himself.

Eventually, Iruka, one of the teachers who saw Naruto as a boy with a heavy burden and not the demon that he contained, showed up. Protecting Naruto from a sudden assault from Mizuki, he obtained a grievous injury in the process.

Finally obtaining one person who truly cared for him other than the Sandaime Hokage, Naruto changed his dream then. He would become Hokage not to gain acknowledgement, but to protect those precious to him like Iruka. Using his vast reserves of chakra (the energy ninja used to power their techniques); Naruto created a thousand Kage Bunshin and proceeded to beat up Mizuki.

Seeing that Naruto had mastered such a high-leveled Jutsu, Iruka gave Naruto his own Hitai-ate (forehead protector), signifying that Naruto had passed the test and was officially a shinobi of Konohagakure.

He was then placed on a team with Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura with Hatake Kakashi as his Jounin sensei. Sasuke was the last of his clan, his clan having been slaughtered by his brother, Uchiha Itachi. Thus, Sasuke grew power-hungry, living only to kill his brother and thus achieve his revenge. He was the rookie of the year and thus had hordes of fan girls chasing after him.

Haruno Sakura was the top kunoichi in the class, relying on book smarts to achieve the best grades. Having very low chakra reserves, she had almost perfect control of her chakra. However, she knew no techniques except those taught in the Academy. She was Naruto's crush but she herself, like many others, was a fervent fan girl of Sasuke.

Hatake Kakashi, also known as Sharingan Kakashi or copy-nin Kakashi in other ninja villages, possessed the Sharingan, the bloodline of the Uchihas obtained from his team mate. He was the student of the Yondaime Hokage and had a very sad past that he never revealed to others.

On their first major mission, a C-rank mission to protect a bridge-builder, Tazuna from the Country of Wave, they encountered an A-rank missing Nin Momochi Zabuza and his apprentice Haku who possessed a bloodline to control water and ice, both of whom were sent by the tyrant Gatou to assassinate Tazuna.

They clashed on the bridge that Tazuna was building with Kakashi taking on Zabuza and Naruto and Sasuke taking on Haku. In the battle, Sasuke awakened his Bloodline Limit, the Sharingan. However, while it did help, it still proved futile as Haku was simply too skilled. Finally, in a bid to save Naruto, Sasuke took the blow meant for Naruto. Enraged at his best friend and rival's perceived death, Naruto called on the power of the Kyuubi for the first time, allowing him to over power Haku.

When the fight was over, it was revealed that Sasuke was merely placed in a near death state and Team 7 emerged whole and with more experience. As gratitude to Naruto for reviving the courage in the people of Wave, they named the bridge The Great Naruto Bridge.

When they returned, Kakashi nominated Team 7 for the Chunnin exams. All proceeded well until the second part of the exams where they encountered one of the Densetsu no Sannin, Orochimaru, a missing-nin of Konohagakure. He proceeded to place a Curse Seal on Sasuke before leaving.

In the one month break that the genins had to prepare for the finals, Naruto met another of the Densetsu no Sannin, Jiraiya, the teacher of the Yondaime Hokage, taught him how to summon toads that the Yondaime Hokage had summoned as well.

In the finals, Naruto faced off against the previous year's Rookie of the Year, Hyuuga Neji and managed to change his view of life.

Shortly after that, an invasion occurred and Naruto faced off against the Jinchuuriki of Suna, Sabaku no Gaara, once again obtaining a victory thought summoning the Toad Boss. Through his unwavering determination to protect his team mates, he managed to convince Gaara that true strength came from wanting to protect others, thus changing Gaara's outlook in the process.

Due to the Sandaime's death when fighting Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Naruto were sent to find Tsunade, another of the Densetsu no Sannin, to be the Godaime Hokage. Along the way, they encountered Uchiha Itachi when Sasuke mysteriously appeared, charging straight at Itachi before being soundly beaten. Itachi then escaped with his partner, Hoshigaki Kisame when it was apparent that they were outclassed by Jiraiya.

Jiraiya then started to teach Naruto the Rasengan, a deadly move created by the Yondaime Hokage which allowed him to beat Orochimaru's sidekick, Kabuto, when they appeared.

After Tsunade had agreed to become the Godaime Hokage, the minions of Orochimaru, the Sound Four snuck into Konohagakure, tempting Sasuke to run to Orochimaru with promises of power that full control of the Curse Seal would give him. Desperate after being so soundly beaten by Itachi, Sasuke agreed to leave and together they fled Konoha.

Sakura however caught Sasuke in the act of leaving and reported the incident the next day, after which a retrieval team was sent after Sasuke.

Sasuke and Naruto then had a showdown at the Valley of the End with Sasuke emerging as the victor as Naruto refused to deal the last blow that would kill Sasuke, someone he deemed as his brother.

After Naruto had recovered from the heavy wounds that Sasuke inflicted on him, Jiraiya took Naruto on a three year training trip to keep him from being captured by Akatsuki, an organization that wanted to capture all the nine Bijuu (tailed demons). Akatsuki was composed of many S-class ninjas, of which Uchiha Itachi and his partner were part of.

Finally, after the three years, Naruto and Sasuke clashed once again and though Naruto once again failed to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, he did prevent Orochimaru from taking control of Sasuke's body, which was Orochimaru's ultimate aim.

Downtrodden with his lack of success, Naruto threw himself into his training, preparing for the time three years later when Orochimaru would once again try to take over Sasuke's body.

Finally, the three years deadline ended and Orochimaru tried to take over Sasuke's body, only to be overpowered by the teen who was now much stronger. Sasuke then killed him and took control of Otogakure, the village that Orochimaru was leading. Because of the malignant influence of the Curse Seal, Sasuke slowly turned insane and then launched an attack against Konoha. Naruto had finished off the Akatsuki including Itachi. Because of this, Sasuke's sole dream, his drive to live had disappeared and in his deranged state, he pinned the blame on Naruto who had stolen everything from him.

