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Day 397: Winter 12:37PM

It's still a slow day, the wizards are trying to convince me to join their gatherings but I have no reason to. Oh yes, Diary. I regret to mention last night that I have already earned the title of a Wizard. It must've slipped my mind after all the wine during the celebration.

It's starting to get rather chilly here in Bristol and I'm finding it hard to concentrate on the spells. Dad made me remove all means of communication that would allow me to reach home for the next two months until Easter.

Oh, and that girl again. There should be something we could do about her. Turning people into toads are not even an insult anymore, not with my power. Maybe a little time in the dimension would sort it ou-


The door blasted open and a girl came running into the room holding a piece of letter. She waved it and danced around Koko's room and stood next to him.

"Yeah?" Koko asked, resting his chin on his right palm with his ink pen sticking out. He was awfully tired and the presence of this girl irritates him to no end.

"Guess. Who. Just. Got. Promoted?" She sang her words and her blue eyes sparkled.

"I know I did," Koko answered her and her eyes widened.

"N-No way. You're already a wizard?!" She cried aloud. "Ugh! I thought we could finally be on the same level! How did you level up so fast? Was it the extra credits? Were you toying and torturing the teachers again?"


"Shit…there goes my favourite pen," Koko muttered under his breath and stared at the ink splatter over his diary and fingers. Again? The story of my past will never leave me.

"Oh! Let me help with that!" The blue eye girl smiled and raised her index finger to begin her spell.

"Forget it," Koko muttered and wiped his hand with the tissue napkin on his desk. "If you keep on relying on magic and powers, you'll never grow any sense of hardship." Koko dunked the ink stained napkin into the dustbin next to his table.

The girl placed her arms over her hips and frowned. "Oh, and I suppose the magnificent witch-genius of Japan has had hardships in his life more than us…'little people'."

Koko stared at her. He was amused that such a character could approach him. He kept a distance with everyone in the boarding school and community. The higher ups knew he's a yakuza and only the Head Wizard knew he was the leader but the students initially regarded him as 'just another transfer student'.

"Have you ever had to hurt someone who wanted to kill you?" Koko asked and the girl pursed her lips. "Have you ever unintentionally killed someone? Have you ever thought of killing someone and due to your untrained powers, the person died of some unknown cause? No. Then leave my chamber."

Koko's English had gotten extremely better thanks to his copy powers. He didn't reveal much of his abilities in class but some of the wizards and witches already knew his capabilities. They wanted him out of the community as soon as they can fearing a powerful power user among the yakuzas would bring harm to the world. Every one of the seniors were afraid of Kokoro Yume. The boy who suspended his witch-teacher by blinking his eyes just because she accused him of cheating in a pre-required witch test.

Just before Koko was accepted into the community, every power user has to go through a 2-hour exam to qualify into the community. The exam is split into 3 levels according to the power user. The first level is of power rules, second is of understand usage of certain spells and third was of chemicals and potions. Koko took the 'Untrained' course and passed with a respected grade. The witches then made him do the 'Amateur' exam to which he scored relatively okay for his 'untrained' level of understanding. It was when he was given the 'Intermediate' exam that surprised the higher ups.

Kokoro Yume was the first untrained power user who received a 100% score in the Intermediate exam without any classes or training. Koko admitted he had never even made a single potion in his life but when he saw the questions, he said the ingredients listed were typical herbs for certain potions and spells that he recognised from seeing his brothers train in the past.

This occasion then caused a stir in the community and most witches suspected he cheated. Koko was always known for patience but not for controlling his anger. Those that accused him would always have something bad happening to them whether Koko is present or not.

The higher ups then acknowledged Koko as the Student Witch of the Year months after he joined and he obtained his own special chamber in the student halls. The English always had the best taste in interior architecture and design, Koko thought when he first entered his room.

Now, Kokoro Yume is the most sought after wizard in the English Community and every girl has made a move on him. There was one girl in particular, a blonde with blue pearly eyes who can't keep her mind off of him. "Leave, Nathania." Koko cursed under his breath at the girl standing before him.

