I'm sorry if this confuses people, but I've deleted two of my stories, Blind Faith and The Other Cullen. Don't send hate mail, since I've made the decision to combine them. I love both of the plotlines to bits, but I found it would be easier to create a plot by merging the two.

The new title is How To Save a Life, as you could've probably figured out by now. Merging the stories was an idea I copied from on of my favorite authors on this sight, who will remain nameless. However much I love envy, I cannot tell you this. So I'm sorry, (insert penname here) that I copied you're combining method, but it was a good idea!

So here's the full summary of 'How To Save a Life'.

It's not one of the Bella-Never-Jumped ideas, but it's close. Takes place right after Jake hauled Bella to the beach. He asked her 'Are you hurt?' and continues with her response, but its very, very wrong.


This story was originally called 'Elisabeth Cullen' the original author – Angela Hale – decide to hand it over to another writer, and when I offered, she chose me.

I changed it around a little, added or removed things here to there, but the idea belongs to Angela Hale, and I'm ever grateful that she let me continue such an amazing idea for a story.

So I extend a round of applause for thinking of the idea – all for Angela – and I hope everyone enjoys MY rendition of 'Elisabeth Cullen'!

Read and Review.

Thanks everyone!


now for the disclaimer!


¡ ¡Disclaimer!

Any of the Characters that I use in this story are owned my Stephenie Meyer. I am not, nor will I ever gain any monetary compensation for using them. This included any of the Werewolves, Vampires, Volturi Members, Forks citizens, La Push citizens, and Bella's Family. All of the other characters are ALL MINE!!!!!

As another note, any and all of the songs I may or may not use in this story all belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement is intended.


NO Mythical creatures were harmed during the making of this Fan Fic!