Leading the forces to defend Konohagakure was Naruto, who was now feared throughout the world as his training had made him one of the strongest beings in the world, the only one even coming close to his strength was Sasuke who had spurred himself to work harder when he heard of Naruto's achievements.

Finally, after three years, the two rivals would clash once again.

Naruto glared straight into the fully matured Sharingan of Sasuke, trying to find even a hint of humanity left in him.

Sasuke had accessed the full power of the Curse Seal, turning him into a monster. Hand-like wings protruded from his back. His skin darkened in colour and his normal black hair had lengthened and turned ivory white. Finally, a cross-shaped mark had appeared on his face, making him look like a very terrifying monster indeed.

Meanwhile, Naruto had tapped into the Kyuubi's chakra, causing red chakra to flow out from him, making him look as if he was on flames. His pupils had turned to slits and turned from his normal blue colour to a blood red colour. His nails and canines had lengthened as well and seven ethereal tails floated behind him. One of the parts of his training was training himself to fully utilize the Kyuubi's chakra without losing control of himself like he had in the past. While he could not go beyond seven tails' worth of power, he trusted that this would be enough to defeat Sasuke.

The two rivals had been fighting for a very long time and it was evident from the looks of the battlefield. Craters pockmarked the land, trees were completely severed or burnt and rubble of multiple rocks lay scattered everywhere.

The effect of using the Kyuubi's chakra for such an extended period of time was taking its toll on him and he knew that Sasuke was also suffering from using the Curse Seal for such a long time. It was time to end this battle.

He looked up and he saw that Sasuke had the same idea as he was performing the hand seals for his most powerful technique. The Yami Chidori whereby he channeled the evil chakra of the Curse Seal into the Chidori, turning it a sickly purple.

Meanwhile, Naruto concentrated and formed his most powerful Jutsu so far; the Oodama Fuuton: Rasenshuriken whereby he took the Rasengan that his father had created and added Wind Element Manipulation and the chakra of the Kyuubi into it, creating a technique that could slice decimate an entire city wall with ease.

The two charged at each other, their techniques roaring and they clashed in a massive explosion, both of them struggling to gain supremacy over each other.

"Cease this foolishness Sasuke! I will not let you destroy Konoha even if it costs my life" Naruto shouted.

"He was mine! I am an avenger! All that I had left was my vengeance but you had to take it away from me! I will show you now what it feels like to lose your dream, your sole reason for living!" Sasuke snarled as he pushed against Naruto.

"Now I shall lead my forces and finish off Konoha. Can't be Hokage over a wasteland right?" Sasuke mocked. "Come to think of it, you can't be Hokage either if you die right here!"

With that, he thrust his arm forward with renewed vigour, pushing Naruto back a few inches. In retaliation, Naruto dug his heels and pumped even more chakra into his Oodama Rasenshuriken, causing Sasuke to lose the ground he had gained.

Sasuke bit back a curse as he struggled against Naruto. While he had before grudgingly respected Naruto's tenacity, this was just too much. No one should have been able to take the amount of punishment that Naruto had taken and still put up such a fight. For god's sake, Naruto had plowed through half of his forces before fighting him while he had engaged Naruto fresh.

Suddenly, he caught movement from the corner of his eyes. Twisting his head a little bit, he saw that it was the elites from Konoha; the previous Rookie Nine and Team Gai along with Tsunade as well as the Suna trio Temari, Kankuro and Gaara. He smirked as he saw a familiar pink colour approaching them.

Sasuke grimaced. This meant that his forces were either wiped out or in retreat, no doubt due to the blond right in front of him. However, they could serve his purpose quite well…

Naruto saw a smirk on Sasuke's face and looking to the side, he saw what was making Sasuke smirk. His blood chilled. He knew what Sasuke was planning and he would not allow it!

Moving his Oodama Rasenshuriken to the right, he allowed Sasuke's Yami Chidori to continue on its path unimpeded, plunging straight into his heart before his Oodama Rasenshuriken impacted with Sasuke and ripped him to shreds.

Naruto cried out in pain as the arm embedded in his chest was forcefully pulled away from him, widening the wound and causing blood to gush out from the chest. He collapsed onto the floor, blood pooling around him.

Naruto's comrades sprinted to his side, calling him frantically all the while.

Hinata stared at Naruto's dead body, too stunned to say anything, merely able to shed tears for her crush's untimely death. She had always admired his determination and his ability to change others for the better. He was the one who changed her as well, giving her the courage needed to survive in this cruel world. But now, he was gone…

Neji knelt beside Naruto, the infamous composure of the Hyuugas gone as he stared at the one who had changed him for the better. "Naruto…you promised that you would be Hokage and help me change the Hyuugas. Isn't your nindo to not break your word?" Neji uttered as he gripped Naruto's hand tightly. His team mates placed their hands on his shoulder, also distressed at the sight of Naruto in this state.

Tsunade could only stare at Naruto's broken body while memories of her dead loved ones flashed through her mind. Was she cursed to see all that she cared for die right in front of her? First there were Dan and Nawaki, then Jiraiya and now Naruto too? It was just too unfair!

Sakura openly wept at the death of her team mate. Before, she had totally ignored Naruto or treated him like thrash, preferring to instead chase after Sasuke. However, Naruto had continued protecting her, even at the risk of his own life. Now, he had died because of her. She knew what Sasuke's plan was likely to be the moment she saw him glance at them. Sasuke would turn away from Naruto and probably plunge the Yami Chidori into her, killing her. It was no big secret that while Naruto had given up on Sakura as a love interest, he had instead started treating Sakura as the sister he never had and was very protective of her. If Sasuke had killed her, or even any of the other, Sakura was sure that Naruto's mind would probably be broken, blaming himself for not being able to protect those he deemed as his "precious people".