"You're never going to get back that girl you love, you know?" Nathania said. "I've seen her. Saw her in my visions, she's with another man. You should accept the fact that you're going to be with me in the future. It's all I ever see in my visions these days!"

"The future can always be altered according to one's heart. What you're seeing is what you wish to see," Koko muttered and the door behind Nathania bursts open. "My wish on the other hand is for you to disappear." The moment Koko said that, an invisible power started to pull Nathania and she screamed as she was thrown out of Koko's room.

Finally…the quiet. Koko thought and looked back at his diary that had the ink splatter dried over the page. Great…

A letter suddenly floats into Koko's room from the open balcony. It landed on his bed and decided to flip over. "What now?" Koko stood up and headed for his bed. He sat while tearing the envelope open.

The Kenzo gumi has finally declared war against us. If you feel that you are ready, we need you here to speak with them. You're our only weapon that we could bring into the gathering.

Reading this, Koko smiled. This would be his first time receiving a letter asking him to come home. It didn't matter to him that it's about his job, he's just glad he could head back to Japan after over a year.

Koko grabbed his coat and passport. He packed his diary and laptop in his bag and carried a small Witch book with him. After tying his shoe laces, he was out of his chamber and headed down to the lobby.

"Kokoro," The porter of his building approached him looking confused. "Is something the matter?"

In the corner of Koko's eyes, he saw his classmates and Nathania sitting by the courtyard. Koko nodded and handed the letter to the porter. "I'm assigned back to Japan. I believe I should give this to you to hand it to the Head Wizard."

The porter held onto the letter and opened it. "There's nothing inside?" The porter looked and flipped the letter over.

"Well duh. It's a secret from others so it won't appear by reading with your eyes, I do believe the Head Wizard would be able to read it," Koko muttered.

"Kokoro!" Nathania waved. "Where are you going?" She put her things aside and started rushing towards Koko.

"Home," Koko said with a smile. "I'm going home."

"It. Is. Freezing!" Mikan shivered at the cold as Natsume held her hand. "Couldn't we have…just gone to Ruka Nii's café and just…stayed there….for hours?"

"Ruka has better things to do," Natsume chuckled. "He's becoming one heck of a businessman."

"Y-Yeah," Mikan stuttered. "Hotaru and Ruka Nii are taking the music industry to a whole new level!"

"Three branches all around Tokyo in one year. That has to be a record," Natsume chuckled. He pulled Mikan closer to him by the shoulder when he saw her teeth chattering. "Okay, let's head back to the café. You're turning blue."

"Th-Thanks," Mikan chattered and the couple made their way towards the café near Tokyo tower. It was a two floor music café. The top floor consists of two separate lounges for people to play their music with the instruments prepared for rental as well as seats for those who intend to enjoy the music with their coffee and refreshments.

The ground floor is just a regular café with a small stage in one corner of the room for a stand up performance. Mikan rushed into the café as soon as she saw it and pushed the door open. "Welcome to Blacklite Wings!" The barista behind the counter greeted. "Oh, Mikan-chan!" He smiled and wiped his hands with a towel. "Hey boss! Mikan-chan's here!"

The top floor started rumbling and Ruka started to run down the stairs with Hotaru following behind. "Mi-chaaaaaaaaaaan!" He cried aloud and hugged her.

Hotaru had her arms folded across her chest and shook her head. "We start one serious topic and you go running and crying into the arms of your sister. What a wimp!"

"What serious topic?" Mikan asked and Hotaru lifted her left hand next to her face. The sight of the stone caused Mikan to jump up and squeal. "Oh my goodness, congratulations!" Mikan jumped and hugged her brother tighter.

"And what was the topic that's causing my brother to cry, exactly?" Natsume raised his eyebrow at the she-devil standing before him.

"I just told him I wanted a son," Hotaru said and placed her hand on her hip. "But he wants a girl. It's my stomach and my uterus that's going to have his baby so you might as well just agree that we should have a son."

Natsume smacked his forehead in disbelief and ignored the situation at hand. "Niji, one black coffee please." He ordered.

"With cream, Natsume?" The barista asked and Natsume shook his head.

