Branded For You, ch 10 (Last chapter)

Beta: Thanks to Hidden_Lily

Notes: This story has been at times very difficult, but always fun to write. It was really interesting basing each chapter on a prompt, so I never knew which way the story was going to go before a prompt suddenly inspired me. I will definitely be trying this again, though I'm not sure when I'll have time to work on fanfiction right now with exams right around the corner. I want to thank everyone who read this story with this big smutty finish :D Hope you enjoy!

Of course, please be warned that this is a full-on mansex between three men.


Harry swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing visibly. Draco was ... he was wearing green. That was the only thing Harry's mind could process.

'Guh,' was the only sound he could make.

'Beautiful, is he not?' Severus purred, very close behind him. Beautiful, yes, that was certainly true. Draco's pale body encased in a green corset was without a doubt beautiful. His legs...! They went on forever. It was just so naughty – it was beyond any fantasy Harry could have imagined. Draco stepped close, reaching out and leisurely draping his arms over Harry's shoulders.

'Do you like the colour?' he asked sultrily, smirking boldly. Harry's hands came up and he ran them over slim hips and up the silky corset, then down again, before pulling Draco's body flush against his own. Draco's soft gasp drove him crazy and he quickly leaned in and captured the blond's lips in a deep kiss.

Oh, sweet Merlin. He groaned, his hands gripping the corset. He loved the feel of it. Then he let his hands slide down – Draco sucked on his tongue, holy shit – and then he encountered something that made him shudder with arousal: Draco's bare arse; he was wearing a fucking thong.

Harry moaned, devouring Draco's mouth and squeezing Draco's cheeks so hard it had to hurt, but Draco only gave that sexy gasp again, driving Harry further.

Draco ripped his lips off Harry's, his smirk much less bold now, more winded rather. 'Easy there, pace yourself,' he murmured. He looked to his left. 'Enjoying the show?' Harry followed his gaze and found Severus staring at them with a dark, smoldering look that made him shiver.

'Very much so. Why don't you get Harry undressed and into bed.'

'With pleasure,' Draco replied and immediately started on Harry's clothes. Harry stood idle as his shirt was practically ripped from him, then his trousers undone and pushed down, his boxers going with them. His heart thumped wildly and Draco's grin said it all, deliberately taking his time to let Harry's hard cock spring free before looking down.

'You're gorgeous,' he whispered, dropping to his knees and pulling Harry's clothes down, helping Harry step out of them. He then slid his hands up seductively, his eyes traveling up with them. His eyes finally locked with Harry's. They spoke simply, but quite clearly: I want you.

Harry held his breath as Draco leaned forward, licking a long swipe up his cock. 'Fuck,' Harry swore, getting as much from the sight of Draco licking him as the feeling itself. He was painfully hard now, and his hips jerked forward. When Draco abruptly stopped he couldn't help but whimper.

'Get to bed,' he encouraged softly, almost startling Harry, who looked to the bed and had to swallow again. Severus was reclining against the headboard, totally naked and slowly stroking his cock – which was unsurprisingly just like the rest of him: intimidating.

Harry almost stumbled, but the bed caught him. He crawled up and towards Severus, not even trying to look sexy because he didn't know how. Severus' seemed to enjoy it anyway for he reached for Harry and pulled him on top. Harry felt on fire as he was kissed with all that naked skin beneath him. He had only had sex with Ginny, and he had been a nervous wreck. It had been absolutely terrible, but he figured you had to practice things like that anyway. This experience was in another reality altogether.

Severus' large hands were everywhere! Their cocks slid together, their tongues dueled deliciously, and the man was moaning! Harry was making Severus Snape moan and now he was sure he was going to come soon if he didn't do as Draco advised. Pace himself, right. He pulled back, red and panting.

'I-' He couldn't even begin to explain, not when those eyes were boring into him and Severus' hands were massaging his cheeks, the fingers so close and yet so far from that forbidden area Harry had only recently begun to explore. He whimpered, completely mortified as his orgasm was stolen from him. He hung his head and let it drop to Severus' chest.

