A short little piece that has been nagging at me for a while

A short little piece that has been nagging at me for a while. Not related to the other story I'm writing. Let me know if you want it to be a two shot with Max's choices. Oh and check out the list. You can go on youtube to listen to them. Let me know what your favorite from the list is.

This is not that good but it's fluff and sweet and now my little annoying muse can go to bed so I can too.

Thanks yall, and yes, I'll update the other story soon.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, JP's.


"Yo Fang, I'm getting on the computer." I yelled towards the living room as I walk down the hall to his room.

I saw him grunt in reply more focused on the latest football game than what I had to say.

"Ig, this tv is so big. I wish you could see it man." Fang exclaimed to Iggy who was sitting on the chair listening to the announcers.

I rolled my eyes, boys and their toys.

I opened his door looking for his most prized toy. His laptop. I didn't even want to write in the blog today but Nudge had asked me to, apparently the lack of Max produced posts had cause worry among the dedicated readers. I was just going to write a quick 'Hello, I'm alive, don't worry about me, eat your veggies' type of post.

I picked my way around his cluttered room. Ugh, gross, boy clothes. His desk was clean, of course, and I quickly pushed away a shirt from the desk chair and plopped down on it.

I glanced over at his bed remembering what happened there two weeks ago. Thinking about it sent a sensation from my spine to my toes.

I came in here after another visit from Eraser Max. I wanted to make sure I hadn't grown fur or shaper teeth. I practically broke down in Fang's arms as he held me. It was nice.

He picked my chin up in his hand and lightly kissed away my tears. That was really nice. He then kissed my lips too. That was beyond nice, it was pure fire. I liked it this time, I needed it. I didn't shy away from him but joined him, kissing him back with just as much force as he kissed me. I felt his hands over my neck down to my shoulders as he crushed me to him. I grabbed fist fulls of his black shirt and hung on for dear life.

I'm not sure what would have happened next if Angel hadn't yelled from a nightmare. We broke apart gasping for air and I got up and left in a hurry. We hadn't spoke about it since. I would blush around him but he seemed calm as ever. It ticked me off.

Yeah, that bed should be burnt. I turned back around ignoring the past.

Okay, I don't know about most people but when I type I like to listen to music, it's just my thing. So before I even opening the internet browser I went straight for the i-tunes to pick out some songs from Fang's diverse library. The man has everything from Garth Brooks, Celtic Chants, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, to RJA, Silverchair, and yes even some Backstreet Boys. Gazzy taunted him for weeks after finding it on his computer.

I double clicked on the icon and the screen popped up. A quick glance to the side showed a list of folders and one had my name on it. Dear Max.

What in the world? Why does Fang have a music folder for me?

Well, any curious person would open it. I mean, my name is on it and I am a very curious person. Like, insanely so.

When I clicked on my name a lists of about 20 songs popped up. They looked interesting but I was in a hurry so I pressed play to go through them as I went back to my original mission of the blogg variety.

Funny thing is though, as soon as I got to the blog site I forgot what I wanted to write. The song playing was distracting to say the least…. it was a sappy song, a sweet sappy lovey dovey song.

Oh dear.

I went back to the song lists and took another look at the songs he put in it. If they weren't sweet romantic ballads they were hard passionate songs. I knew most of the bands and most of the songs. We would make fun of some of these songs talking about how too overly mushy they were. Most were definitely not what Fang would normally listen to.


I sat back arms folded and allowed them to play. I found myself closing my eyes being lost in the songs symbolic melodies of love, life, triumph, sacrifice and lust. The longer I sat there listening the funnier I felt.

Memories of Fang and I flew pass me. The melody flowed around me as images of us came to me. Us both in the cages, the first time I saw him, I reached my hand out to try and touch his cage and he stuck his out and we touched fingers. More memories: Fang desperately cursing and fighting at the whitecoats when they would take me away, him standing next to me when Jeb broke us out, Fang helping me explain to the flock when Jeb left us, Fang pushing Angel in the swing, teaching Gazzy how to tie his shoes, the both of us trying to put out the fire when I burnt the homemade popcorn and us laughing so hard afterwards we cried, when I was 13 the first time I felt a blush when he bandaged my arm and accidentally touched my chest, the first time I kissed him, the time he gave me baby flower as a sarcastic apologetic jester but I kept even now pressed in a book, every cute and sweet moment I could think of with Fang came barreling into my head.

