This just came to me and I had to write it down! It's starts off just before Voldemort sets Nagini on Snape. Obviously this is not what happens and I have no idea how Draco came to be there at all, but that's not important because it's so much more fun this way!

Pairing: Draco/Severus

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is property of JK Rowling. So offence is intended and no money is being made.


Harry watched as Nagini uncoiled, ready to strike out at Snape, who stood as if frozen. Voldemort's eyes gleamed in delight. Just before the snake stuck out, however, a scream was heard and somebody stormed in past Snape, a blond head now between the two wizards.

"NOO!" Malfoy screamed, his arm making a slashing movement too fast for Harry to see what he held, but by the way Nagini reared back, her neck open in a gushing wound, it had been a blade of some sort.

"No!" Voldemort yelled, his wand going up while his face contorted in fury. Malfoy hadn't stopped, however, and was grabbing Snape's hand, something hidden in his palm. Their eyes met and then they disappeared. Voldemort let out another scream of rage as his curse hit the wall. He looked down at his dead snake and shook with such anger Harry could visibly see it from his hiding place. Then, in a swirl of black, Voldemort turned and left, leaving the dead animal behind.

Harry wasted no time, turning in the tunnel and hurrying back to Hogwarts. He had no idea where the portkey had taken the pair, but he needed to start looking. He only had an hour before Voldemort was expecting him.

He darted out of the hole and made his way up to the castle, his thoughts a whirlwind of confusion. Draco Malfoy had saved Severus Snape, risked everything, even his own life, something Harry hadn't thought the boy capable of at all. One thing suddenly rang clear in his mind: he needed to talk to Dumbledore. Throughout the year he had been second-guessing the late wizard's wisdom, but now he would go to the portrait itself and get some much-needed answers. He sped up, taking the stairs two at a time and not even registering the people he passed. Dumbledore had been in the same office with Snape for months, Harry reasoned, he would know if there was something going on between Snape and Malfoy. The idea seemed so… human to Harry. That Malfoy could care enough… somehow Harry felt reassured by it, as if something deep within him had been confirmed. He couldn't consciously understand that now, though.

Finally he was at the gargoyle, which had been knocked completely out of the way. Harry didn't spare it a glance as he rushed past and up the stairs. It was only just outside the door, a door that had always needed soundproofing, that Harry stopped. There was the unmistakable sound of crying from within.

"Draco," Snape's voice sounded deeper and yet more fragile than Harry had ever heard before. It held a familiarity that could not be missed. Harry took a chance and ever so gently pushed the door open a crack. He peeped through and saw the pair on the floor. Snape was holding onto Malfoy as the young wizard sobbed into his chest.

"I'm sorry," Malfoy managed, trying to gain control over himself. "I couldn't let him have you. Can't you see now? Can't you see what a madman he is?"

"What are you talking about?" Snape's voice held a hint of disbelief in it. He pulled back and put a hand under Malfoy's chin, raising the head so he could look into the young man's eyes. Malfoy suddenly rose onto his knees, his face desperate as he held onto Snape's shoulders.

"He wanted to kill you over nothing! I couldn't let that happen and I don't care! The only reason I joined in the first place was so I wouldn't be parted from you when the war came."

"What?" Snape's voice was filled with disbelief this time, as was Harry.

"I'm sorry," Malfoy repeated, looking like he meant it. "My father's always been crazy, so I knew the Dark Lord would be just as bad. I know you don't love me, but I… I couldn't…" Malfoy bowed his head in shame. Snape stared as the blond head for a moment, before pulling the smaller body against him, practically burrowing his nose in the soft-looking locks. Harry's heart was beating rapidly. He was at a loss of what to think, but he didn't dare move or make a sound for fear he would not hear more.

"Draco… you are my student," Snape whispered.

"I know," Malfoy said, sounding pained, his voice muffled by Snape's robes.

"And I have failed you," Snape continued. His words made Malfoy pull his head back enough so he could look up at Snape. "I should have spoken to you, but I believed you were only interested in me because your father had asked you to… seduce me."

"How could you think that? Don't you know me at all?" Malfoy asked. He looked betrayed and disappointed and it was Snape's turn to look down in shame.

"I am sorry, but I could not risk it, considering my position."

"As what? The Lord's favourite?"

"As a spy."

"No one from the Light would have found out," Malfoy insisted.

"No, you misunderstand me," Snape murmured. He looked at Malfoy again. "I thought Lucius sent you to find out if I was a spy for the Light… which I am." Malfoy's face was entirely blank, his body perfectly still. He just sat like a stone in Snape's lap, his arms around the taller man's neck. "I have been loyal to Dumbledore since before the last war ended." Slowly, Harry watched as Malfoy's face started to twist and contort. It filled with pain and betrayal, along with anger and hurt.

