A.N: I just got really bored and thought this might be a funny idea…I've been getting writers block in my other story. If you've never watched America's Next Top Model, it might not be all that funny…this is just the intro, so it's not supposed to be hilarious…but if anyone thinks this is a good idea…I'll go on and start the competition…next each model will have to pose a common "high school cliché (on second episode of this cycle of ANTM)

Darren Shan Saga's Next Top Model

EVANNA: Wanna be on top?

Frogs singing constantly in the background: Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

LARTEN (turns to face camera and strokes scar)

HARKAT (takes off mask and winks suggestively)

VANCHA (spits twice and sighs dramatically)

KURDA (brushes back hair and smiles)

VANEZ (takes off shirt and tries to wink…though it looks like he's just blinking his one eye)

SEBA (produces a spider and kisses it)

STEVE (plays with scar on his hand, then looks up wickedly)

GAVNER (applies lipstick and makes a kissy-face towards the camera)

GANNEN (in the process of kissing STEVE and notices it's his turn. He coughs and smiles)

MIKA (looks to the left and licks his lips)

DARREN (waves to camera and says "hi" then LARTEN smacks him and mutters, "No talking! Just pose!")

EVRA (sticks out his tongue and hisses)

DESMUND (a.k.a. Mr. Tiny) (scowls at the camera and throws one of his yellow boots and the camera…breaking the lens.)


EVANNA as TYRA BANKS (in a way)

ARRA as TWIGGY (in a way)