This fanfiction is apart of Project PC: A 36 part string of fanfiction/drabble based off prompts from 64damnprompts (Livejournal) and a randomly selected pairing from Party Characters (PC) of Tales of the Abyss. ALL possible pairings in the party of ToA (including Ion and yes, Mieu) will be written out. These go in no particular order so have fun with them!

Pairing: Jade x Anise

Prompt: we all float on

Disclaimer: Characters included belong in their game of Tales of the Abyss.

Project PC (completed): 2/36

"One two, buckle my shoe," A young voice mumbled softly under her breath. "Three four, shut the door."

As the rhyme slowly passed her lips, her feet skipped lightly. Gently of course to match the sway of the rhyme and not fall out of step. This was a small string of simple words that Anise had been sung when she was very young. It didn't really make much sense but for some reason it was soothing. Like when she sang it, no matter what tragedy was occurring, everything would be at peace. Everything would be fine.

"Five six, pick up sticks." She leaned to one side and then to the other, almost in a very introverted dance. Floating her internal conflicts on this simple children's rhyme.

"What are you mumbling about over there?" Someone questioned curiously.

Anise felt a bit annoyed at being interrupted in the song but shrugged and turned with a smile. "Just something Mama taught me a long time ago."

The man pushed up his glasses and looked her over oddly. "It had a rather ominous melody to it."

Anise blinked and pondered the statement. She'd never really bothered to notice that before but it was sort of creepy. Guess she was always so wrapped up in how much lighter it made her feel that she never cared much for what the melody may have sounded like to other people.

"Why? Do you recognize it, Colonel?" Anise questioned sweetly.

Jade did nothing for a long moment but then smiled slightly. "I'm afraid I don't know the words."

"But it's a rhyme that a lot of children know. You had to of heard it at least once." Anise countered.

A soft chuckle. "Perhaps I did at one point but I'm afraid the memory escapes me."

Anise took this as an opportunity to sing the next line. "Seven eight, lay them straight."

She looked up to the Colonel expectantly, only to have him still staring at her with curiosity. Maybe he really hadn't heard it before so she continued with the final line, "Nine ten, do it over again."

Jade shock his head. "It's very simple but I don't recognize it. I apologize, Anise."

Anise smiled. "Oh no worries, Colonel! I can teach it to you!"

"Teach it to me?" Jade repeated, looking amused.

Anise knew he'd probably never sing it himself (she sort of didn't want to know what the Colonel sounded like if he tried singing) but she got a satisfaction knowing that she could teach the ever knowing Colonel something as old as time itself and yet as new as an apple seed.

The smile on her face only grew as she stood there, trying to transfer her feelings into the Colonel when she sang the song. Who knew, perhaps all the bad memories or present thought that plagued the Colonel would float away on the very breeze that carried her voice to the heavens.


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