Your Typical New Kid


Stars of Gold

Slight crossover with La Corda D'oro primo passo.


"Who goes there? An Alice, seeking revenge? Or perhaps a mere mortal with a death wish?" A high, cruel voice laughed, watching a cloaked figure walking towards the gates. Emi heard the voice and drew the cloak closer around her shoulders, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end.

"An Alice seeking revenge, if you please," She replied in a cool, collected voice. Her eyes burned with rage towards these people, but the person with the cruel voice mistook it for hatred towards the Academy. "What is your Alice, dear child?" She, for the voice was undoubtedly a female one, asked in her high voice, sounding kinder this time.

"Ice. You may have heard of me. I am the one who froze many of your members in my desperation to escape this place. I now see the error of my ways, for the Academy merely punished me when I returned, not at all grateful for my effort in saving their precious little Black Cat." She spat out Natsume's code name venomously, portraying hatred in her tone. She had to gain these people's trust; the only persons who would know about the true nature of her betrayal would be Reo and those whom he had told.

"I am Minade, and I have an Alice of Speed. If you can defeat me in battle," She said, crouching low. "Then I will grant you worthy to be in the Organization." Emi nodded, then unfastened her cloak, revealing her usual school uniform, neat and tidy as usual. "You don't look like you hate your school," Minade commented. Emi snorted. "How do you think I escaped, by climbing over the walls?"

Minade shook her head. "Enough talk. Let's do this." Emi smiled smugly but slightly, and crouched slightly. "Fine by me." And then the woman attacked, quick as lightning. Emi tried to dodge, but was struck by the quick blow. Grunting, she sent out several icicles in Minade's direction, but the woman simply ran out of harm's way.

"No, no, my dear, I am too fast for you." She taunted, running around Emi in a circle. Emi immediately created a dome of ice around them. Then she made spikes rise from the walls of ice, as well as on the floor. Being of ice herself, she could technically become ice for a few moments, so she melted into the walls and left Minade in the dome.

"Alright, dear child, you win. Release me, if you please." Emi narrowed her eyes, and 'seeing' Minade's expression by the walls of the dome, she deemed Minade trustworthy, then nodded and released her.

"What is your name, child?"

"Watanabe Emi."

"Sano-kun, come," Minade called quietly, her shrill voice toning down. "Yes, Minade-chan?"

"Bring her to the dining hall. She has to be hungry." Minade smiled warmly. "Welcome into the Organization, Watanabe-san," She said, hugging the bewildered Emi as a welcoming. "Yes, yes, Watanabe-san, good to meet you. I know you have done bad things to us, but joining us has made up for it. Besides, we have a Healing Alice as well as a Resurrection Alice here, so no worries!" Sano agreed cheerily. Emi blinked, not expecting the friendliness they were exuding.

"We don't have many members here, so we can't afford to dislike one. Everybody here learns to forgive and forget, so we all get along well." Sano said as he led her into the compound. "Huh. That's uncommon. Most people hold grudges for a long time." Emi commented. "You'll get used to it. Yo! Kazuki-kun!" He called to a green-haired boy carrying a trumpet.

The boy smiled and waved, saying, "Hey, Sano-kun! Have you seen Kaho-chan anywhere?" Sano pointed over his shoulder. "The soundproof rooms, practising, where else?" Kazuki smiled sheepishly. "Eheh...Oh, a new member, huh? Has her initiation been decided yet?" He asked, changing the subject. Sano shook his head. "You can decide, Kazuki-kun."

"Um... initiation?" Emi asked, confused. "Yep. We have to know that you're loyal to us. Oh, by the way, I'm Hihara Kazuki. I'll be seeing you around. Bye." And then he ran off.

"I have to go through an initiation?" Emi asked, grimacing. Sano chuckled. "Yeah, but it's not that bad. I had to balance a teapot on my head and sing "I'm a Little Teapot" the whole day. It sucked, but everyone got kicks out of it, especially when I spilled the tea on one of our teachers." Emi cringed. "Not helping," She said, making a face. Sano simply chuckled and led the way.

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Stars of Gold