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Bastion decided to sit down for a while after the whole "puking" episode and Zane was currently looking for the bathroom to clean himself up. Which left only 4 people to go look for Chazz.

"You think he is feelin' better after Scream?" Jesse asked his brunette friend.

"I hope so," Jaden replied. "I want to go on Catapult!"

Syrus shut his eyes tight. Please don't let Chazz feel better. Please don't let Chazz feel better.

After walking a little while, Sarina's eyes gazed upon the black-headed boy sitting on a nearby bench.

"Oh great," Chazz said once he saw the group coming towards him. "Where's Zane?"

"It's a bit of a long story," Jaden and Jesse said in unison.

"You really need to stop doing that," Chazz said as he stood up. "It's getting freaky."

"What is?" they asked together again.


"Anyway..." Sarina tried to change the subject. "We were about to go on the spatula ride."

Chazz raised a questioning eyebrow. "Spatula ride?"

Please allow me to explain for those unfamiliar with Catapult. Picture an orange and green spatula. You are sitting on one side of the spatula. Now, picture that spatula flipping over so you are hanging upside down 105 feet in the air...

Syrus trembled in his shoes.

"Not so tough now, are you?" Chazz mocked.

"Leave Syrus alone!" Jesse yelled. "He did better on Scream than you did!"

"Whatever," Chazz continued to smirk. "He won't last much longer."

Chazz walked away laughing. In fact, he was laughing so hard, he failed to notice the curb and fell on his face.

The others just sweatdropped and carried him over to the thrill ride.


Surprisingly, the line was rather short, since it was still early in the day. There was only 40 people in front of them. Since the ride held over 40 people, they were next to go on. Syrus was trembling more than ever as he watched the Catapult flip its victims 360 degrees many times. It wasn't fast, but rather very slow. This made the bluenette even more scared. He'd be upside down for a few minutes, which to Syrus, felt like an eternity.

"You're going to be fine, Syrus," Jaden assured his friend. "I'm here with you this time."

"But what if my seatbelt doesn't work?" Syrus wailed, with tears in his eyes. "Or if my harness opens and I fall out? Or what if-"

"Relax, kid," said the girl sitting on the railing in front of them. "They don't let anyone go on if something's wrong with the seat."

She had dark hair with red highlights. Her eyes were slightly lighter than Jaden's, and despite the hot weather, she wore a grey, fleece zip-up jacket with a cross shape on the pocket. Next to her, was another girl. She was tall, with brown hair, oceanic blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin.

"See, Sy," Jesse patted him on the back. "Nothin' to worry about!"

"I didn't say there was nothing to worry about," the same girl replied again.

Syrus gulped as the ride ahead of them ended and the worker opened the gate to let them on.

It seated six people in each row. It went a little something like this: The girl that was talking to the group sat on the end. Her friend sat next to her. After that, Chazz, then Syrus (poor guy), Jaden, Jesse, and Sarina.

Jaden and Jesse were cheering and yelling out of pure excitement.

"Looks like we got two thrill junkies, Tally," the first girl replied.

"Alright!" The girl with the blue eyes, called Tally, exclaimed. "It's about time!"

"I do a few thrills myself," Chazz boasted.

"We'll see," Tally replied. "This ride separates the weak from the strong."

Syrus looked like a vibrating cell phone when he heard this.

"Well," Chazz looked over at him. "Looks like we know who the weak are.."

"You're not missing out," Tally continued. "After that, the strong get separated from their lunch!"

Chazz let out a slight gulp.

The "spatula" shook a little bit, letting the riders know that the ride was about to begin. Tally, Jaden and Jesse all let out another scream of excitement.


Syrus, Chazz, Jesse, and Jaden all turned their heads slowly to look at the source of the yelling: Sarina.

She covered her mouth like she had just burped.

"Whoops," she smiled. "Guess I lost it a little, huh?"

The four teens all nodded slowly with their mouths hanging open.

"What was that about?" Tally asked her friend.

The girl just shrugged and joined the screaming.

The ride started to flip over the victims until they were hanging upside down. Just for the fun of it, the ride stopped so they could all realize what was happening.

"JADEN! HOLD ME IN! I FEEL LIKE I'M ABOUT TO FALL OUT!" Syrus screamed as his blue hair dangled in the air.

"I'd love to," the Slifer said. "But my hands are currently upside down."

Syrus moved forward in his seat a little to see both Jesse and Jaden's hands waving in the air, not holding onto anything.


Once again, in unison, the two replied, "You bet we are!"

"Sometimes I wonder if they were separated at birth.."

"THIS IS AWESOME!" Tally yelled.

Sarina, again, began "wooting" like a football fan does at the Superbowl.

Once all the blood was in everyone's heads, the ride continued. Rotating the riders slowly many times until enough was enough.

Everyone walked out of the ride dazed because of all the blood in their heads.

Jesse put his hand on his head as he walked like a drunk man, "That was wild!"

"Hey, Jess," Jaden said. "Since when were there two of you?"

"The Chazz needs to go night night now..."

Syrus just spun in circles along with the two girls.

"That was awesome!" the first girl jumped up, running into a pole. "Sorry, sir!"

Tally was the first to recover.

"You guys new here?"

Jesse recovered soon after, "Yeap, we sure are!"

"You might need a guide, then? My name's Tally."

The other girl was still spinning until she ran into Jaden and they both fell to the ground. "I'm Kal!" she managed to yell.

"Hey?" Jaden dizzily got up. "Where'd Sarina go?"

Moments later, Sarina appeared jumping for joy.


"It's official," Syrus said moments before fainting. "She's lost it..."

"Shall we go then?" Kal asked once Jaden lended her a hand and helped her up.

"We have to get Zane," Jesse said. "He's over washing up."

"Wait, Zane Truesdale? Isn't that the pro Alu likes?" Tally asked Kal.

"Sounds like it," Kal shrugged. "She's over by the bathroom, too."

"Let's go then!" Jaden, now fully recovered, said as he ran off. "We're burning daylight!"

"Wait up, Jay!" Jesse ran after him.

"Think we should help these two?" Kal asked as she looked down at Chazz and Syrus. Kal lifted up Syrus as Tally got Chazz. They ran to catch up with the group.


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