"You bastard!" Malfoy cried, his hands clenching into fist and pounding at Snape's chest. Snape allowed it and only held onto Malfoy's shoulders as the young Death Eater continued to hit him. "You utter bastard! How could you do this to me! How could you!" Malfoy was sobbing in between his screams. Harry had never seen him so undone. "You- you!" he heaved in a breath and let it out in a sob, his punches loosing their force somewhat. Abruptly he pulled back, though still straddling the other man, and rolled up his sleeve. He thrust the Mark in the Snape's face. "This is your fault! You allowed me to be branded like cattle! I love you and you let him-" Malfoy broke down sobbing again and Snape held onto him, his face sadder than Harry had ever seen him.

"I know you can never forgive me, Draco," he said softly, stroking down Malfoy's back. "I wanted nothing more than to say yes to you, but I could not risk it. The war was at stake. I did love you, but I couldn't." Malfoy's sobs died down to a few sniffles.

"And now?" Malfoy asked without raising his head.

"I will always love you, Dragon," Snape said softly, but his voice held a fierceness Harry was surprised by. "I wish things could have been different."

"I always thought you loved someone else…" Malfoy said uncertainly.

"Who on earth would that be?" Snape asked. Malfoy managed to shrug from his position.

"The same person everybody is in love with," he said. Harry frowned, wondering who on earth that could be. Snape seemed very still for a moment.

"Even you?" he asked carefully. Malfoy didn't answer for a long time, and eventually Snape sighed. "At least we have this moment, with each other." Slowly Malfoy straightened himself and gazed into Snape's eyes, longing very clear in his grey eyes. Snape gazed back, a little uncertain. He didn't move as Malfoy leaned in and their lips met in a soft kiss. Snape returned it briefly, as if he couldn't resist tasting a tiny sample, before pulling back. Harry would never admit it to himself how strangely beautiful the scene was. The two were complete opposites. Malfoy was ethereal and soft in the dark room, while Snape was like an old Roman statue in comparison.

"We should go," Malfoy said, sounding resigned and sad. "Your position as spy is shot to hell anyway. We should go and help. I must find Mother before it's too late."

"Yes," Snape agreed, then paused. "You saved my life. Thank you for that." Malfoy only nodded. "If we come out of this… we will talk." Again Malfoy nodded, a little more hopeful now. Snape again seemed to hesitate, and then leaned in quick for another soft, lingering kiss. Malfoy's lips almost followed as Snape drew back, as if he wished he were glued to the other man. Harry decided that time was running out fast. He braced himself and pushed the door open fully. The two on the floor reacted instantly, their wands trained on him before their eyes were.

"Snape," Harry said, his voice much calmer than Harry would ever have imagined it would be when he met this man. "I need answers. Now." He glanced at the portraits, locating Dumbledore easily. The man smiled back.

"Show him, Severus," he said. Snape nodded and rose, walking swiftly to the cabinet with the pensive and bringing it out. Malfoy rose as well, looking warily at Harry, but he had lowered his wand. He seemed uncertain how to react since Harry was in effect ignoring him. Snape emptied his memories into the pensive and motioned for Harry to step forward.

"You're both coming with me. I don't trust you to be in here alone," Harry said as he walked up to the desk. Snape nodded. Soon they were all falling into a whole cauldron of memories…

Harry swayed slightly as he got to his feet. They were in the Headmaster's office again. Snape and Malfoy were watching him with unhidden curiosity. Harry felt oddly blank and full at the same time.

"I didn't understand everything," Malfoy said, looking up at Snape. "But I gather Potter has to…?" Snape shook his head almost imperceptibly and Malfoy fell silent. Harry glanced at them and then at Dumbledore, who looked sad now and had no twinkle.

"I need to go, the hour's almost up," he said, casting a quick tempus. He barely had time to get down to the forest. He looked at the pair, black and white, and felt a deep longing for what they obviously felt for one another. He knew he had never kissed Ginny like that. He rarely ever kissed her, actually, it was always she who kissed him. "You should both stay in here," he said. "You've both done more than your fair share."

"What did I do?" Malfoy asked.

"You killed Nagini," Harry said absentmindedly, looking to the door. He glanced at the pair one last time, wondering what it was like to be held the way Snape had held Malfoy. He started for the door, but a hand on his wrist stopped him.

"You can't just go out there to die!" Malfoy exclaimed. Harry gave him a sad smile.

"Haven't you learned yet not to say the word 'can't' to a Gryffindor?" he asked rhetorically. He gently pried his hand free and then walked out without looking back. He didn't see how Snape enfolded Malfoy into his arms, a deeply sad look on his face, nor did Harry hear the soft sobbing muffled by Snape's robes.