Okay so by popular demand I give you Max's lists of songs for Fang

Okay so by popular demand I give you Max's lists of songs for Fang. I also added some songs to Fang's so look over his lists again.

Dang, this is bad. Really bad. I'm so sorry guys. You can ignore the story if you want and just listen to the music. Even then, Max's lists is NOT complete. I may add more to it later.

Disclaimer: JP characters.

"Come on Fang!" I whined as I followed him into the living room.

"No. Not right now!" Fang replied and tossed the CD I thrusted upon him back on the couch and went to sit in the recliner.

"Fang! You made me songs and now I want you to hear the ones I picked out for you." I grabbed the CD off the cushion and held it out to him again. I noticed he was watching the tv so I took a step to the side to block his view.

He glared up at me. "Max, move," he huffed. I didn't budge but glared back.

"Listen." I pushed the CD under his nose.

"Aww, just listen to it, Fang, so she can chill," Gazzy moaned from the floor. He and Nudge were playing a card game and both glanced up as Fang and I barreled into the room.

"I don't want to listen now." His hands lashed out to my waist trying to physically push to the side. "I want to watch the game."

"Why won't you listen to this?" I yelled. I was beginning to feel pissed and hurt. Fang's eyes shot to my face. He quite trying to push me away and instead pulled me into his lap.

I was pouting. I know I was. I turned my face away from his so he wouldn't see it. I was really happy that I made him a CD and he was ignoring it. I worked really hard damnit!

"Max, I will listen to it. I promise." He whispered in my ear.

"No. You won't!" I snapped back. "I've been trying to get you to listen to it for four days. They're songs, Fang. Songs that I picked out for you and me! I listened to yours and I really really liked them."

Fang blushed a little as I brought that up again. I wasn't suppose to see the music he made for me but I did. And I loved it. And I found out he loved me, even if he wouldn't say it himself.

Fang continued to stare at me. He let out a long sigh then reached for the CD I held in my lap. "I'll listen to it tonight. After the game." And with that he nudged me off his lap with his knee and placed the CD on the table beside him. "Besides, I already know most of the songs you put on there."

Him pushing me off his lap made me mad, his comment made me angrier. "No you don't!" I shouted back.

"If it came from my library then, yes, I do." He smugly replied back his eyes never leaving the tv.

"Well, they aren't from your library genius," I hissed and grabbed the CD off the table and started to walk away. "Forget it Fang."

"Oh, come on!" he shouted as I continued down the hall.

"You should've just listened to them." Nudge sighed and I heard Gazzy agree.

I slammed the door to my room and flopped on my bed. Stupid, stupid boys! I tossed the CD in the case on my dresser. I worked so freakin hard on picking the right songs and he doesn't care.

Well, he said that his songs said stuff that he couldn't say to me. My song did the same thing. And they aren't predictable. My music taste is just as diverse as his, thank you very much!

I felt tears start to form in my eyes and I rolled to the side. My body started to feel tired and I glanced at the clock. It was late, really late. Nudge and Gazzy should probably be in bed now. My own eyes were drooping and I fell asleep ignoring Fang and his stupid game.


Music. Pretty music playing.

I jerked awake and noticed the music was actually playing. In my own room. Fang was sitting on my bed, empty CD case in his hand staring at my CD player.

"Hey." I mumbled.

He turned around and gave a slight grin, "Hey, yourself."

From the song playing I knew he had heard a lot of them already. I sat up and brought my legs to my chest. "Why are you listening to them when you didn't want to before?" I whispered.

"I wanted to now." He said and turned his head back to the player.

I let out a sarcastic laugh, "Whatever." What type of answer was that?

He turned back around and shook his head, "No, Max. No whatever." He stood up and went around on the other side of the bed and sat down next to me. He leaned back against the head board reached for one of my hands.

"Fang…" I tried to take my hand back but his hold got tighter.

"It's just that, I didn't want to listen to them because I didn't want to know." He replied.

"Know what?"

He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. He shrugged, "Know how you felt about me?"

My eyebrows rose in confusion, "Huh?" I'm brilliant.

He moved a little clearly uncomfortable, "Max, I made you songs that pretty much declared my undying love for you. What if all you had on here was best friend stuff? Or it's great to hang around you songs, or stupid dance things… do you understand?"

I was trying to, really I was. But I didn't. "No. I'm sorry."

He was looking at the CD player as another song started, "I didn't want to listen to the song's incase they didn't say you feel for me what I feel for you. I would rather imagine that you have feelings for me then play something that says otherwise." I could see him biting his lip. This made him nervous, again.

Oh Fang.

How could he doubt what I feel for him? How can he think I wouldn't feel the same way? I had to tone down the mussy songs I wanted to add to the CD because I thought he might puke from them.

"And now? Now that you heard most of my songs?" I asked quietly. My nerves were in high gear. Maybe I put too much girly songs on there. Maybe he thought I was some obsessive puppy. I was biting my own lip now.

He turned to me and reached up with his hands towards my face. He gently touched my chin and brought it to his own. "It's the best CD I've ever heard." He whispered gently and then his lips touched mine softly.

It's funny but our lips were moving with the music. Our hands were touching with the rhythm and my heart was being lost in the song.

A few minutes later we broke apart and he laid there with me pulled to his side. His hands were lightly running through my hair and I gazed up at his face and saw that his eyes were closed and a smile was on his lips.

"So, I did good?" I asked.

He opened his eyes and reached to my night stand where I put the CD I made out of the music Fang had on his computer for me. He looked at it then looked at the case for the other CD. "I think these are the best songs ever." He kissed my forehead.

"And I think they say the same thing." He kissed my nose and trailed the CD case up my arm. It sent chills across my body.

"I love your CD, Fang." I said.

"I love your CD, Max." He kissed my cheek and then my ear. "And you want to know something else?"

"What's that?" I smiled back.

"I think I love you." He whispered on my lips and dropped the case reaching for my head.

"I think I love you, too." I grinned back wrapping my arms around his neck.

"You leave me speechless," he moaned against my mouth.

"You feel like home," I replied playing the game.

"We can go anywhere." He kissed as he knelt us down on the bed.

"As long as you're with me." I breathed


"Tonight and the rest of my life."

"Our life." He corrected as he kissed my neck.

"Our life." I repeated.










Max's CD list for Fang

Helplessly, Hopelessly, Recklessly – Jessica Andrews

Tonight and the Rest of My Life – Nina Gordon

With Me – Sum 41

Your Call – Secondhand Serenade (new version)

Not Gonna Get Us – t.A.T.u.

The Sun and The Moon – Mae

Feels Like Home to Me – Chantal Kreviazuk

Anywhere – Evanescence

Everything – Lifehouse

All Around Me – Flyleaf

Like Lovers Do – Heather Nova

Speechless – The Veronicas

Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol

Don't Let Go – Brian Adams

Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne

Time of our Lives – Vega 4

Love Song Requiem – Trading Yesterday