However, what was most surprising was Gaara's reaction. Gaara had walked over to Naruto, kneeling down beside him, not even caring that the blood soaked into his pants. Taking out a golden Suna Hitai-ate, he placed it on Naruto's chest. "Uzumaki Naruto, you are an honorary shinobi of Sungakure and your deeds will forever be remembered." He intoned solemnly.

On the other hand, when they thought about it again, it was not so surprising. It was after all Naruto who had turned Gaara into the caring Kazekage that he was now and he was the one who had gone after Akatsuki when they had kidnapped Gaara in order to extract the Shukaku from him.

The rest of Naruto's comrades merely stood there gazing at him, mourning in their own way.

Suddenly, an utterly evil and malevolent chakra washed over them, causing them to freeze in terror. Naruto's body was floating in mid air amidst an inferno of chakra. One thought immediately crossed the mind of everyone present. Is the Kyuubi escaping?

Even though they were exhausted, they shifted into battle stances and prepared to do battle should the Kyuubi escape somehow. They would respect Naruto's actions and protect Konoha with their life like he had done so.

Meanwhile, in Naruto's mindscape, things were going differently.

"I imagined my last moment to be kissing Sakura-chan while bidding farewell to everyone, not staring at a giant fur ball…" Naruto deadpanned.

"Silence insolent meat bag! I shall not die today because of your foolish actions!" snarled the Kyuubi as it used its tails to carve demonic runes into the floor of its cage.

Naruto looked on with curiosity before he remarked, "You do know that whatever you do, the seal combined with my willpower will prevent you from escaping right?"

"I have long been resigned with the fact that I shall remained trapped within you forever flesh bag. Now keep quiet and let me do my work." The Kyuubi snarled.

"Well it appears that you have gone senile then. Even you chakra cannot heal me when my heart is totally gone. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later anyways. You have already lived for over 10,000 years after all" Naruto snickered.

The Kyuubi merely ignored him as it drew some seals around the runes. Naruto scratched his head trying to remember where he had seen those particular seals before as they looked very familiar.

"Wait a minute; those are seals that deal with ripping open a dimensional portal. I know because almost all of my stuff is stored within those dimensional portals… you must be joking Kyuubi! That harebrained scheme of yours will never work! Who knows what you might unleash on the world!" Naruto screamed as he rushed forward into the cage that the Kyuubi was sealed in, with the intent of stopping the Kyuubi.

However, he was too late as the Kyuubi had already completed the seals. Naruto was slammed against the walls of the cage as the Kyuubi poured forth all of its chakra into the seals, causing them to glow red before turning into a bright white flash.

In the real world, the chakra around Naruto suddenly subsided before a bright flash emanated from Naruto's body and when those gathered had regained control of their sight, Naruto's body was nowhere to be seen.

Travis stopped and collapsed at the foot of a tree, leaning against the trunk as he was utterly exhausted. His Boobisaur, Beatrice, copied his movements and sighed in relief as she finally got some rest.

There were rumours that a FrostWhelp had been sighted in the forests nearby. What a FrostWhelp was doing here so far away out in a temperate area he did not know but it did not matter. He was still a Rookie, having been a Tamer for only a month and if he managed to capture such a rare and powerful pokegirl, his reputation would definitely increase.

Suddenly, he saw a bright flash of light around 1 kilometer away to their right. Looking at Beatrice, they nodded simultaneously as they headed towards the origins of the flash. That might be where the FrostWhelp was or at the very least they should be able to gather some leads as to the location of the FrostWhelp.

What they saw when they arrived sickened them. In the middle of a crater lay a blonde male who was about 180cm tall. He wore black pants that had been burnt off near the knees. His shirt was gone, exposing the horrible wound that the blonde had. There was a huge hole in his chest that Travis was sure that he could put his arm through (not that he would want to) and he could see the rib cage and even the heart of the man.

Travis barely resisted the urge to vomit although his pokegirl failed to do so. Being brought up in a pokeranch, Beatrice led a relatively sheltered life and something like this was way beyond what she could handle.

As Travis looked closer though, he saw that the wounds on the blonde were actually healing visibly. He could see the muscles knit back together and new skin grow. In a few moments, other than all the blood and the scar on the blonde's chest, there was no evidence of the blonde ever being injured so seriously.

Travis knelt right beside the blonde. Even though the wounds had been healed, the blonde was still far from safe. He still remained unnaturally pale and his pulse was very weak, barely discernible in fact. Calling Beatrice over after she had finished regurgitating her previous meal, he told her to use her Vine Whip to carry him before setting off for the Pokecenter in town. That FrostWhelp would just have to wait.

Three days later, Travis found himself in front of a room door waiting for permission to enter. He had received a call from the Pokecenter, telling him that the blonde he had rescued had awoken. Seeing as there were absolutely no records on the blonde, they had decided to peg Travis with the job of looking after the blonde until he recovered seeing as he was the one who had rescued the blonde. Finally, a weak "come in" was heard and Travis entered, with Beatrice and the NurseJoy behind him.

The moment he entered, he was the recipient to a cry of "What the fuck is that?"

Taking a moment to recover his bearings from the flash, he instantly turned on the Kyuubi, only to be utterly shocked at what he saw.

The Kyuubi was normally extremely large, with malevolent red eyes, nine tails waving in the air and a constant oppressive aura being exuded. What he saw now though, was a shadow of what the Kyuubi had been.

It had shrunk until it was shorter than he was, about 160 cm and while it still retained the aura and the eyes, the effects were greatly lessened. What shocked Naruto the most though was the fact that the Kyuubi had only one tail.

