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"So what do ya wanna do babes, we've got all day to goof off," Beetlejuice said, the mischievous glint coming back into his eyes. Lydia giggled at his enthusiasm and opened her mouth to suggest that they go to the Neitherworld mall but was cut off by the piercing sound of sirens outside.

"What the?" Beetlejuice exclaimed as he floated over to the window to see what was going on.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he saw 4 huge monsters running up to the Roadhouse. "AHHH!!" he shouted in alarm before flying away from the window towards Lydia.

"What is it Beej?" she asked in concern.

"Brute squad!" he said nervously.

"What have you done now?" she asked him.

"Nuthin babes, I swear I've been hanging out with you in the Outerworld too much for me to be pulling pranks here," he told her honestly.

"Come out Beetlebrains we know you're in there," they heard an angry yell from outside the door.

Beetlejuice didn't even get the opportunity for a smart ass reply before the brute squad broke down the roadhouse door and rushed over to grab Beetlejuice before he could escape.

"Hey, lemme go, help I'm bein repressed!" he yelled as he struggled to get out of the two huge muscled monsters that had a hold of him.

"Beetlejuice!" Lydia yelled as she tried to run to her friend's aid but one of the brutes caught her roughly by the arm and began to drag her along as well.

"Ow let me go you're hurting me," she yelled.

"Lyds!" Beetlejuice yelled as he looked behind him and saw how roughly the brute was treating her.

"Let her go you asshole," Beetlejuice yelled as he began to fight more fiercely to get free, he had to get Lydia out of danger.

"Shut him up," he heard a snooty voice say before he felt a huge pain in his head and everything went black.

When he finally began to regain his senses he heard jeering all around him before something heavy struck his side. He grimaced in pain before opening his eyes and seeing that he was in a courthouse surrounded by hundreds of angry Neitherworlders. He looked up to see his hands tied over his head from which he was currently hanging from.

"Beetlejuice!" he heard an ominous voice say in front of him and the courthouse got very quiet.

"Hey what's the big idea judge?" Beetlejuice asked angrily, his eyes scanning the crowd for any sign of Lydia.

"You have been brought here on charges of murder," the judge said.

"MURDER!?!" he yelled in disbelief.

"This man says that a man named Beetlejuice killed him last night," the judge said as he pointed to a dumpy looking man with beady eyes and a balding head.

"You're gonna take his word over mine?" Beetlejuice asked in shock. "Look I know I pull pranks and everything but I'd never kill anyone no matter who they were."

"You killed me!" the man said angrily.

"I did not!" Beetlejuice yelled.

"Enough of this, if you did not kill this man then produce sufficient evidence that you didn't," the mayor said as he came out into the open.

Beetlejuice thought about it for a moment and smiled "Where's Lyds, she'll tell you I didn't kill anyone I'm always right with her when I go to the outerworld."

The judge and the mayor looked at each other for a moment "Bring out the girl," the mayor called.

Beetlejuice sighed in relief as he saw Lydia being escorted into the court room looking relatively unharmed.

"Beej!" she called out happily as she ran over to where he hanged.

"Young lady, Beetlejuice says that you can account for his where-a-bouts last night," the mayor said.

"Yes I can, he was with me and we were playing video games and eating pizza until about 11:30 and then he left and I went to bed," Lydia said irately.

"Sir, time of death has been placed at midnight," the mayor's assistant said.

"Tell me my dear, when Beetlejuice disappears are you sure he goes straight back to the Neitherworld?" the mayor asked with a grin.

Lydia looked at Beetlejuice and saw the fear in his eyes, whatever this was about it was serious.

"No I'm-I'm not sure if he goes straight back but I can assure you sir he didn't do what ever you're accusing him of," Lydia said desperately.

"So no one can account for your where a bouts at midnight of last night," the mayor shook his head. "My, my Beetlejuice you have really done it this time, did you really think you wouldn't get caught?"

"I didn't kill anyone," Beetlejuice growled angrily.

"All the evidence says that you did," the judge said.

"What evidence??" Beetlejuice screamed "You have that guys word against mine, that's not evidence, you're just pinning this on me so you can get rid of me."

"Beetlejuice, in the murder of Willam Lacey we find you guilty and sentence you to be stripped of all your powers and are herby banished to Sandworm land," the judge said.

"NO!" Beetlejuice and Lydia screamed.

"Please mayor don't do this," Lydia said as she rushed over to the older ghost.

The mayor looked over at Beetlejuice who was trying with all his might to free himself from the ropes that held him. The mayor smiled "Alright Beetlejuice I'll make you a deal."

Beetlejuice stopped struggling and looked at the mayor in surprise. "If you can survive Sandworm land for 2 years without your powers you can come back to the Neitherworld and have your powers back with a full pardon."

Beetlejuice's eyes found Lydia's and he felt as if his heart was being ripped out. He might not ever see her again and all because the mayor hated him and had talked this Willam Lacey guy into framing him for murder.

Beetlejuice nodded his head, accepting the mayor's offer. "Fine it is agreed, now to get rid of those annoying powers." The mayor snapped his fingers and a huge black machine appeared out of nowhere. Beetlejuice's eyes widened in fright at the sight of the machine. Looking over at Lydia he saw that she was crying.

"Babes, don't worry about me, I'll be back in two years I promise," he said hoping the words that came out of his mouth were true. One of the brutes picked up the pump and attached a huge hollowed out spike to the end of it.

"Beetlejuice!" Lydia screamed in horror as the brute stabbed her friend in the chest with the pump and turned the machine on. Beetlejuice let out a blood curdling scream as he felt all the energy and magic in his body be slowly torn out of his body. The jeering all around him quieted as they saw the torturous way Beetlejuice's powers were being taken.

"LYDIA!" he screamed out as the last of his powers were taken. He went limp and the crowd gasped as the saw a tear hit the floor of the court room.

The brute ripped the pump out of his chest and moved the machine away before pulling a lever that caused part of the floor to move away reveling Sandworm land underneath. With a wave of the mayor's hand the ropes around Beetlejuice's wrists loosened and Lydia watched as Beetlejuice fell out of her sight for what she was sure to be forever.

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