Quick inspiration came to me in the form of a sugar-high muse. She came and went, quick as anything, but she left me with a lingering sense of cuddliness. Thus the story.

Summary- The Doctor is having a bad day. Thankfully, Rose knows the answer to all. Ten/Rose.

Rating- G for all good.

This is as close to a drabble as I'm ever going to get.

What a ridiculously awful day the Doctor was having today. He'd bruised his hand hitting the TARDIS, burnt his toast into an unidentifiable black powder, and nearly hung himself when he caught his favorite tie in the topmost cupboard. He felt like attacking something. Preferably an inanimate object. One that wouldn't return fire.

Okay. Deep breath. See? The universe isn't against you today. You're tired and not exactly brilliant right now. Just go, have a nice foolproof breakfast, maybe read a book… Fruit! That's easy. Foolproof, to be sure. Bananas! Those are the easiest of all fruit know to sentient life. No painful juice to squirt in your eye. If don't slip on the peel, it's a perfectly safe, friendly food. Now all I have to do is get to the fruit bowl without getting decapitated by a bookshelf.

What on earth possessed the Doctor into tempting Fate like that (Fate was a strange woman indeed) we will never know. What we will know is that the age-old twine (made of titanium) that held the Time Lord's extensive pan collection above the reach of most mortals lost the will to live. More specifically, it got a taste of Dark Side pudding and liked it. More specifically still, it dropped the entire collection on top of a very unlucky Doctor.

Struggling under the tide of pans, he managed to free one hand enough to grab a fallen Sonic Screwdriver from the vengeful pile of iron, steel, and kryptonite (that was his favorite for omelets). Frantically twisting dials the Doctor sent out a distress call to Rose's bedroom in the TARDIS.

Rose's quick footfalls and cry of "What'd ya do this time?" gave the Time Lord enough hope (and will to conserve the remaining shreds of his dignity) to wriggle free of the crushing crockery. As he sat atop the mountain of metallic death, panting and rubbing his head, in flew Rose, in all her annoyed, sleepy glory.

"Doctor? What did you do this time?" she asked in horror.

The Doctor gave his companion the best puppy-eyed look he could manage and said sadly, "The universe dislikes me."

Rose's heart (like so many others before her) melted into a puddle of goo at the sight of the depressed Time Lord. Covering the distance between them in a couple quick steps she sunk into the pans next to the Doctor. Wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug she beamed up at him with an important message.

"I don't dislike you, Doctor."

Safe in Rose's warm cuddle he had just one conscious thought.

Maybe today won't be such a bad day after all.

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