"Max?" I heard him mutter from the door.

My eyes shot open and I turned around slowly with a slight grin on my face.

"What are you doing? Why are you on my computer?" He seemed a little nervous but tried to pass it off.

"Blogg." I simply said arms still across my chest still relaxed still listening.

"Oh." He crinkled his eyes, "You're not online."

"No, I'm not." I glanced down at the playlist. A song called Stolen started to play.

"What are you listening to?" He walked over to his desk and shoved his hand into his pants when he saw the playlist.

"You tell me, Fang." I said coyly.

He mashed his teeth together and looked away. "Ah, Max…"

"Shut up Fang." I teased and I stood up and gently took both his hands out of his pockets. "Dance with me?"

The song played on softly, delicately, like his baby flower. Fang stood speechless and tried to pull back but I wouldn't let go of his hands.

"Please," I quietly pleaded. He stared into my eyes and winced slightly before slowly wrapping his arms around me.

I laid my head on his shoulder tucking it under his chin. He started to sway to the song with me and I closed my eyes. My hands made their way up his back until they were under the base of his wings. I pressed myself to him and took a deep breath. I could feel him shutter and he started to caress my back gently. A fire was starting to build inside me.

The song's rhythm picked up slightly but our slow careful movements didn't change. I vaguely made out the lyrics, about a girl stealing a boy's heart, how much he loved her, and how happy he is. I raised my lips to his neck and slowly kissed it. His hiss of breath only made us hold each other tighter as my mouth kissed up this chin to find his lips.

"This song is mine isn't it?" I whispered on his mouth.

He gazed into me and turned is head back and forth lightly to rub our lips together. "Yes."


He pulled back, "The song's are just songs… they don't mean—you weren't supposed to see them."

"Oh." I said barely auditable. I reached up and pulled his lips back to mine.

We kissed gently. "So have I stolen your heart?" I murmured, our noses touching giving the other eskimo kisses.

He paused then reluctantly stated, "My heart, my soul, my everything."

I could feel the fire's flames rush up my body, I tingled and blinked back the on coming tears. "And the other songs?" I choked out.

"Yours. They're what I listen to when thinking of you." He sheepishly stated.

"I like them." I replied. The song ended and another one started. We didn't let go of one another.

"They say what I want to say, when I can't seem to say it." He spoke quickly. He kissed me again.

"Some of the songs say that you love me." I bit my lip waiting for his reply.

He grinned and kissed the tip of my nose and repeated, "What I want to say, when I can't seem to say it."







Fang's Playlist for Max

1.) Blue October – You Make Me Smile

2.) Damien Rice – The Blower's Daughter

3.) James Blunt – Your Beautiful

4.) Jon McLaughlin – Beautiful Disaster

5.) Red – Pieces

6.) Coldplay – Fix You

7.) Savage Garden – Crash and Burn

8.) Red – Breathe into Me

9.) Maroon 5 – She Will be Loved

10.) Oasis – Wonderwall

11.) Josh Groban – My Confession

12.) Dashboard Confessional – Stolen

13.) Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

14.) Kenny Chesney – You Save Me

15.) James Blunt – Cry

16.) The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel

17.) Keith Urban – I Can't Stop Loving You

18.) Ben Folds – The Luckiest

New Songs

19.) Over and Over – 3 Days Grace

20.) With You, Tonight – Matt Wertz

21.) Hard to Concentrate – Red Hot Chili Peppers

22.) Together – The Kin

23.) Only You – Joshua Radin

24.) I'm Yours – Jason Mraz

25.) Temptation – Vast

26.) I Should Go – Levi Kreis