"Black, just black. This is ridiculous," Natsume muttered and turned around. "How can you two even fight over this? You can't just tell the baby inside your stomach to be what you want it to be!"

"But I still want a kid as cute as Mikan," Ruka muttered.

"And I want a son who could own up to his dad," Hotaru said between gritted teeth.

"I don't know how you two ended up together in the first place," Natsume turned around and grabbed his cup of coffee.

As Mikan started talking about wedding and babies, Ruka left the two girls alone as they made their way up to the top floor and made his way to his brother. "How is it?"

"The branch near the hotel tastes slightly better," Natsume admitted and blinked. "Oh right, I didn't ask for cream with this one."

"So you and Mikan are still hitting it off well, eh?" Ruka asked and Natsume smiled.

"Yeah, we're good," Natsume admitted.

"Does she talk about him?" Ruka asked.

"Once in a while… when she's trying to compare us," Natsume muttered. "Seriously though. I feel like I got into this all by luck. If he had been around, I'd never get her. I'd always be second to her."

"Okay, now you're making me feel bad," Ruka frowned. "So I'm the third man in her life? Is that what you're saying?"

Natsume grinned and shook his finger. "You've forgotten her father it seems. You're probably fourth on her list."

Ruka punched Natsume's skull and the two brothers laughed it all off. They spoke about business and school and now that Mikan has finally graduated, they're not too sure which direction she's headed to.

"Are we still going to continue Blacklite Wings?" Ruka asked.

"Are you kidding? This is our money-maker! We've actually got international fans! Though we lost some after Mikan and I admitted to dating but apparently our music makes up for it," Natsume explained.

"You mean your lyrics. You'd be great in the music industry, there's so much meaning in the things you write. And when Mikan sings it, everything just falls into place. You two are perfect together!" Ruka praised.

"It wouldn't have been a huge hit if it weren't for you and your compositions," Natsume said. "You're really good with the piano. You can recognise the pitch of a key perfectly. And thanks to our music, you and Hotaru even started the band's own line of cafés."

"It was Hotaru's idea," Ruka smiled. "She was the one that thought of promoting us through the café."

"You're speaking too kindly of her," Natsume chuckled. "She's just promoting while making money. What better way to get extra income under the band's name."

The bell in front of the door rang and Niji bowed. "Welcome to Blacklite Wings!" Niji greeted with a smile as the guy approached the barista.

"Any chance the boss is in this branch?" The guy asked and Niji pointed to Ruka and Natsume.

Ruka had his back facing the entrance and Natsume's eyes widened when he saw the customer in his coffee shop. "Koko."

The name caused Ruka to turn around abruptly and he jumped out of his seat. "Oh my god, you're back!"

"I never knew you guys used the band's name for a café!" Koko exclaimed and hugged the Hyuuga brothers.

"How're you?" Natsume fist-bumped Koko and gave him a hug.

"I'm good, getting better after arriving actually," Koko smiled.

"When did you get back in Japan?" Ruka asked.

"A few days ago but I had to be in Kyoto. Gumi stuff," Koko shrugged his shoulders.

"You look really good. Your hair's gotten pretty long, eh?" Natsume flicked Koko's fringe and Koko laughed.

"It's expensive to cut my hair in England," Koko commented and his eyes wandered around the room.

Natsume noticed this and with a heavy heart, he smiled. "She's upstairs." Natsume said.

Koko looked at Natsume and grinned. "Thanks Natsume."

Natsume stood still as he saw Koko turn around and ran up the stairs. Ruka patted Natsume's shoulder and they were startled by the loud shriek coming from the top floor. "Looks like they've met." Ruka muttered.

"Yeah," Natsume sighed.

"Oh come on, you don't think Mikan's going to forget about you just because she saw Koko again, do you?" Ruka asked. "You have such little faith in my sister."

"What those two have…is something I can never come in between," Natsume said and Ruka held Natsume's wrist.

"He's family. We're all family," Ruka patted Natsume's hand. "Now we should go up there and celebrate our reunion."

Natsume stopped in his tracks when he saw a group of people barging through the entrance. "Woah, that's a lotta people!" Natsume gulped.

