Chapter 8


Okey dokey, so yes the next day was when Logan would come and start explaining all that medical...stuff and stuff DX AHH RUNNING OUT OF WORDS!! Anyway, so I am just really bored... I mean this whole story doesn't even matter... you know what? NOTHING MATTERS!! I mean I always thought I had a GOOD LIFE (:P)! But now that I look at it, I really don't! I mean I WAS BORN... ON MY BIRTHDAY!! And even WORSE than that, I WAS BORN A STINKING BABEH! Since when does that happen!? I didn't even mind being sold to the circus and having to sing "THIS IS THE CHICKEN SONG! It goes Cocadoodle doo Cocadoodle doo, mahy moosh mooshy flinkums floo" and get monkeys thrown at me! No no I didn't care, but NOW oooohhhhoohhho now I see how evil it really was!!

Lizzy: O.O Uhmm... Sunny...?

Me: Keeps ranting YOU KNOW, it isn't fair! It just isn't dang fair!! sob sob
Lizzy, Logan, and Ashley: o.o


Ashley: Wtf is wrong with her?


Lizzy: weortgerobn eirnbieng iienonoin ero? o.O

Ashley: WTF am I the only f-cking sane person left!? looks around,

Sunora is acting emo, Logan is being... Logan and Lizzy is uhh... Lizzy? o.o

Ashley: Yep that sums it up, I am the only sane person here!! Looks like I will have to start the narration of the story OK, THEN what happened was everyone warshipped me!... the end .

Me: Ya right! starts story


I woke up actually earlier than everyone. Well I thought so anyway. I had a dream but it faded away the minute I woke up and I was trying hard to remember it, but it was no use.

" Grrr... Why can I not remember it! I hate it when that happens!" I said as I walked along the halls to the kitchen. When I got there I noticed I wasn't the first one awake. Deidara was also there.

"Poke." I said as I poked him in the arm. He turned and looked at me.

"Hey your up early ha, you usually sleep till 8 something remember, hmm?" He replied as he laughed.

"Yeah I think I got enough sleep yesterday." I said with a smile.

"Well. I just came down here cuz I thought I heard something, hm.." He paused to yawn. "But I think I will be going back to sleep." He said as he started to leave the room.

"Oh uhm...what did you here?" I asked as I sat at the counter. Deidara just smirked and shrugged.

"I dun know... Just sounded creepy like... a ghost or something, hm." He said as he leaned against the door frame. I thought he was trying to scare me but it didn't really work. I love ghosts and stuff like that!

"Well I'll be off back to bed... Oh and it is 12 o' clock at night, you should go back to bed too." He said as he went off to his room. I sat down drowsily on the couch. I didn't want to go back to sleep.

"Arrrggg... It's so boring!" I grunted as I rolled over on the couch. I let out a sigh. "Grrrr I'm so bored!" I sat up abruptly when I heard a loud noise. "AHHH! What was that?" I asked no one as I jumped to my feet. It came from the kitchen. I walked over to the doorway and peered in but I couldn't see very much. The light wasn't on so the only things I could see were the things graced with light from the moon.

"Gaflargin!" I said pouting while searching the wall for the light switch. "Gosh darn it! Where is the freakin light!" I kept walking but being the clumsy person I am I tripped over something and kinda fell into the wall... It was not pleasant. "Shiznit! Damn Damn DAAMN! I don't wanna wake people up." But it was too late because Lizzy had already waken up. Lizzy was a lighter sleeper... Thankfully the other Akatsuki didn't wake up or they would have come and thrown me out a window I bet...Ok maybe not that but you get my point! Anyway I'm a bit off subject so yeah I was creeping still trying to find the dang light switch.

"What are you doing!" Lizzy said trying to see me in the dark. It scared me to death and I almost fell over again!

"Nothing! I'm trying to find the light switch!" I replied tip toeing. Lizzy rolled her eyes.

"Dork." She said as she went over to the other wall and flicked on the light she sort of let out a laugh.

"Well..." I couldn't think of anything to say because me and Lizzy saw something.

"Holy frick! Did you see what that was? I couldn't see it well." She asked. Then I thought of what Deidara had said; I heard something down here... I think it might have been a ghost.

"Oh! Deidara said that he heard something down here earlier... He said he thought it might have been a ghost.." I whispered but immediately regret it when she slapped me on the shoulder (abusive friends! DX).

"Grraaaah! It was probably nothing!" She replied. You see Lizzy is a bit scared of ghosts though she doesn't want to believe in them. I laughed.

"Don't worry I'm sure it was nothing!" But as soon as I said that a voice came from the couch. A dark figure of someone was sitting on it.

"Oh don't be so sure about that..." He said as he disappeared from his seat on the couch. Lizzy and I were now chibi form and my eyes were like this o.o while Lizzy had a river of chibi tear...things.

"I don't wanna die!" She said flailing her arms around.

"Me neither!" I replied. "B-but I don't think it was a ghost.." I said trying to say something to make us feel better.. It didn't work. After I said that it was right behind me.