'That,' Draco said from beside them, 'was hot.'

'Indeed,' Severus' heavy voice rumbled through Harry, who wanted to melt into the warm chest and disappear. 'I suspect, however, that Harry is rather embarrassed by it.'

'Hey, no need for such nonsense,' Draco admonished. Harry felt a hand on his back, stroking softly. 'The night's young, and so are you.' Harry lifted his head and immediately received a sweet kiss from Draco. Kissing Draco while lying naked on Severus, however, was more than sweet. Harry knew then that the rest of the evening was far from ruined. In fact, it would be back on schedule in no time at all. Draco pulled back and smiled.

'Perhaps we should discuss what Harry would like to do with the rest of the evening,' Severus suggested. Harry looked up at him, hardly able to comprehend their positions. Severus leaned forward and kissed Harry just as sweetly as Draco had, and it came to the Boy Who Lived right then and there that he would never need to kiss anyone but these two ever again. When they parted, Harry decided to sit up, straddling Severus' thighs. He felt exposed, but was distracted by the way Draco had draped himself on the bed, looking like some pin-up fantasy, sultry smile in place and all.

'Would you like to fuck me? Or perhaps have Severus fuck you?' Both these possibilities were too much for Harry's virgin mind, unfortunately. He just stared dumbly at the pretty boy in the corset. Severus reached out and smoothed a hand up Harry's chest, further muddling his cognitive abilities.

'Too much too soon, I think. Pace yourself, remember.'

'I'd like to taste him again,' Draco hummed, his eyes eating up Harry's cock, which now stood to attention yet again.

'Yes, it did look delicious,' Severus agreed, moving his hand down, all the way down, to wrap around the offered treat. Harry moaned and closed his eyes. 'Would you like that Harry? For us to pleasure you?'

'I...I... fuck, stop a second!' Severus thankfully removed his hand. 'I...' Harry couldn't decide where to look, glancing at Draco and then Severus, but unable to look them in the eye. 'I want to taste you too,' he said, knowing it was absolutely true even if he was nervous as hell. He caught Severus' eyes finally and found himself captured by the dark gaze. 'Both of you,' he breathed, reaching forward, his inner griffin flaring to life. Without breaking eye-contact, he managed to take hold of the man's cock. It was warm and very, very real, Harry thought, giving a few strokes. Severus hissed.

'Hey, me too,' Draco whined. Harry looked at him, took in the pout, and gave a surprised laugh. He reached for him with his other hand and grabbed the back of the blond head, pulling another kiss to himself. He would never fail to appreciate the toe-curling way Draco's mouth opened for him and kissed him with such abandon. Draco gave a loud moan suddenly. Little did Harry know Severus was wanking him, while leaning forward to suck on Harry's neck and chest.

Soon Draco broke the kiss and Harry found himself being moved by the pair to lie between them. He stared up at them. They seemed like perfect opposites, but where did he fit in?

'Bloody gorgeous, isn't he?' Draco whispered and Harry had to close his eyes as the blond started running his hands all over him. Severus murmured his agreement and copied the movements. The pair seem to be able to work in sync without speech. They moved down, hands touching everywhere. One of them took hold of his member, and Harry was pretty sure the other was the first to lick.

'Oh!' Harry floated on a cloud of pleasure, only he frequently experienced lightning bolts through it whenever one of them sucked hard. He felt both mouths, like they were kissing each other while licking him almost. His eyes rolled back into his head as their hands went even lower. He couldn't stop gasping and moaning; he was afraid he would have trouble breathing. They pulled his legs further apart. Then, as one closed in on his hole, the other slithered up – it was Draco – and kissed him.

'Shit, fuck,' Harry whispered between kisses. He felt the need to curse. His spine arched as Severus breached him with one finger and his eyes sprang open. Draco hovered above him, his eyes intent and observing.