"They're fans," Ruka chuckled. "You do remember the purpose for this café right? It's just another mean of promotion."

"But this is strange…there're too many at once!" Natsume commented and a few girls rushed to him to get his autograph.

"Yeah, I guess it is," Ruka eyes the group suspiciously. "Niji, call in the others out to help you. I don't think you can attend to all of them alone."


Koko avoided the chair that was thrown towards him.


With a single motion of his finger, Koko caught and levitated the mug that was aiming for his head.


Koko sighed as Hotaru grabbed onto Mikan who was crying and screaming at him.

Natsume and Ruka stood still on the staircase as they saw the mess Mikan made. Tables and chairs were all over the place and the sandwich plate was shattered on the floor. It's okay. I'll clean it up once she calms down. Koko sent his thought to the Hyuuga brothers.

"So much for reunion," Natsume muttered.

"Woah," Ruka let out and walked towards his fiancée and sister. "Mi-chan, you alright?"

Mikan glared at Ruka but he couldn't take her expression seriously. She was crying and her eyes and nose were red and puffy. She sobbed a little and shook her head.

"Is it safe to speak now?" Koko asked and Mikan glared at him. "You can't hurt me, Mi-chan."

"Don't you Mi-chan me! You have no right to call me by my name right now! I am so mad at you, I could kill you!" Mikan shouted in anger. "It's been more than a freaking year! I sent thousands of letters to you and you didn't reply. Jii-san wouldn't tell me your number. My dad wouldn't tell me your number. It's like you walked out of my life just like that!" Mikan snapped her finger.

Koko started to lift up the furniture with his powers and neatly arranged it around the lounge. He made a twirl with his finger and the broken plate floated and arranged themselves together. Hotaru's eyes widened. "You'd be a good asset in my company."

"Thanks but I already have a job," Koko bowed. "And as for you," Koko glared at Mikan. "You're a bright happy person for someone who claimed she's upset and frustrated because you couldn't contact me. While I was in England suffering alone in an English-speaking country not knowing my right from my left and trying to adapt myself to a new place for a whole year, you found yourself a family, a boyfriend, a secured job and somehow graduated the academy. And you're still mad at me?"

Mikan bit back her words as Koko continued. "Well, who was the one that went through hell to look for your father? Who freaking saved your sorry-ass life? Who was the person that awakened his powers to save you over and over again and had his life claimed by the Community? Who, Mikan?!"

Koko finally lets out his frustrations and breathed out. "Now since we've settled this and I've made clear of what was in my head, I'll be on my way. I'm clearly not welcomed here." Koko grabbed his backpack and walked past Natsume down the staircase.

"Woah…he's turn into a tough guy," Hotaru snickered. "The lonely life really toughens people up, don't they?"

"Mi-chan, are you really going to leave it like this?" Ruka asked. "It's a bit childish, don't you think?"

"He's the one who's acting childish!" Mikan shouted back.

"Does it matter?" Natsume asked. "Would you be happy? Ending it this way? You might never see him again."

"Yeah well, he's the one that shut me out first! I couldn't even call him or write to him!" Mikan whined.

"Yeah? How do you think I feel when my brothers left to the community too?" Natsume had his arms over his chest. "Did you think I didn't want to call Youichi or Persona? Did you think I liked being all alone while my stupid father was being a stupid father? It's just not possible for an outsider, a non-power user to contact them. That's the rule. It's not that he didn't want to, for goodness sake, the first thing he wanted to do was probably tell you, it's just that he couldn't."

Mikan was finally silenced. She and Natsume never actually talked about powers and Koko ever since the last time they were in the presence of the Yume gumi member. There was no story to tell and they decided to live life as normal human beings that they are.

"Go back to him," Natsume said and Mikan buried her face in her hands.

"I can't," Mikan stuttered.

"You won't know when he'll ever come back," Natsume said.

"But he will come back," Mikan still held on to that belief.

"He won't be the same person," Natsume said. "Not if you let go of him."

Without questioning anymore, Mikan nodded and ran past Natsume and Ruka down the stairs. Her eyes were shut, she missed him too much and she lied to herself that she's happy without him. She wanted him in her life, she just wanted him around. "Koko!" She shouted once her foot touched the floor of the café. The brown orbs enlarge and her eyes simply widened when she saw the crowd standing before her.