"What the fuck happened Kyuubi!" Naruto exclaimed.

The Kyuubi raised its head to look at him, before simply lying down and resting its head on its paws. Naruto was going to march over and demand an answer when the Kyuubi answered him.

"I saved your life. That is what happened, mortal." Naruto merely stood there, waiting for further explanation. The Kyuubi finally got tired of Naruto staring at it and elaborated.

"What I did was to try and reverse the flow of time by a few seconds, back to just before the red-eyed boy with the black lightning incinerated your heart. However, if I just did that, the whole flow of time in your world would be warped therefore I had to throw in inter-dimensional travel so that the reversing of time happened when you were traveling in between the dimensions, thus affecting nothing. The moment you arrived, my chakra went to work, healing your wounds. As for my current state…" Here, the Kyuubi paused for a while, clearly distressed at the loss of its power.

"Reversing the flow of time requires a tremendous amount of energy, even if it just a few seconds. Don't forget the energy required to rip apart the dimensional fabric, pass through it and rip yet another hole."

"Because your bloody father sealed only my soul and not my body into you, what you see here is pure energy. Therefore, when the energy required was more than I had in my reserves, it took away my tails and a lot of my body away to compensate, reducing me into this pitiable state."

Naruto pondered over the Kyuubi's explanation before he found something strange. "Wait, where did all of your chakra go then? I know what no matter what Energy cannot disappear. It would still dissipate and remain as chakra residue. However, for such a huge amount of energy expended, just having residue is impossible…"

"Ahhh, you do have brains in that skull of yours."

Naruto merely glared at the Kyuubi.

"Well you see, the energy was built up in your world but released in between the dimensions. However, the energy cannot exist in between the dimensions. Nothing can. Therefore, it returned to your body as chakra. Your chakra."

Naruto took a moment to digest, making sure that he had heard everything clearly. "So that means that…"

"Yes, it means that you are now the equal or superior of the Hachibi in term of raw power. Now, return to your body and rest. You need time to heal your injuries as well get used to new amount of chakra. I refuse to die after all I have done merely because you did not take care of yourself." Too stunned from the earlier revelations to disobey, Naruto exited his mindscape let the darkness envelope him.

Naruto regained consciousness slowly, fighting against the sunlight that was shooting straight into his eyes.

When he heard footsteps approaching the room he was in though, his shinobi training took over.

His eyes snapped open and his muscles tensed. He immediately memorized everything he could of his surroundings.

He was lying on a soft white bed, with tubes and wires connected to him. The tubes and wires led to a beeping machine that he recognized as a hospital tool used to monitor's one's heartbeat.

Looking around, he saw that there were only possible portals for exit; a door and a window. Added to that, other than the bed, the machines, a table and some chairs, there was absolutely nothing he could use as a weapon.

Attempting to channel some of his chakra, he found that it was much more concentrated-probably a result of the Kyuubi's chakra becoming his – and almost uncontrollable. This left only Taijutsu as his weapons were all gone.

Flexing his muscles, he grinned as he noticed that all of his muscles were in working condition and in fact much denser than they had been before the incident. His speed, strength and reflexes had increased exponentially and he was sure that even without Jutsus, he would be able to take down many opponents before he went down.

His sense had evidently also improved, as he had heard the person when the person was still at least 4 rooms away. Sniffing the air, he found that the scent of the person was distinctly female and not quite human…

Tensing his muscles, Naruto prepared to pounce upon the strange non-human that was approaching him.

When the door opened though, what he saw made him very confused. Holding a clipboard was a red-head who was dressed in a nurse's uniform. Upon noticing that he was awake, the nurse greeted him with a smile. "Hello there. My name is Candice. Now lay still while I do some final checks alright?"

Naruto let the nurse do her as he tried to decipher what his senses told him. His eyes told him that the nurse was a human while his nose told him that the nurse was in fact not human. In the end though, he decided that it did not matter as she did not seem to wish harm on him.

"Umm, excuse me, Sir? Are you alright?"

Naruto realized to his chagrin that he had been spacing out for a very long while the nurse was talking to him. If Ero-sennin (what he calls Jiraiya) ever knew of this, his training would most likely be doubled. A ninja was supposed to be fully aware of his surroundings.

"Sir? Hello?" The nurse asked as she waved a hand right in front of Naruto's face. Naruto realized that he had once again zoned out. This had to stop immediately!

"Sorry there uhh…Candice right?" The nurse nodded, showing Naruto that he gotten the nurse's name right.

"Well you see I don't really remember what happened so I was trying to regain my bearings. I'm really sorry if I offended you." Naruto apologized while mentally congratulating himself. The amnesia excuse was the most often applied but most effective method as people would feel pity for the victim and not question the victim too much.

Since he was not a native of this dimension, if he did not know something that was supposed to be common knowledge, he could play it off as his amnesia. He was so smart!

He noticed though that the nurse had seemed shocked when he had apologized to her. He decided that it was a trick of the light though as the nurse's expression had returned to normal.

"Well everything is working fine so just wait right here while I call up your rescuer and finalise the papers for your discharge ok?"

Naruto simply nodded before going back to his musings. He would have to get more information about this dimension. Perhaps this rescuer could help him. After all, every good shinobi that information can be the key to a successful mission or your death.

Breaking out of his thoughts, Naruto decided that since he could not act without information and the information would not be arriving until some time later, he might as well use this time to gain as much control over his new chakra as he could. Getting up, he channeled chakra to his feet and proceeded to try and walk up the walls.

Three hours later, Naruto smirked as he stood upside down on the ceiling like a bat. Where before it had taken him three days to master this exercise, now he took only three hours.

His ears twitched as he once again heard footsteps approaching his room. Dropping down to the floor lightly, he leapt onto his bed and waited for the nurse and his rescuer to arrive.

