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Fai sighed in Tomoyo's garden, wondering how much more the group would have to go through to get all the feathers back. He flinched when something touched his shoulder. Turning around, he saw Kurogane with his newly obtained arm.

Fai stared at the foreign mechanical object, watching it move closer to him. It touched his skin, and yet again, he flinched.

"What's the matter?" The ninja asked. It wasn't like the mage to move away whenever Kurogane barely touched him.

The now-gold eyed man looked up at Kurogane. "It's cold." He said quietly, not quite wanting to accept the fact for himself.

Kurogane flexed the hand a bit. "I can't really feel it." He stated, just verifying that he had no idea about how cold the arm was.

Fai's sight traveled back over to the arm. Kurogane had sacrificed his arm for Fai, even though Fai didn't want to be saved.

The mage sighed again, remembering a time before he had is eye eaten, before he was turned into a vampire, before the group had gone to Celes, when they didn't know where Acid Tokyo was.

He remembered a time where every night, the blue-eyed man wanted to go curl up to Kurogane because of the warmth the ninja had, and the lack of warmth the mage could get. The lithe man would stand up, walk over to the red eyed man's bed, and almost get into it, but his conscious would always tell him that Kurogane would be mad at him if he did so, and so the blonde haired man traveled back to his own bed, slightly broken-hearted.

Now, he shivered at the thought of how cold Kurogane is, because of the arm. Besides, Fai would feel bad every time he saw the mechanical part of the ninja's body. It reminded him of how much everybody has paid just for him to live.

"It was my decision." The ninja seemed to read his mind.

Fai smiled. "I know." He stood up, walking over to the arm, wrapping both of his own around it.

Kurogane raised an eyebrow at him. "I thought you didn't like it."

Fai leaned his head against the cold object, not shivering only because he was just as cold. "I don't."

What he didn't add on, was how it was still a part of Kurogane that Fai would learn to accept, and Kurogane should be warm, not cold because he saved the mage.

Fai tightened his grip on the arm, determined to make it warm.

If it was a part of Kurogane, Fai could learn to love it.

Cold and fake; it wasn't as if the mage was any better himself, anyway.

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