On to the disclaimer thingy ma bobber! not... just say it Sunora c'mon i can do this... I DON'T OWN NARUTO DAMMIT!!! T.T if only!

By: Sunora

Lizzy, my friend, is in this story with me... uh... Lizzy equals Lizzy231 on here and deviantart and junk. I tis... her friend from a grade smaller. We iz actaully 13 and 14. but w/e. plus, Lizzy is 15 soon.


"Lizzy!!!!! Where did you put the control!?! I yelled at my friend in the other room.

"Oh my GOD Sunora! What do you even need it for!?! She replied.

"Gaaaahaa! I wanna watch Naruto laaaadyyyy!! I wined. Lizzy walked, or rather stomped into the room but with a smile upon her face, because it's not like we were actually mad at each other or anything.

"Here, you happy, dork!?" She asked rhetorically after searching in the couch and pulling out the remote. I looked up at her and smiled brightly and all innocent-like.

"Yes I am. Thank you." I said. You see me and Lizzy are like bestest friends and I was at her house when this all happened. We are both in love with anime and Naruto. And I was having a sleep over with her.

"Hey which episode is it anyways Lizzy?" I asked "Cuz I don't know if I've seen it or not." I said. Lizzy was only one year older than me, I was 15 and she was 16. When we were hanging out together you wouldn't know what we were talking about sometimes because of how random we were. I loved it.

"I don't know which episode it is, monkey!" She replied jokingly. She liked to call me monkey because, apparently, when me and her looked up our names in Japanese on this weird website, mine was "monkey on a bridge." and hers was "water bridge." :D weird I know not that we think that's our true names in Japanese though. So anyway we were sitting in the living room, talking our randomness away because I decided I didn't feel like watching Naruto anymore, which caused Lizzy to go all spazzo because I had made such a big fuss before. So we talked and drew pictures and even worked on some stories until it was 9:00 at night.

You see Lizzy and me are very much alike we obsess over anime, we like to roller blade (though she is better), we are random and...Well sad to say, you could say we have a bad family life. Let me explain my story first, my mother is in New York while I'm here...Not in New York, and she can't stand to even look at my father, which also means she doesn't want anything to do with me.

Then while my mom's a self centered, mean non-caring person, my father is a complete ass! He blames me for EVERYTHING!!! He blames me for my mom leaving, he blames me for his arm breaking which was completely his fault since I couldn't hold the latter very well if he was practically dangling from the roof to try and clean the friggen gutters, heck I bet he even blames me for The Great Depression!!! So yeah. I have been hit before by his dumb, stupid head...ness...i guess.

I even stay after school with or without friends just so I don't have to here his old man-like voice, EWW! None of my friends knew about all of this, until I met Lizzy when she was in 6th grade and I was in 5th. I never suspected we would but I found out more and more about her life too.

So we have known each other for like five years pretty much. Anyway, the good thing is my dad doesn't care if I go home that much, I mean he probably must love his cute, adorable, little daughter some, right? (j/k I don't think I'm cute or adorable, and I'm not little. But i am a daughter! .) So since he doesn't care as much about that, just as long as i do my pain-in-the-ass chores, I'm frequently aloud to go to my friends houses but I don't have many so it's usually Liz's that I go to. Liz is kinda different though.


Lizzy POV

My mom is not dead or anything, and my father is never home because he works in other states, not that it matters to me because he doesn't really care about us that much. My mother is a very strict lady, who cares more about my dad who's never here, than me! I mean I'm always doing what she says, and yet I get in trouble for leaving a speck of dirt on the table O.O oh my god the world's coming to a friggen end!!

So anyway, I have Sunora over a lot and stuffs, we don't like to talk that much about it unless something happens and we need to talk. So thankfully my mother has left me here at my house alone for and whole week!!! SEVEN WHOLE DAYS!!! I get that much freedom! My mom doesn't want me to have friends over that much, but too bad for her sorry ass! I mean she went to visit my father!

Thankfully she always calls before coming back giving me my list of things to do everyday. So thankfully she left over April vacation, we actually get a whole three weeks off because of repairs their doing on the school and some kinda of pesticide that was harmful they need to get out.

I invited Sunora for pretty much the whole time, while inviting others to a little "slumber party" kinda thing I guess. I used to do this all the time with my other bestest friend where I used to live. Sunora will be at my house for like the whole time, going home for like chores and stuff. I'm just so happy I'm away from my mother for a week!


My Regular POV

We were sitting on the couch talking and stuffs like about our stories and school, boring stuff.

"Liz you know how your "mom" goes to the store and stuff?" I said (A/N i said "mom" cuz she doesn't really think of her as a mom)

"Umm, yeeeaah... why?" Lizzy replied. Not knowing where I was going with it.

"Well, what the hell does she do there all day!?! I mean she goes and is gone for like two hours and THEN when she comes back she has like only THREE bags of groceries!!! What the heck does she do!?" I asked the question as if the world would splode if i didn't get the answer. Me and Liz usually talked about random crap like that anyway though.

"You reeeeaaally wanna know what she does?" She asked in a menacing voice. "Well she goes and smashes all the cereal boxes to the floor! THEN she eats a lot of pickles!" She replied not finished with her answer yet. By that time though I was giggling and she was all excited and grinning. I always laugh though, it isn't that hard to make me laugh. I mean I laughed when I'm embarrassed cuz one time I fell while roller blading and got huge scrapes on my leg! Instead of stopping and stuff I just started to laugh and I was like "OOOWWW this ha... rrrreeeaally friggen, heh heh h-hurts!" it was quite funny though.