The first to step though was a male of a height of around 170cm, had brown hair and grey eyes. He was wearing jeans, a white T-shirt as well as a black vest. All in all, he looked normal. What stepped through next though utterly shocked Naruto.

She (it was evident that it was a female from the huge breasts that she had) was green in colour. Her skin and hair were both a deep green, with small darker patches of green patterning her skin in just like a cheetah's spots. Since it was only wearing a shirt that came to just below her breasts, the most damning evidence that she was not a human was displayed for the whole world to see. There was a large plant bulb, about the size of a wreck ball growing on her lower back.

When he was part of ANBU, he had been trained to keep silent and simply observe. However, all of this training went flying out of his head the moment he saw the creature. Thus, he could not control himself and he cried out, "What the fuck is that?"

Travis was taken aback at the sudden cry. Looking at the blonde, he noticed that the blonde was gesturing wildly at Beatrice. While many Tamers treated their Pokegirls as thrash or worse, he respected his Pokegirl very much and he was not going to let some idiot insult his Pokegirl by insinuating that Beatrice was a "thing".

Candice however seemed to know what he was thinking as she moved to restrain him.

"Don't make such a big fuss. He has amnesia, most likely gotten from whatever happened to him and thus it is likely that he ahs forgotten all about the existence of Pokegirls."

"Oh." Was all Travis could say as he felt slightly guilty at his reaction.

"It's nice to know that there are Tamers who treat us Pokegirls like people instead of creatures." Candice said as she smiled at Travis.

Travis smiled back at Candice. "Well, I guess we should go fill him in on what he does not know then." Travis said as he walked towards the blonde.

Naruto sighed as he lay back on the bed. He was currently in Travis' guest room. Travis had offered Naruto a room to stay in and said that Naruto could pay him the rent next time when he earned enough money. Since his chakra control was nowhere near perfect yet, he gratefully accepted Travis' offer.

He had spent the whole day learning about the world that he was currently in. It was…different. Very, very different.

Apparently, the green-skinned creature that he had encountered earlier on was something called a Pokegirl, a Boobisaur to be exact. Pokegirls were rampant throughout the world, a result of the experiments of a mad scientist named Sukebe.

A master of technology and magic, this is the person responsible for the creation of Pokegirls and the scars created from his war. A great pervert, mage, and scientist, he created the Pokegirls as his slaves and later as his way to get revenge. After he was discovered to be doing genetic experiments, it was initially thought his first lab was destroyed, and from the destroyed lab came the cursed Jusenkyo Spell Dump.

Several years later, Sukebe came back and this time he used his powers to unleash a nightmare to the people of the Earth. Sukebe's Revenge lasted for a great many years.

Sukebe's Revenge was basically him introducing humanity to his form of hell. A plague which killed millions and left nearly all females sterile, soldiers that were far beyond the powers of existing science, and other things the world thought only existed in fairy tales. The war united the world (which at the time was divided into something called "Nations") and sparked research into developing something that could combat Sukebe's super-soldiers, the Pokegirls.

The most famous battle was the Battle of San Bay, where the first energy weapons were used and the beginning of the Tamer forces was created. Sukebe's forces were barely defeated, thanks to the discovery that wild Pokegirls can be controlled by chosen people called Tamers.

Also, since most human females had been rendered infertile thanks to the plague, it was discovered that Pokegirls could bear human children as well as Pokegirls, males always human and some females human. However, almost all technology had been lost except those that dealt with stolen technology on Pokegirls.

After Sukebe's Revenge had been fought, the need for Tamers still existed as most Pokegirls had become Feral and uncontrolled.

Now, several hundred years after Sukebe's Revenge, humanity is just beginning to recover. Pokegirls are now somewhat accepted, Tamers are now accepted as full time jobs, pureblood human females are getting rarer since most breeding is done with Pokegirls, technology has been slowly loosing its bad reputation from Sukebe, and humans must learn the full extent of the world they live in now.

Naruto was curious about these Tamers that kept popping up during the discussion and after some questioning, he finally understood what they were.

A Tamer was a person whose primary job was to make sure that the Feral Pokegirls of the world don't finish what Sukebe tried to do. In order to do this, they had to "Tame" other Pokegirls to fight for them, as the only effective way to fight a Pokegirl is with another Pokegirl.

In order for a Tamer to be official, they must pass a somewhat easy test to gain their basic license. After passing the test, Tamers will be given identification saying what they are (normally a Pokedex), six Poke balls, a copy of the award-winning book Taming for Dummies, and congratulations.

In order for them to have more than six Pokegirls, they must pass a more advanced test for a storage license. No matter what level the Tamer is at or what they have passed, they are only allowed to carry six Pokegirls with them at any time.

Tamers are considered to be fulfilling a League function in their jobs (i.e. Taming is not part of the private sector), but they are not paid for what they do. They survive by living off the land (as detailed in Taming for Dummies, since the book has everything a Tamer needs to know), and by frequently visiting the ever-helpful Pokecenters. Most Tamers have family and friends they can also count on for extra cash, clothing, food, and shelter as well.

While Taming was mentioned frequently, Naruto just took it to be training the Pokegirls. After all, Tamers were supposed to use Pokegirls to fight other Pokegirls right? How could they fight if they were not trained adequately?

But the one fact that caught Naruto's interest was the fact that travelling all over the world was expected of a Tamer. While he did not hold much hope, perhaps he might be able to find a way to get back to his dimension without expending the amount of energy that the Kyuubi had if he travelled around as a Tamer. The Kyuubi was made of pure energy while he was still human. The process of opening the dimensional portals again might very well kill him.