'Ok?' he asked. Harry could only nod, so Draco dove down to suck on a nipple. Harry was sure he was going to come, but then Severus stopped, squeezing his cock to starve it off, and Harry could only whimper as Draco kept worshipping his chest.

Abruptly, Draco straddled Harry's waist. He looked amazing perched like that in his corset, and Harry looked down to find he had lost the thong. Harry reached out immediately and touched the jutting flesh. Draco threw his head back and moaned. Then he turned his head to look back as Severus.

'Put him inside me,' he said and Harry held his breath. He could see Severus smirk and he sat up so Draco was leaning back against him. Harry felt the man maneuvering his cock between Draco's cheeks.

'Oh, god!' Harry gasped as Draco pushed back with a moan, his head rolling back to Severus' shoulder.

'Fuck him, Harry,' Severus whispered. 'He can never get enough of it.' Harry's hips moved on their own, for Harry's brain surely wasn't functioning enough to give any orders. He had never felt anything like the feel of sliding in and out of Draco. He gave grunts and gasps, everything from rather effeminate whimpers to deep groans. He was helpless to stop himself.

Then Severus moved round his lover and bent his head, taking Draco's cock into his mouth. Draco grabbed the dark hair and gritted his teeth, rocking back into Harry and forward into Severus.

Harry was coming again without warning, his whole body taut and then shaking. He lay very still after and watched the pair. His cock slipped out of Draco, and Severus moved behind again, his eyes dark with promise. Harry was going to watch as Severus fucked Draco right on top of him.

It was the hottest thing Harry had ever seen.

Draco threw his head back with a moan, holding nothing back as he was fucked by piston-strokes. He wanked himself furiously. Harry suddenly had an idea and summoned his wand, amazed that he could concentrate enough, and managed to sit up. He ran it down Draco's front and the corset popped open. Tossing the wand, he spread his hands over Draco's chest, then down, batting Draco's hands away. He bent down, just managing to lick the cock's head. It tasted- well, the taste wasn't going to be the thing to stop him. He was just about to lick again when the cock spurted. He found he didn't mind.

'Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,' Draco was panting above him, while Severus grunted. Harry straightened and his head was immediately grabbed. Draco started licking the seed off, his body still rocking from Severus' fucking him. Harry had never felt anything so erotic. Finally, Severus gave one final hard thrust, making Draco cry out in pleasure despite having come already.

Draco's head fell to Harry's shoulder. Severus pulled out and flopped rather un-Snape-like down to the bed. Draco slipped off Harry and fell to the other side. Harry remained frozen in a daze, but then the pair grabbed a shoulder each and pulled him down. Draco found Harry's wand and arranged the covers, snuggling in to Harry's side after, his corset gone. Severus turned into Harry as well and draped an arm over him. Harry took a deep breath and let it out again.

'Wow,' he whispered.

'Wow, indeed,' Severus agreed and Harry smiled, closing his eyes and letting his body go slack.

'You'll stay tomorrow, right?' Draco whispered. 'All weekend?'

'Sure,' Harry whispered.


As Harry felt himself surrounded by the two, he felt a sleepiness he had never before felt creep into him. It was the sort of sleepiness he knew would lead to a perfectly nightmare-free sleep that would let him wake up completely refreshed in the morning.

'I think I'll stay forever,' Harry wasn't aware he had said it out loud, but the two Slytherins heard him perfectly. They lifted their heads simultaneously, gazing down at a sleeping Harry with slight surprise. Draco looked up at Severus, who caught his eye with a raised eyebrow. Draco grinned, he leaned over Harry and Severus met him halfway. They kissed sweetly.

'I love you,' Draco whispered.

'And I you,' Severus replied. Draco looked down at Harry again and sighed.

'And him too,' he said before laying down and snuggling close again.

'And him too,' Severus agreed so softly that Draco thought he might have dreamt it.

The End.