by Caroline

Rated PG

Coffee and mints. On two separate ends of the taste spectrum is where they typically reside, one normally following the other.

Coffee and mints. Bitter lacing with sweet, creating a divine yin and yang on my tastebuds. Something I wouldn't normally enjoy combined, and yet now I'm addicted to the taste.

Coffee and mints. How he tastes when he kisses me, ample lips tenderly crushing my own. He likes his coffee black, strong... the robust taste wakes him up. Then he has his peppermint... again, strong.

Coffee and mints and turpentine. Turpentine is the scent that surrounds me when his fingers rake through my hair... a heady scent that will forever be linked with him. It sounds odd to say that I love the scent of turpentine... but I do.

Coffee and mints and turpentine and sandalwood. He wears just a hint of that sandalwood cologne I love so much--that cologne I got up the nerve to give him on his last birthday. He's never been one to wear cologne... to him, cologne smells of vanity, and yet... since I gave it to him, he's worn it religiously.

Coffee and mints and turpentine and sandalwood, and sincere amore. Forever all will be associated with Richard.

Tea and honey. I've never understood why one would want to combine the taste of tea with the saccharin-sweet taste of honey. Normally they reside on two separate ends of the taste spectrum. And yet, combined they prove to be quite an infectious taste.

Tea and honey. Sour composed with sweet. A yin and yang concoction I've somehow grown utterly fond of. In fact, it's safe to say I've become addicted.

Tea and honey. How she tastes when I kiss her, those perfect lips opening pliant and willing beneath my own. She loves her tea, more than she loves coffee. What she loves even more than her tea is dumping mass amounts of honey into it.

Tea and honey and citrus. Citrus is the scent that swirls around me when her head inclines toward mine... a shampoo she's used since we were fated to meet, the heady orange and tangerine smell already heavily engrained in my mind as being uniquely her. I've always been nauseated by the scent of citrus... but now, the need to be near that scent has become almost as much of a necessity as breathing.

Tea and honey and citrus and lilies. I don't know how I got up the nerve to give her that lily perfume last Christmas, but I did. And now she wears it every day. Never too much... not so the scent is cloying... but just enough to arouse my olfactory senses and keep me tethered to her.

Tea and honey and citrus and lilies, and sincere amore. Forever all will be associated with Caroline.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: COMPLETELY forgot that I had written this, ages ago. I don't think it's ever been posted. It's just a little ficlet, kind of an unusual style, but the idea hit me one night. Hope you enjoyed it! There will be more CitC to come.