The fans squealed and screamed when they saw her. She gave her best smile but her eyes wandered in the room searching for Koko. Her eyes fell on a girl that pointed to one side of the floor.

Mikan's ears perked up when she heard the drums lightly banging and a few violinists playing. When did we have violins here? She thought and walked towards the stage on the corner of the café.

(I'm an angel with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun,
An angel with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun...)

Mikan saw Koko sitting by the drums and had two violinists next to him and two guitarists in front of him. Koko had a mic strapped to his cheek and he started drumming louder.

Get out your guns, battle's begun,
Are you a saint, or a sinner?
If love's a fight, than I shall die,
With my heart on a trigger.

They say "Before you start a war,
You better know what you're fighting for"
Well baby, you are all that I adore,
If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.

Koko glanced up and his eyes met Mikan's. With that, the guitar volume increased and Koko shuts his eyes.

I'm an angel with a shotgun,
Fighting til' the war's won,
I don't care if Heaven won't take me back.
I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
Don't you know you're everything I have?
... and I, wanna live, not just survive, tonight.

Sometimes to win, you've got to sin,
Don't mean I'm not a believer.
... and Major Tom, will sing along.
Yeah, they still say I'm a dreamer.

"I never knew he could sing," Natsume was standing next to Mikan but she didn't hear what he said.

"I never knew he could look that cool singing and drumming," Ruka smirked, impressed.

They say "Before you start a war,
You better know what you're fighting for."
Well baby, you are all that I adore,
If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.

I'm an angel with a shotgun,
Fighting til' the war's won,
I don't care if Heaven won't take me back.
I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
Don't you know you're everything I have?
... and I, wanna live, not just survive, tonight.

Ooohhh, ooohhh whoa whoa oooh whoa
Ooohhh, ooohhh whoa whoa oooh whoa
Ooohhh, ooohhh whoa whoa oooh whoa
Ooohhh, ooohhh whoa whoa oooh whoa

The crowd followed this part and sang with him. The café and the crowd outside on the street sang along while raising their hand. Koko's voice lowered and he breathed through the mic, he could feel his body being a bit exhausted from singing and slamming his instrument but seeing her face again was more than enough for him to continue.

I'm an angel with a shotgun...
Fighting til' the war's won...
I don't care if heaven won't take me back...

I'm an angel with a shotgun,
Fighting til' the war's won,
I don't care if heaven won't take me back.
I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
Don't you know you're everything I have?
(I'm an angel with a shotgun)
... and I, want to live, not just survive, tonight.
(Live, not just survive)

... and I'm gonna hide, hide, hide my wings tonight.

Koko stood up and the guitarist handed him a larger microphone.

They say "Before you start a war,
You better know what you're fighting for."
Well baby, you are all that I adore,
If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.

With that final sentence, the music stopped and the whole crowd in the café were screaming like crazy. They clapped and cheered. "Hello Blacklite Wings fans. I'm Kokoro Yume…an ex-member for the band…but I don't really count as a member since I was only around for a few weeks."

Regardless, the fans cheered him on. Koko looked around and saw how hyped up the crowd was and he smiled. "I gathered all of you here for a reason and the time to reveal it, is here."

"He gathered this crowd?" Natsume asked; bewildered.

"The kid has massive connections to get this number of people in a short while," Hotaru agreed.

The lights inside the café shut off and there was a dim light just above the stage and everyone could see only Koko. The sky outside was already dark and more people started to appear wondering why there was a long line outside.

"I came back for a special reason. Family," Koko started talking through the mic. "I missed so many things while I was away. My life probably changed and I couldn't recognise that many things here in Tokyo ever since I left."

"I missed a special chance in the past but we all knew what was to come," Koko was staring at Mikan now. "You can never turn back the clock to the time you wish you could change the future. The world doesn't work that way."

"I've hurt so many people," Koko said vaguely; implying hurt in a sense of emotional pain but he meant physical injuries as well and only his friends that knew his true nature understood. "There's no way I can atone for the sins I've committed or of the crimes I was a part of. I'm no longer part of the family I thought I had even if it was just a relationship of a few weeks."

"Even so, I'm only here for a short time…and I'm hoping I can make the best of it and I hope you'll stop being mad at me," This was now directed to Mikan and Koko smiled. "Happy Birthday Mi-chan."

The lights suddenly flickered on and Mikan heard the fans started singing 'Happy Birthday' to her. While all the attention was towards Koko during the sudden darkness, the violinists and guitarists that helped Koko; had prepared a cake with the candles lit and they stood behind Mikan throughout Koko's speech.

Mikan stood frozen and her eyes kept on shifting between the cake and Koko every few seconds. "Happy Birthday to you," The crowd reached the end of the song and cheered after Mikan blew out the candles.

The fans started to each give her a small note all with different colours. Mikan hugged and thanked them and soon her arm was filled with the colourful notes that she requested a bag to put it all in. The fanservice lasted for almost over a half hour and once the last fan gave the note and her wishes, the crowd started to disperse. Some left and some still hung around but went to the lounge upstairs, giving privacy to the band members as requested by Koko.

"Amazing," Natsume bumped Koko's shoulder with his fist.

"I can't believe you got them to do that," Ruka snickered.

"A couple of days ago, in Kyoto, a few fans saw me and apparently they remembered me from our first gig over a year ago. They told me how you guys managed to reach the charts every time you release a single and how many fans you have," Koko chuckled. "Then…somehow I just thought of giving you a visit, just before I leave. I went to your fan website and posted a notice to anyone who wanted to help me surprise all of you."

Mikan approached the three boys and Koko's gaze soften. "…and well, they did."

"I can't believe you did this," Mikan said. "And I said such horrible things to you…"

"Yeah well, I've got payback for you," Koko smirked cheekily.

"Payback?" Mikan asked and Koko pointed to her bag of notes.

"There are four hundred and forty-one pieces of those," Koko said and grinned. "It's a birthday letter to you."

"EACH OF IT?" Mikan asked, surprised.

"Nope," Koko answered and all eyes were curiously on him. "There's a word in each note…you've gotta arrange them yourself to read the whole letter."

Mikan's eyes widened and her mouth fell open. "ARE YOU CRAZY?!"

Natsume started laughing hysterically and Ruka joined in. Hotaru smirked. "You're full of evil, kid," Hotaru remarked.

The next couple of hours was filled with talks and laughs between the five of them. Stories of Ruka and Hotaru's engagement, the new café, future tours and albums. Koko couldn't put in much detail but he mentioned bits and pieces about his life in Bristol.

"It was hard to adapt at first but then my power somehow sucked in an ability for me to converse in English. It just…happened," Koko said with a surprised expression. They continued laughing even as some fans approached them for pictures and autographs.

Koko merely smiled as he saw them busy entertaining a fan. Ruka and Hotaru sat across Koko and smiled at him. "You did wonderful today," Ruka said. "I've never seen her so happy."

"You're kidding me," Koko scoffed. "She had Natsume and you for a whole year, she's probably the happiest person around."

"Not until today," Hotaru commented. "When you sang that song, she cried and smiled, she even mumbled around to your words trying to keep up with you."

"Yeah well, I missed her birthday last year…and I'm pretty late this year too so I had to do something special," Koko said. "I expected her to physically hurt me when she saw me, though. I forgot I had a spell casted on me to ward off any objects that were aimed towards me this week when I met the Kenzo gumi."

"Ah, speaking of gumi, how's your family?" Ruka asked.

"Well, my dad has recovered completely and he's joining my return to the Community later today to enhance his powers again," Koko explained and Ruka blinked.

"Wait…I thought there isn't a Community in Japan," Ruka said.

Koko realised the words he used and his lips drew into a line. "T-There isn't."

"Then…by return…you mean you're leaving to England?" Ruka asked. "Today?"

That caught Mikan and Natsume's attention and Koko flashed an awkward guilty smile. "Y-Yeah."

"What?" Mikan asked. "You can't! You just got here!"