Seeing as he would not be getting much sleep tonight with all of these thoughts in his head, he decided to train. A good training exercise did always make him feel much more relaxed. Sliding open the window silently, he crouched on the window sill measuring the distance between where he was currently and the rooftop of the closest building. Channelling some chakra to his legs, he tensed his legs and jumped, easily clearing the distance and landing on the rooftop. Running across the rooftop, he jumped to another rooftop when he reached the edge. He continued in this fashion until he reached the forest where he was found and headed in deep enough so that the noise from his training would not affect others.

Naruto crept into his room and slid the window close. It had been a good exercise. Tiring and fulfilling, ensuring that he would get a good night's sleep. Now came the part that he dreaded the most.

When a Kage Bunshin is dispersed, all of its memories are transferred back to the ninja who created the clones. Thus, they are a very effective means of training as they would cut down the time needed to understand a concept and the like. Even the increase in chakra control was also passed along. Also, since they required a high amount of chakra, continually producing Kage Bunshin would increase one's chakra reserves.

However, with the huge amount of chakra that Naruto now had, he created over ten thousand Kage Bunshin to train with. Therefore, when he released his technique, ten thousand memories would flow into his head. The human brain was NOT made to handle such abuse. Luckily for Naruto, he had the Kyuubi's chakra to heal the damage done.

Bracing himself, he released the technique and immediately he was immediately assaulted with the memories of each individual clone. Due to the information overload, he lost consciousness and sank into blissful sleep

Waking up early the next morning, Naruto went through his daily rituals and put on his new clothes –a black T-shirt and black pants- that he had borrowed from Travis before walking to the dining table where breakfast was being placed.

Breakfast today consisted of ham, bacon, eggs and pancakes cooked by Beatrice. Thanking Beatrice for the heavenly smelling meal, Naruto muttered a quick "Itadakimasu" before stuffing himself full.

Travis and his Pokegirl looked on in amazement as Naruto devoured his 16th pancake. This was after eight slices of bacon, two eggs and eight slices of ham.

"Where do you put it all?" Travis asked in wonder as Naruto started on his 18th pancake. Beatrice merely beamed, happy at finding someone who appreciated her cooking so much. Travis never did manage to finish off all of what Beatrice had cooked.

After knowing more about Pokegirls yesterday, Naruto had apologised profusely to Beatrice for his outburst when he first saw Beatrice. While it was only one more person, Beatrice was happy to have found someone else other than Travis who respected her as a person and not as a creature or slave like other Tamers did. Added to that, this same person enjoyed her cooking. It was perfect!

Suddenly, Travis' comlink beeped loudly, indicating that someone was trying to contact him. Opening it up, he found that it was Candice, the NurseJoy, who was trying to contact him.

"Travis, you told me to contact you with the FrostWhelp was sighted right?" Travis nodded, hoping that his intuition was right. He was right.

"Well, I received a patient just now who was attacked by the FrostWhelp 5 kilometres into the forest, roughly 1 o'clock from your house." Travis muttered a quick thank you before returning Beatrice to her pokeball and sprinted out of the house, Naruto right behind him."

"Naruto, why are you following me? This is dangerous and you just recovered." Travis asked while continuing at a dead sprint.

"Don't worry, I feel a lot better already. Besides, I was thinking about being a Tamer and seeing a real live battle would help me make a batter decision than any book would." Travis nodded at Naruto's explanation. It was logical. Added to that, he saw that Naruto was keeping up easily with him, not even breaking a sweat while Travis himself was already panting.

They finally arrived at the area where the FrostWhelp had appeared. There were deep gashes in the trunks of the trees that were frosted over as well as some crater on the ground. The FrostWhelp had definitely come here.

Travis released Beatrice while Naruto extended his chakra outwards, searching for any chakra signatures. Suddenly, he detected a chakra moving towards them at speeds that no normal animal should be able to achieve.

Realising that it was the FrostWhelp, Naruto was just in time to push Travis away before his head was severed from his neck.

Grabbing hold of the FrostWhelp's outstretched arm, he used her momentum against her, throwing her into a tree. Naruto reached to his side for a katana before he realised that it had already been broken by Sasuke's Kusanagi.

That second of hesitation cost him as the FrostWhelp recovered from his throw and sprang at him. Naruto dodged to his right immediately. However, he still received a nick on his cheek which was slowly coated by a layer of ice. A second slower and it would have been his eyes.

The FrostWhelp hissed in frustration as she crouched down, preparing to attack Naruto took a second to evaluate his opponent while Travis took out his Pokedex.

The FrostWhelp's complexion was milk-white, with white hair and silver eyes. She stood at about 165 cm. She had a perfect figure and would have looked like a very beautiful woman if not for the 1 inch claws that she possessed as well as the white tail flailing behind her.

Naruto looked over at Travis as his Pokedex finally obtained a reading.

FrostWhelp, the ice dragon pokegirl

Type: Near Human
Element: Dragon/ Ice
Frequency: Rare
Diet: human food
Role: Close combatant
Libido: Low to High (Depends on the level of respect the FrostWhelp has for Tamer)
Strong Vs: Dragon, Electric, Fire, Plant, Water, Flying, Ground, Ice
Weak Vs: Fighting, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Slash, Frost Slash, Frost Armour, Tail Whip, Iron Tail, Ice Punch, Scratch, Mega Kick, Low Kick, Mega Punch, Dragon Rage(Rare)
Enhancements: Tail, Claws, enhanced strength ( x2), enhanced agility (x3)

Evolves: FrostDrake (Battle Stress), FrostWyrm (Deep respect for Tamer), Leviathan (rumoured evolution)
Evolves From: None

FrostWhelps are extremely rare, normally found only in the deep reaches of the Artic. However, sometimes one of FrostWhelps will wander out of the Artic reaches and enter more temperate regions. It is believed that the FrostWhelps do so as a test of sorts.