"Yeah and after she is done at the groceries store she goes toooo... um... PETCO!!!" I said really excited at what we would come up with next.

"Yeah, then she takes a seat on the floor and-" She was cut off by MEEE!

"And she starts counting specks of dust! And if she messes up she starts all over, but if anyone interrupts her she bites their knee off!" I said running out of breath. Lizzy let out a squeaky laugh, which I had gotten mine laugh from her.

"She also takes mini turtles and throws them out windows and at people." She said calmly and serious like it was true. She shook her head in mock sadness.

"Hmmm. but, but what about the mice and hampisters? (I really spelled it like that cuz that's how i say it so there!)" I asked in a little, sad, kids voice.

"Oh well those come after she eats birds... raw. Head first." She said happily. My eyes went wide then confused looking like this O.O...o.O "Yup." She continued, right now was when she reminded me of a chibi. "Well she hasn't eaten all day, so she has a snack... of birds. Then she goes over to the mice which make her go AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! in a very manly low voice, but she isn't singing it or anything." She said. By that time i was laughing my little head of, I felt like a chibi too!

"HAHAHA! Yeah and after she is done SCREAMING she takes out the mice by eating the glass, takes one, goes to pay for her stuff, the whole time screaming by the way." I squealed happily

"Buuut, she does throw the mouse at the cashier, and the cashier screams "FREE!!!!!!!!!!" at her, and she leaves, squeaky happy!" She said while she jumped. I was just laughing at this random, weird conversation we were having. "And THATS why we get EVERYTHING free..."

"What the heck is wrong with us!?" I said laughing. That was a common question I asked.

"I don't know but we're fluffy so tis ok." She replied in a calm voice. (A/N we are NOT really fluffy we are "normal" human beings!...kinda!)

We decided to go on the computer because by that time it was 10 o'clock and we were getting tired. After that we went on the couches, which we would be sleeping on and watched T.V. Then although it was like 11, someone knocked on the door. At this me and Lizzy had both been startled and sat up on the couches.

"What the hell?" I said confused

"Umm... who would be at the door this late?" She asked not expecting an answer, and squeaky scared.

"Liiiizzzy," I wined. I was really paranoid sometimes about stuff like this. "Sh-should you open it they will prob-" I was cut of as the door swung open but when we snapped our heads over to the door way to see, it stood an empty space. At that point me and Liz had sat let out a scream and I was already over at her couch behind her.

"Wha-what the hell just happ-pend?" I stuttered quietly.

"Shhhh!" She said "be quiet do you hear anything? Wait wasn't the door locked?" Now was when Liz got really creeped out. I on the other hand was like friggen hiding behind her! I mean WHAT. THE. HELL! We hear a knock on the door, it swings open revealing NO ONE!!! AND it was like locked! Kinda scary don't ya think!?!

"Liz umm what should we do? Are y-you sure you locked th-the door?" I asked stuttering I thought we should at least close the door. "We should close the d-door." I said as a shiver went down my spine. It was really weird, when I felt that shiver it was almost like I could feel a...I don't know some sort of presence. Liz must have felt it too because she looked up suddenly as if in shock or something.

"D-did you feel that?" She said. I knew what she was talking about of course but I really was hoping it was just a coincidence. We were stating to just spazz out.

"I-I uuuh..." I stuttered not knowing what to say.

"Sunora! Did you feel something or not!" She whispered. We were getting really scared. Then I looked around to see if I could see anyone- no one was there though and the door was still open.

"Li-Lizzy I think we should close the d-door, I'll go k?" I volunteered reluctantly, but if someone was out there I wanted to make sure I was the one who close the door. Lizzy just stared at me with her big eyes that seemed to be filled with worry or something. As I walked to the door I thought of all the things about my life or some of them anyway. I have never had a boyfriend, but have had crushes like most girls, I get average grade sometimes below. I was just being really paranoid thinking about what would happen if I died and what I'd leave behind. Heh heh, Stupid...right?

As I got closer to the door it seemed to be slipping away from me. Then I was almost to the door when I heard a noise from where Liz was, it scared the crap out of me!

"LIZ!" I screamed as I swirled around to see that she was gone. Now I was panicking! Where was she? What the hell happened?

"WHO'S IN THIS HOUSE!?!" I screamed not realizing that I had actually screamed out loud. I quickly covered my mouth with my hand. Now I was shaking and quivering uncontrollably. Then I heard a little shuffling coming from the corner. I had no idea what to do! I wanted to leave and run outside, but if Liz was taken and is still in the house I don't want to leave. Then again if I were to slam the door shut I would be stuck inside with whatever was in the house. WHAT DO I DO!?! I thought.

Li-Lizzy wheeere are you?" I said in a quivering voice. Then I saw a shadow and my stomach and heart lurched!

"She's with us right now," Came a deep voice from where the shadow was. "And your next." The shadowy figure said as it vanished. Now was when I felt like I would throw up. I tried to run out the door... Someone knocked me out.


HI! sorry this was so boring I hope you finished reading the chapter though instead of just stopping, it will get better i hope! . I know it wasn't very funny either but I'm trying my bestest! .