Jaden, Jesse, Syrus, and Chazz all sat in the back of the Mini Van as Zane and Sarina drove the car to Six Flags.

"Thanks for taking me and Chazzy along with you guys," Jesse smiled at Syrus and Jaden.

"No biggy," Jaden smiled. "It's the least we could do. I'm upset that Sartorious and Aster couldn't make it, though."

"Why couldn't they, anyway?" Chazz asked.

"Sartorious is still in denial from LAST TIME!" Sarina said.

"Yeah," Jaden said. "That wasn't pretty."

"Is it true he barfed on Dumbo?" Jesse asked.

"We'll still have a good time," Syrus said. "As long as we stay in the kiddie section!"

"What's the matter?" Chazz smiled. "Baby Sywus afwaid to go on the big wides?"

"Watch it, Chazz," Zane said as he looked in his rear view mirror. "I'm the only one allowed to make fun of Syrus."

"Whatever," Chazz said. "This trip would be better if Alexis was here."

"If she came, then Atticus would have to come," Zane said. "And we all know Atticus can't be controlled in amusement parks."

"Oh, yeah," Chazz turned to Syrus. "Did your head ever recover from last time?"

"No," Syrus sighed. "My hair will never be straight again!"

"What happened?" Jaden asked.

-FLASHBACK (Flashbacks are in script form)-

Atticus: NO! I DON'T WANT TO GO!!!

Alexis: Atticus! We need to get home! Mom will kill us!

Syrus: We'll come back next year!

Atticus: NO!

Atticus picks up Syrus and throws him into the bumper cars.

Atticus: I WON'T GO!

Security comes and drags the screaming Atticus away.

-End Flashback-

"Ouch!" Sarina looked at Syrus. "Did the car hit you?"

"About 20 times!" Syrus yelled. "Zane didn't even help! He pulled up a seat and bought some popcorn!"

Zane smiled.

"Don't worry!" Jesse said. "We'll have fun! Right, Jay?"

"You bet!" Jaden smiled.

"Why did I come with these dorks?" Chazz asked himself.

"Hey, Sarina," Jesse said. "Have you ever been to an amusement park before?"

"I can't say I have," Sarina turned towards them. "This will be enjoyable."

I just hope she's not like her brother, Jaden thought.

Oh, Jaden! You don't know HOW WRONG you are! Who'll be the victim of the rides in this story? Syrus, Chazz, Jesse, Zane, Jaden, Sarina, or even a surprise guest! Let's see how far these duelists will go before they explode..IN SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND!