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Accidents happen.

They always do, and most plausibly, will always continue to occur.

However, not all mishaps take a turn for the worse. From time to time, they may even open up a pathway to something much better. Though just the same, they may open the door to incidents much more worse.

In a way, I suppose accidents are like a coin toss.

They're improbable, they're unpredictable, and to put it bluntly, they're most simply a gamble.


Sasori's PoV

"I can't believe that you actually made that girl cry, yeah."

"It wasn't my fault. I didn't say anything."

"As if. You were the one who told her that she looked like a pig."

"I only implied that."

"But, she understood... Yeah."

"That shouldn't count. I wasn't expecting her to possess a decent intellect."

My best friend, Deidara, snickered from beside me. "Wow, big words."

Ignoring his comment, I turned to face the foyer. People were streaming in the door, chattering loudly as they came through the large entrance. Outside, the cloudy sky was a visible hue of dull grey, and the wind was harshly blowing on the bare branches of the courtyard trees. I shivered slightly as a tendril of cool air blew in my direction.

I had just come back from another bridal meeting. This time, the princess had been from the Tea Country. Just as the other bachlorettes however, she had been much too eager and prone to whine to suit my tastes. Fortunately, the girl had seemingly noticed my apparent distaste early on in our rendezvous, and had cut our appointment short due to her weeping.

Of course, my grandmother had been nothing short of furious, when she had found out. Regardless though, I hadn't felt even a modest bit of remorse towards the outcome. To tell the truth, what I had actually felt had been a mixture of both relief and gratitude.

"It looks like it's gonna rain, eh, Sasori?" Deidara spoke suddenly, snapping me away from my thoughts.

"I guess so," I replied, gazing out the entryway again. The clouds had turned a light shade darker. The change was subtle, but it was clearly apparent that rain was going to fall soon. I looked towards Deidara. "Want to go to my quarters?"

The blonde vigorously nodded. "That would be good, yeah. I don't like the cold too much," he mumbled, rubbing at his arms.

I gave a murmur of assent, and headed off towards the hallways. We walked quietly for a while, though Deidara stopped every once in a while to peer at a few of the pricey sculptures that decorated the place.

"We're never going to get there if you keep stopping like that," I wryly remarked, as my friend took an unusually long moment beside a marble statue of a mermaid.

"I can't help it," he retorted flippantly. "Look at all of this stuff. They're so tacky. You know, Sasori, this kind of thing isn't real art," he shrugged, tapping his hand against the mermaid's pale forehead.

"Real art?" I repeated. "At least that thing will last," I said, pointedly surveying the large effigy. "...Unlike your pieces."

"But that's the whole point," Deidara responded. "Art isn't meant to be everlasting or eternal, like you say it is, yeah. I mean, I respect your opinion and everything, Sasori, but I don't think that you quite get the concept of "true art", you know?"

"Of course. I forgot that you prefer having things explode into tiny pieces." I answered, as I began to walk again.

Deidara hurried forward, and followed me. He huffed, appearing only marginally put out. "Yeah, well... You didn't have to put it so bluntly," he complained.

I shrugged. "I'm sorry for being truthful."

With a loud exhale, my best friend strode forward, until he was in front of me. "But you know," he said enthusiastically. "I've been working on a new piece of art for a while. It's going to make the biggest explosion, for sure, yeah."

"A new piece?" I asked, slightly curious.

"Yeah," Deidara confirmed my question with a nod of his head. "I'm not planning on showing you what it exactly is yet, though."

"That doesn't really bother me," I said.

With a glowering scowl, he replied. "You don't get it, Sasori. It's gonna be amazing, yeah." With a wave of his hand, he motioned towards a nearby painting. "Even if you think art is junk like that, I can assure you, once you see my newest creation, you'll change your mind."

"Spare me the theatrics. I'm pretty convinced that my opinion will remain firm."

"I'm pretty convinced otherwise, though." Deidara shot back. Putting his arms snugly behind his head, he began to walk backwards, facing my direction. "It'll totally leave you in complete and utter awe, yeah. Since the thing's gonna be huge, and --" Suddenly, he stopped talking.

Then all at once, a small squeak of pain and a dull crash resounded, and I watched in frozen trepidation as Deidara fell backwards and onto someone who had probably been walking behind him. Hurrying, I scuffled to where the blonde had fallen.

"Ow, what the hell?" he groaned, rubbing at his head painfully.

From underneath him, a small voice moaned as well. "Ouch..."

"Ouch?" Deidara repeated in a mumble. "I feel the same way --"

With a sense of exasperation, I reached for Deidara's hand. "You're sitting on someone," I snapped crossly. "Hurry and get off, and then feel free to complain."

"Huh? I am...?" For a moment, he sat still a while longer, before reverting back to attention. "Oh!" Grasping my arm heavily, he hoisted himself up and stood, albeit a little clumsily.

"I'd say sorry, if I were you," I noted dryly, as I watched Deidara kneel down nervously on the floor. Moving closer myself, I took a better look at the person that lay on the ground.

A shock of tousled soft pink hair rested limply on the floor, and pale skin blended in nicely with the pale shade of the marble floor. The feature of the person that struck me the most though, was their face. Heart-shaped and pleasant, I couldn't help but recognize it immediately. It belonged to no other than the girl I had spoken with a few days ago, at the library. The one who couldn't read, I recalled.

"Hey, are you all right?" Deidara asked her, concern etched in his voice. "I didn't know you were back there, yeah."

The girl nodded, before shakily sitting up. "Yes, thank you," she replied. "I didn't see you, either. ...Sorry."

My friend shrugged the apology off, and offered her his hand. "I'll help you up. Here."

Reaching for it, she clasped his palm awkwardly, and attempted to stand. However, she quickly let out a quiet whimper of pain, before falling back down with a loud thud.

"Are you all right, yeah?" Deidara questioned nervously. "That sounded like a pretty bad landing."

"I doubt she is," I remarked suddenly from my place behind them. "Otherwise, I don't think she would've fallen in the first place."

Appearing confused, the girl peered towards my direction. Then, just as she had during our first encounter at the library, she glanced down awkwardly at the floor as she realized who I was.

"We've met before. Why are you acting like that?" I commented.

Deidara stared at me, and then quickly back to the girl. He repeated this gesture several more times, before asking, "You two know each other?"

"In a way," I answered. Despite the blonde's palpable curiosity on the matter, I didn't bother to elaborate. With a tilt of my head, I addressed the girl instead. "Try getting up again," I ordered.

She nodded awkwardly, and ventured skeptically to stand once more. She managed to get up unsteadily on one leg, before her other gave way. With a surprised squeal, she fell down once more.

Deidara winced. "That must've hurt, yeah."

Ignoring him, I surveyed the girl's leg with a composed eye. Her left ankle seemed slightly red, and it was beginning to swell.

"I'm guessing it hurts," I stated, pointing towards the evident injury.

"A bit," she admitted, sounding forlorn. She tried to bring her ankle closer to her, as she tried to get a better glimpse of the damage. Flinching, she put her leg back to its previous position. "On second thought, it might hurt a lot."

Looking a bit guilty, Deidara apologized. "Sorry. It's my fault."

"What are you going to do about that?" I asked.

The girl remained silent for a few seconds, before replying. "I guess I'll just ask the cook for some poultice."

Deidara quickly gave his approval, as relief quickly replaced his prior show of shame. "That sounds good, yeah. Doesn't it, Sasori?" With an edgy smile, he flipped his long ponytail negligibly to the side.

Despite my friend's solid assertion, I shook my head, feeling a little dubious. "I think she should get it checked out."

"Okay… But, by who?" Deidara queried.

"Doctor Tsunade would probably do it, if I asked." I answered.

First looking unsure, then confident, he swiftly agreed. "That would probably be for the better, yeah. Should I go call her?"

I took a second to glance backwards at the slow but steady stream of people that were leisurely filtering into the hallway behind us. They would reach us soon, and her accident would no doubt garner unwanted attention and curious looks. It would be both too crowded and uncomfortable here for the girl and us, I decided.

Turning towards the downcast pink-haired ingénue, I looked back at Deidara.

"Think you can help me take her to my room?" I questioned.


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