I tried to push the doors opened as quickly as possible and make my way towards my locker which was located directly next to Edward's. I wanted to get what I needed and to my class without having to interact with him.

But as soon as I entered the building I was overwhelmed by an odd sense of claustrophobia. The walls started to shake be fore me and I grew dizzy. I cleared the tears from my eyes, thinking that that must be the cause, but nothing happened. I felt the same.

Just another thing going wrong in my day.

Walking over to the wall, I sat down, my head felt light and my emotions were too much to handle. I just needed a moment to compose myself. I leaned my head over on one of the lockers, welcoming the cool sensation it brought to my hot face, and I closed my eyes.

Suddenly, my opposite was cooled as well.

"Bella, are you okay," I heard a soft apologetic voice say. I opened my eyes to see that of course it was Edward. He had already forgiven me. I felt horrible. I didn't deserve him as my friend.

"Edward, I'm sorry…" I whispered, but I'm not sure if he caught it because after I said it, I threw up Then again, then again.

I don't know if everyone was watching me or if they were pointing and saying how disgusting I was, I just knew that I felt horrible.

"Bella, I'm taking you to the hospital," I heard Edward say to me. Then there was a split second where I felt like I was flying, and I realized he must have picked me up. I don't know what happened after that because I quickly fell asleep in Edward's arms; the arms of my angel.

I woke up feeling the pull of gravity as Edward's Volvo took a large turn, taking us down a winding path to I-don't-know-where. I sat up, probably a little quicker than I should have as my head seemed to swim as I did it.

"Bella, can I ask you a question?" Edward asked, although he kept both hands on the wheel and stared at the road ahead of him, not glancing at me once. Of course he already knew I was awake. I don't think anything he did would be able to surprise me anymore.

I nodded, not really feeling like talking. I realized after I did it that he probably couldn't see me and I began to say that he could but began anyway.

"I don't know how we ended up meeting again. I'm not sure out of all the people in the world how you ended up being the one person I've met twice. You keep popping up and I know that even if I tried, I would not be able to let you go. Indeed, I've already failed at that once before, but I know why I stay around you. I would assume it's what is to be expected when you live a life with such constrictions as my own, but why do you stay here? You could have easily ignored me, gone off and made new friends and done whatever you wanted, but for some reason you didn't. Why?"

Edward's question actually took me off guard. Why wouldn't I stay with him? To me it seemed obvious, aside from the fact that I was already acquainted with him before arriving in Forks, he was sweet and real. He didn't care about all the little things so many of the other people I knew worried about constantly. He was grounded.

I opened up my mouth in order to tell him this but stopped because this is when I realized that he didn't see himself the same way I saw him. The same way everyone else saw him. It became so obvious to me that I felt like kicking myself for not noticing. He thought he was a monster. It made so many things clear to me. Quickly, I formed my new answer in my head as carefully as I was capable of.

"Edward...I, I don't think you realize that I don't see you as a burden in my life at all. I'm friends with you for the same reason I would be friends with anyone else," I finished my sentence and observed Edward's frozen face as well as I could in the rear-view mirror. His eyes began to soften as he pulled the car over to the side of the road.

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