"Even if I am a yakuza, I can't tarnish my name by taking such a long leave from the Community."

"But my brothers did," Natsume brought up.

"They have an exception. Your father pulled the strings behind it, he is the sole financial supporter for that Community. I have no one," Koko said. "Don't worry about it. After my recent title, I can get letters now so we won't totally be apart."

Mikan hugged Koko tightly. "Don't lie to me!"

"I'm not," Koko answered her.


Koko's eyes widened as he heard the most annoying sound in his life. His gaze turned to the entrance and his expression was that of a deer being preyed on by a lion. "Holy shit," He muttered under his breath.

Mikan turned around to see a beautiful blonde girl walking towards them. She had eyes that resembled the colour of the sea but the tone of her voice and the expression she wore made Mikan uncomfortable.

"What the damn hell are you doing here?!" Koko said between gritted teeth.

"To see you, my darling. What else?" Nathania smiled and turned to Koko's friends. Her eyes laid on Mikan and she blinked. "Oh…OH!" She pointed to Mikan and started jumping comically. "It's her! It's her! It's that girl you're in love with!" She shouted and Koko smacked his own face with his palm.

Nathania rushed up to Mikan and shook her hand. "Hi!" She said perkily. "I'm Nathania Leo. Kokoro's classmate!" Her voice was high and annoying even to Mikan.

"I'm not your classmate," Koko corrected. "I've already surpassed you a year ago."

"Yeah well, I'm making sure I reach your level in a month!" Nathania swore.

"Then I'm upgrading in a week," Koko challenged and Nathania smirked.

"You really hate me, don't you?" Nathania asked.

"Was I not being obvious?" Koko asked. "You come crashing into this café, disturbed my last hour with my friends and you said stupid things about me. Get out."

Nathania stared at Koko and then back to Mikan. She saw Natsume standing behind Mikan and her head tilted in confusion. "Surely she's not falling for you with her boyfriend standing behind her?"

Koko wanted to bang his head on the wall. Can she never stay quiet?!

Well, well, well. Trouble eh? Yume-dono. Hotaru sent that thought purposely for Koko to hear and he scowled.

"I kinda hate her," Mikan said but since she was speaking Japanese, Nathania was simply clueless. "How did you meet such a person?"

"I didn't, she found me," Koko answered; drinking his last bit of coffee.

"I'm going to marry him," Nathania said and Koko spurted his drink and started coughing.

"And how are you so sure about that?" Natsume asked as he is fluent in English.

"I've had dreams and I come from a long line of witches with perfect premonition," Nathania said. "You're going to get married to this girl too."

Natsume blushed and turned to Koko. "Yeah, she's always like that," Koko said answering Natsume's inner thought, wiping off his nose and lips.

"I think she suits you," Hotaru answered in English. "She's somewhat the opposite of you. Clearly you two are well matched."

"That's what I said!" Nathania clapped her hands together. "You understand me so well!" Nathania grasped Hotaru's hands happily.

"Don't. Touch. Me," Hotaru said menacingly and Nathania retracted her hands to her side, surprised by the change of expression.

Sighing aloud, Koko stood up. "Let's go," Koko announced. "Knowing you, you're probably on the same flight back. We should leave now."

"You're leaving now?" Mikan asked and Koko petted her head.

"Yeah, I'll see you again soon, Mi-chan," Koko said. "And I've left you a lot of things to do to keep yourself busy." Koko winked towards the notes in her bag and she punched him lightly.

"Have a safe trip back. Thanks for seeing us today, and for the surprise," Mikan smiled and Koko kissed her on the cheek.

"It's what I do," Koko smiled and suddenly Nathania grabbed Koko's arm out of jealousy. "A little tip, some of the notes have numbers on them so you can guess the arrangement."

Feeling uncomfortable, Koko yanked his arm off her grip. He turned around and gave hugs to Natsume, Ruka and Hotaru. "Stay safe, brother," Natsume said.

"Always will," Koko beamed.

"We'll send you invites to our engagement, you know, as courtesy. Who knows if maybe you could make it," Ruka shrugged his shoulders.

"I'll try," Koko said. "Take care of this guy, Imai-san. He can be strong but he's still a child at heart."