"Your right." He said, my eyes went wide (I am no longer chibi). "I am no ghost." It whispered and I felt it leave me and go over to Lizzy. Of course she felt its presence and squeaked closing her eyes. The thing finally appeared in front of us. It was a man with jet black hair that was long and weird it was sticking up and pointy. He was wearing a dark blue cloak that hung on his shoulders with a hood also but he wasn't wearing it. His pants were baggy and black and he simply wore a black t-shirt. (A/N I hate making details with clothing I am sorry I'm so horrible at it) His eyes were dark and he had an evil smirk on his face.

"It seems I am still a master at fooling that idiot Deidara eh?" He said with a chuckle. I just glared at him and Lizzy wasn't being all scared now she was just looking at him with big eyes.

"Who are you?" I said through gritted teeth.
"Oh one never gives his identity." He said with an amused gleam in his eyes. "But I suppose it wouldn't really matter since I'm going to destroy you two anyway." He said as he began to laugh. Me and Lizzy just stared at him in horror. He stopped laughing but still had that annoying smirk on his face. "My name is Merahd" (pronounced Me-rod) He finally said not changing his tone of voice. "But that bit of information won't matter after I have rid myself of you two." He said in an annoyed tone of voice.

"L-Lizzy what are we going to do?" I whispered to her. She looked at me with a worried and shrugged sadly. (wow I would be good with mystery and suspense o.o) I was trying to think of different ways to distract him or something if he attacked us... And of course there is always that alternative of kicking them where... No guy wants to be kicked.

"What's with the silence? You two are quite boring for victims who are about to be killed." He sighed. "I suppose it would be best to get rid of you now then." He finished with a grin as he swooped towards us quickly. He raised his hand to strike Lizzy but it was hit with a... brush.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY FRIENDS YOU BASTARD!" Ashley shouted as she ran quickly trying to attack him. He just glared at her.

"A brush? Liek wtf?" He said with a completely serious expression on his face. We all looked at him with a confused and awkward look on out faces. Did he seriously just say that?!

"Sunora!? Ashley, Liz? Are you OK?! What's going on?" Deidara asked frantically as he came crashing into me because he obviously didn't notice me where I was standing. (note he didn't even say hmm D: probably cuz he was worried or something nods) He immidiatly saw watsizface and glared. He got up and helped me up with him.

"You again? What the hell are you here for, hmm?!" Deidara spat.

"Ur Mom." Merahd said as he giggled to himself. Everyone just stared at him and blinked.

"Now that just ain't right." Ashley said. I had the weirdest look on my face when I heard what he said. Lizzy was just holding back a giggle.

"What are you? A teenage immature girl or something?" Deidara said as he looked awkwardly at the weirdo.

"NO GOSH I MEAN!! WTF!! YOU'RE SO MEAN TO ME!! I WILL EAT YOUR BABIES!!" Everyone looked like he had just eaten... well a baby. "FINE I WILL LEAVE THIS TIME BUT I SHALL BE ABCK!!" I tried not to burst out laughing and I think the others were too.

"Don't you mean, back not abck?" I asked. Merahd looked at me like I had just insulted him greatly somehow.

"NO! I FREAKIN MEANT TO!! GOSH!!" He exclaimed very girly and angrily. He glared at everyone and stampeded out of the room and left.

"Nya.." I said to break the awkward silence as everyone stared after him.

"Omj that was funny" Lizzy said as she started to laugh.

"So who was he?" Ashley asked with a rather annoyed expression on her face. Deidara just looked like this --

"It's like 1 o'clock in the morning. Go to sleep everyone." He started to walk off.

"Fine we will then!" Lizzy said angrily and motioned at us. I smiled back at her and followed along.

"Yeah fine death to you then!" I said, concealing my smile.

"Giggle." Lizzy said as Deidara gave us a weird look.

"Uh.. Okay..hmm." He said with a furrowed eye brow as he left the room. Ashely immediately ran over to us.

"What the hell was all that?" She asked with a smile.

"Watch you moufe!" Lizzy demanded in a joking tone.

"No!" Ashley said back. Apparently she was not in a very good mood.

"Excuse me! I am your elder!" I put my hand on my forehead. I can't believe she is saying that to Ashley. She can say it to me but I don't know what Ashley would do.

"Whatever just what were you guys acting so weird for." I let out a sigh. Phew I was scared Ashely was going to get all mad.

"Well I can't get to sleep now, I'm not tired." Lizzy said as she sat on the couch.

"Yeah I woke up at 12 and couldn't get back to sleep." I said pushing myself onto the counter top.

"So who the hell was that guy." Ashely asked. We were all kind of tired and I don't really think anyone was in the mood to be funny.

"I don't know." Lizzy said as she yawned. I went to sit with them on the couch. We all just sat, puzzled and starting to be tired again. I ended up falling asleep...



To be continued...

YAY XD I liked this chapter cuz i was completely like A.D.D when i wrote this and didn't stay on what i was planning for this chapter at all so im sorry but i hope you liked it anyway