With the element of Ice, the normal bane of Dragon Type Pokegirls, the Ice element is negated. While this does add more weaknesses to the FrostWhelp. They are but that, weaknesses and not the Achilles Heels that other Dragons have. Added to that, while their skin is colder than normal, it is not to the freezing point like other Ice Type Pokegirls, making Taming much easier. Finally, they are very beautiful and would make a welcome addition to any Tamer's Harem.

FrostWhelps are close-range fighters, preferring to get up close and personal with their opponents. They use their Ice abilities to slow down their opponents before finishing off their opponents with their superior speed.

However, it is to be noted that they are quite frail and a very strong blow should be enough to knock them down.

Travis however noted something else that the Pokedex had listed.

"Naruto, This FrostWhelp is already at Level 25. She is way beyond our abilities!" Travis had started to panic. While he knew that he would be at a disadvantage taking on an Ice Type with his Boobisaur, a Grass Type, he was not expecting the level range to be so huge. Beatrice was only level 15!

Naruto only smirked at him.

"Travis, relax. I'll handle it." Travis was about to tell Naruto to run before he got killed when Naruto suddenly blurred out of sight and then reappeared in front of the FrostWhelp before punching her hard in the stomach, causing her to double over in pain. Naruto then initiated his combo.

"U-" With that, Naruto kicked upwards, causing the FrostWhelp to go flying up into the air due to the force of the kick.

"Zu-" Naruto created a Kage Bunshin which leapt onto the original's shoulders and using that as a launching pad, jumped up and kicked the FrostWhelp in the chin once again, sending her flying even higher.

Naruto was mildly impressed at the fact that the FrostWhelp's neck had not snapped yet. Most of his opponents had died at this point. However, his combo was not finished yet.

"Ma-" A third clone popped into existence and slammed his knee into the FrostWhelp's abused stomach, causing her to once again double over in pain. This time though, she coughed up blood as well.

"Ki-" A fourth clone was formed above the FrostWhelp and it punched her spine hard, putting all of its weight behind it and letting gravity do most of the damage.

"Naruto Rendan!" Suddenly, all of the clones puffed into clouds of smoke, revealing the original flying down towards the FrostWhelp, one leg stretched out as he delivered a crushing axe kick, sending the FrostWhelp crashing into the ground while Naruto landed lightly beside her. The FrostWhelp was plainly unconscious.

Looking towards Travis, he asked for a pokeball which Travis absent-mindedly handed over to him, too stunned at the events that had transpired.

Only when Naruto had successfully captured the FrostWhelp did Travis regain his senses.

"Wha…What just happened? Who the hell are you, Naruto?" Travis demanded. Naruto merely sighed. He knew that this was going to happen sooner or later but he had not expected to have been forced to show off his abilities that quickly. At least he had not used any of his Jutsus.

"I'll explain later. Let's heal this FrostWhelp first ok?" Travis nodded in agreement. First they would make sure that the FrostWhelp was healed and then he would get some answers!

A few minutes later and they were at the Pokecenter. "So, what brings you here so fast?" Candice asked. In response, Naruto handed her the FrostWhelp. Scanning it, the NurseJoy gasped in surprise.

"Oh my, you captured it so quickly? You must truly be a talented Tamer, Travis." Shaking his head, Travis placed credit where it was due.

"Actually, Naruto did all the work. In fact, without him, I would probably not be alive right now." At this, Candice turned confused.

"I was not under the impression that Naruto had a Pokegirl or was even a Tamer."

"He is not. He beat the FrostWhelp by himself."

"But that's impossible!"

"Well, you should have seen what Beatrice and I saw when we first encountered Naruto."

"Oh? What did you see?"

Naruto was getting annoyed at this point. He was tired of people talking about him right in front of him as though he was not even there.

"Candice? Could you please heal the FrostWhelp? Throw in a level…3 Taming cycle as well please," at the last part, Naruto turned to look at Travis for confirmation. When Travis nodded, Naruto continued. "Yes, a level 3 Taming cycle. I would also like to take a Tamer test and should I pass, please register the FrostWhelp in my Harem. By the way, can you also use a T2 (Training Technique Machine) for language and generally everything the FrostWhelp needs to about the world on her? I will of course pay for the service."

Nodding in understanding, Candice took the pokeball containing the FrostWhelp away to be healed. She returned shortly with a form that she handed to Naruto.

"Normally, you would have to do some medical check-ups to make sure that you were fit to be a Tamer. However, since you were here just yesterday I have your medical records already. Added to that, you managed to beat the FrostWhelp by yourself which shows that you are clearly very fit. Now, please fill in that form."

Naruto quickly filled in the form and handed the form to Candice where she read it out.

"Name: Uzumaki Naruto. Age: 18. Gender: Male. Place of Origin: England, Aberdeen." At this part, Candice stopped and looked at Naruto questioningly.

"Well, since I can't remember where I come from, might as well make this place my place of origin then." Naruto shrugged. Candice accepted his explanation and continued.

"League: Blue league. Well then, that's it. You are now officially a Tamer." Candice said as she passed Naruto a Pokedex and the time-honoured Taming for Dummies book. Naruto looked at the grimaced. It reminded him of when he called been called "Dead-last" when he was young.

After a few minutes, Candice returned with the pokeball along with a receipt. Taking it, he saw the price of the T2s. "SLC 50, 000!" Naruto exclaimed. Candice glared at him.

"T2s are very expensive as they are one-use only. Don't tell you can't afford that or else…"

Naruto merely chuckled nervously. He had forgotten that a different dimension would use a different currency. "Of course I have the money, just let me search for it." With that, Naruto dug in his pockets. It was time for some of his shinobi training to come into use.