"Oh, I know," Hotaru smiled.

After their goodbyes, Koko and Nathania left the café and walked towards the train station to head for the airport. The sudden windy breeze hit them on the face and Nathania the man he is, he took off his coat and put it over her. "No, you'll freeze," Nathania said with her teeth slightly chattering.

"I'm fine," Koko said and he would be as he used some of his power to heat himself up from the inside.

A drop of a cold watery particle landed on his nose and Koko looked up to see snow falling. "Yuki," He muttered in Japanese.

"Snow," Nathania smiled saying the very same word Koko said but in English. "This would be our first snowfall together."

"Yeah," Koko said, mesmerized at the beauty of the world. We're creatures with an extra gift. But even then we can't manipulate nature and all it's glorious beauty. Everything has limits. Koko thought and he frowned. "Wait…"

"Shut up, you just agreed to what I said. Now just stop arguing and let's just stay quiet together for a while." Nathania insisted, trying not to let go of the opportunity.

Breathing in, Koko agreed and they walked together. Seeing as Koko had calmed down after seeing all his friends, Nathania slipped her hand and held Koko's. She glanced up to see Koko's expression.

"Just this once," He said.

Nathania giggled and held his hand tighter as they made their way.

"They really make a good couple," Ruka agreed as the four of them spied on the two witches walking in the snow in the darkness.

"It's true, she may be annoying but I think he's the only one who can handle her," Hotaru added.

Mikan was on the floor and spilled all the notes out of the bag. "Now where do I begin?" Mikan thought.

"Do you have to do it now?" Natsume asked.

"Yeah… I need to know what he wrote to me," Mikan said. "It's the only thing I have to remember him by."

"It's not the last time, Mi-chan," Ruka reassured. "There'll always be chances for us all to meet again. He's part of us, our family."

Hearing the word 'family', Mikan smiled. "Yeah… I guess."

Dear Mi-chan,

I'm sorry I didn't respond to your letters. The truth is, I found the stack of them one day by chance in the Community's post office. I stole them without anyone knowing but I can't reply to you. The postmen are witches who specialises in seeing contents of letters by the students as we don't have our protective spell stamps yet.

I've miss you a great deal. Coming here was a tough decision but I had to, for my family's sake. I really hope you understand. It's beautiful here in England. I'll bring you here one day.

I'm sorry I missed your birthday last year. I couldn't do anything about it. I tried telling Jii-chan to send flowers but I couldn't contact him either. It's all forbidden for my level but now I'm a Wizard, a respectable level.

I hope you and Natsume are well. I'm glad you have him, you two have so much in common and you two need each other. Ruka too. I'm happy you have a whole full family now, you must be ecstatic.

I heard about Blacklite Wings even here in England. You've got quite a lot of fans, I'm amazed. Tell Natsume his songs are absolutely great! I have a few friends here who would love to meet all of you, they didn't really know I was part of you guys in the beginning. I'm sorry about leaving so suddenly too. But with me out of the way, I guess you won't go through any magical power-based events.

Oh wait! You have Izumi! Hahah, I almost forgot about him. How is your father? His branch in Germany is expanding towards the major parts of Europe too and the Hyuugas as well.

Well, I'm out of things to say, or rather, I have too many things but I can't say much or complain about it. I'm under an oath to the Community.

Happy Birthday, my dear Mikan. I hope you're safe and will always be well. You're beautiful and amazing and pack a huge punch when you want to. I hope Natsume stays away when you're angry. You do the craziest stunts.
Congratulations on graduating the Academy as well and being the Best Athlete of the batch and I wish you luck in whatever you do in the future.

Finally, I hope to see you again –someday.

I love you, all of you with all flaws included and wish the rest luck from me. I hope Blacklite Wings will stick together until the end. It's what bind us all from the start and we will see to it till the end.


Kokoro Yume

It's finally the end guys. Thank you so much for sticking by me all this while. I've made an end to almost every character in the story, more-or-less. I actually had a PM where someone asked me to write a new fiction about Koko in the community and well, I didn't know if I should but I thought of adding bits of his Community life in this final end.

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