My Lucky Charm by DD Agent

This is my first SPN fic, so please be nice. It's only a short ficlet, based on an already established relationship between Bela and Dean. Spoilers for 3.03.

Disclaimer: The characters of Supernatural do not belong to me, they belong to Kripke. When he decides to sell them, I'll let you know. At the moment, he just pimps 'em out.

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Dean sat in the hospital bed, flicking through the television channels and grumbling. He had a bruise blossoming on his temple and his fingers were bandaged due to severe burns. It could have been a lot worse, Dean decided, he could have been dead.

Slipping his hand into the pocket of his jacket across from him, Dean pulled out the necklace. It was a silver chain with a trace of a spider web intertwined within a golden framework. The glass casing of the necklace held a single drop of holy water stationary within the middle. It was a birthday present for his Bela. His fierce, beautiful and slightly kooky Bela.

A noise alerted him to the doorway, and there she stood. A busted lip, god why was she so accident prone, and a stunning black dress made his Bela look like a goddess. He had missed her birthday party, all because he had seen a demon lurking on the streets. It had been the right thing to do, but it had nearly cost him the use of his hand.

"Always the hunter, never the hunted," muttered his girl before walking over and kissing him lightly on the cheek.

"That's because I have my lucky charm with me." Dean smiled, holding up her present before helping to clasp it around her neck. He kissed the spot lightly where the necklace fell. "Happy Birthday."

Let her believe it was the necklace, Dean thought, anything but the picture. The only photo he carried around in his wallet was one of her. His lucky charm.