Attaching a chakra string to a pebble on the ground, Naruto flicked it into his pocket. He then performed some hand seals, disguising them as him searching deeply. First, he placed a Henge (transformation) on it followed by a Genjutsu (illusory technique) that would divert anyone's attention, making them only glance cursory at it. This way, the Henge could last longer without someone disrupting the illusion.

Finally, Naruto pulled out from his pocket a diamond ring. "Uhh will this do?" He asked Candice. Since he had never ever seen the currency in this world, he could place a Henge on it. Thus, he had elected to turn it into something valuable.

The NurseJoy just nodded, speechless at the sight of the diamond ring and handed him his FrostWhelp-Now that was a new concept. He was now responsible for someone- before shooing Travis and Naruto out of the Pokecenter so that she could admire the ring.

Once outside, Travis turned on Naruto. "Ok what was that? I know that you did not have that ring yesterday and no one here in this small town is rich enough to afford such a costly item."

Naruto looked around and seeing that were a few people looking at them curiously, he motioned for Travis to move closer. When Travis did so, Naruto whispered in his ears, "Let's talk in the forest okay? People here might overhear."

Naruto and Travis had finally found a large clearing in the forest to suit his purpose. "Okay. Now, spill." Travis demanded.

"Patience is a virtue, young one."

"What do you mean young one? You are only one year older than me!"

Naruto chuckled at how easily it had been to change topics before he performed a few hand seals. Slamming his hands on the ground, he exclaimed, "Mokuton: Shichuuka no Jutsu! (Wood Release: Four Pillar House Technique!)".

Travis gaped at the huge wooden house that had suddenly burst from the ground while Naruto looked on with deep pride. The Mokuton Jutsus were supposed to be able to be performed only by two people- The Shodaime Hokage (due to his bloodline) and one of Naruto's senseis, Tenzou (due to an experiment performed on him). There were normally only five Elemental releases with them being Katon (Fire Release), Suiton (Water Release), Fuuton (Wind Release), Doton (Earth Release) and Raiton (Lightning release). Elements like Wood were formed by mixing Suiton and Doton together. However, this required very high level Earth and Water Manipulation and thus only those with a Bloodline Limit could perform Mokuton Jutsus.

Naruto, as usual, had found a way around this complication. Because he had been the container of the Kyuubi for so long, some of its traits were naturally passed on to him like the three whisker marks on each side of his cheeks, enhanced hearing and smell. However, it had also granted him one of the traits that had made the Kyuubi so feared- Complete mastery over every element. With this, the Mokuton were no longer out of his reach. If he wanted to, he could even form manipulate Ice like Haku did by mixing Wind and Water together.

Now, he could perform Mokuton Jutsus better than even his sensei, Tenzou, could. After basking in his sense of achievement for a moment, he moved towards the gigantic house and motioned for Travis to enter.

"I thought you wanted answers, Travis? Well come in then." Travis scooped his jaws off the floor and followed Naruto in.

Once he entered, he saw that the house was very well furnished. "Wait a minute will you Travis? The FrostWhelp deserves to hear this as well and I do not feel like repeating myself." Agreeing with Naruto, Travis watched as Naruto released the FrostWhelp.

She knelt on the floor and bowed her head in Naruto's direction. "Master, command me." She said, only to receive a groan as a reply. As one, both Travis and the FrostWhelp looked at him curiously only to see him muttering to himself.

"According to Travis, Ferals are supposed to be more rude and direct right? Why do I have a simpering idiot here? Uh huh! Must be the T2s. They probably ingrained the 'proper' way a Pokegirl should behave into her."

The FrostWhelp was indignant at being called a 'simpering idiot' and displayed this by slamming her tail and snarling at Naruto, "The only fool I see here is you." Before she cringed, realising what she had done. When she did not receive the beating that the T2 had told her she would get, she looked up confused only to see Naruto chuckling silently.

"Well it seems that you have spunk the T2 failed to remove. Good." Naruto then sat down on one of the chairs nearby and mentioned for Travis and the FrostWhelp to do the same. It was time for him to share his life story. While he would leave out the parts like the Kyuubi, they deserved to know who he was. Travis had helped him continuously without expecting any sort of returns and the FrostWhelp was going to be part of his Harem, part of his team. Taking a deep breath, he began his story.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto and I hail from a village called Konoha, also known as Konohagakure…"

The FrostWhelp and Travis took a moment to digest what Naruto had told them. Who could have known that he hid so much power behind that easy-going nature of his?

Seeing that it was dark, Travis excused himself, wanting to reach home before he got lost in the forest.

"Naruto, I thank you for sharing your past with me. I know that you are holding back something but I respect that. Know that no matter what, you will be my friend." With that, Travis left.

Naruto smiled as Travis' words touched him before he turned to the FrostWhelp.

"So, what is your name? I can't very well go around calling you FrostWhelp right?"

"I do not have a name Master." At this, Naruto groaned.

"First off, do not call me Master. I may lead you, but I do not own you, understand? Where I came from, females had equal rights as males. As I already told you, the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade is a female. And as for a name…would Rylai do?"

Nodding in acceptance, the newly-named Rylai then asked Naruto, "Well then how should I address you?"

"Just call me Naruto, that's what my friends all call me."

Rylai looked shocked at the fact that Naruto viewed as her as a friend. Naruto then decided to nip this problem in the bud before it became a problem later on.

"Listen here. I do not care what the T2 taught you. Other Tamers might treat their Pokegirls as inferior creatures but not me. You will be my comrade, not my subordinate. Now, go to bed."

Arrows suddenly appeared on the walls of the house, with the words "Rylai's room" above them.

"Follow the arrows and you will reach your bed-room. Rest well tonight. I am going to make you a Pokegirl to be feared so tomorrow your tor- I mean training will start."

Rylai nodded and followed the arrows all the while repressing a shudder that had suddenly appeared when he mentioned the word "training".