Chapter 1: To this day…

Chapter 1: To this day…

6 years ago…

An 11 year old Huey Freeman walked down the street, his face emotionless, unlike many other 11 year old boys. He was a handsome boy, wise beyond his years, and angry. Anyone within ten feet of him knew that. Next to him was his brother Riley, who was ranting on about something or another. And even though on the outside it looked as if nothing bothered him, on the inside, he was about 2 seconds from seriously hurting his younger brother.

"Aye Huey, someone movin in next door." Riley said, immediately breaking from his speech.

Huey shrugged and kept walking. "Who cares, its none of our business."

Riley rolled his eyes. "It is if dere some fine honeys scopin for a young blood like me."

Huey turned to look at his brother, annoyance increased into his features. "Come on Riley. Stop fooling around."

He turned around to walk home.


An overly large English Mastiff tackled Huey to the ground to continuously lick his face.

"Aye! Somebody get dis dumb dog!" Riley yelled as he began pulling on the dog's collar.

"Liberty! Come here!" a female voice exclaimed from in front of them.

The Mastiff looked up and immediately got off Huey to go to the female. Huey sat up angrily and wiped his face of the dog slobber. He anger lessened when he saw that the owner was a girl about his age who had long black hair that was let loose and flowed past her shoulders. Her tan brown skin had a nice contrast with her golden brown eyes that twinkled in the sunlight.

"Sorry, Liberty can get excited. She just likes you." The girl apologized while she put a leash on the dog that was bigger than she was.

Huey stood up and began brushing himself off. Riley crossed his arms and glared at the girl.

"Girl, if dat dog woulda bit my brother, we would sue yo ass! Im talkin mass money comin our way!" He exclaimed earning a slap upside the head from Huey.

"She wouldn't have bitten him. She's a good dog." The girl said scratching the dog behind the ear. Much to Liberty's pleasure.

"I'm Peyton. Nice too meet you." She said holding out her hand.

Huey was hesitant but shook her hand. "Huey."

She gave him a warm smile "Your Mr. Freemans grandson's. He told me bout you two."

"He always spreadin our business." Riley muttered before he stalked off for his house.

Peyton raised an eyebrow. "I'm guessin thats Riley?"

Huey grimaced. "Unfortunately."

"Heh, he seems…nice?" Peyton said nervously, her small foot drawing circles on the ground.

"Your definition of nice?"

Peyton laughed. "You're funny. I like you."

Huey blushed slightly at the comment, and his heart started to beat faster. A feeling he had never felt coursed through him.

"Soooooo…," Peyton started. "What school do you go to?"

"Woodcrest Elementary." Huey said with distaste.

Peyton smiled. "Me too. Well I start tomorrow. My mom says that it will probably be harder for me. Because I'm half Latina."

Huey raised an eyebrow at this. They were silent for a few moments. Liberty stared and the two and whined.

"Do you have any brother or sisters?" Huey asked, surprising himself that he was having an interest in a girl.

She shook her head. "No just me, Liberty, and my mom."

Huey looked over at the woman that sat on the porch reading a book peacefully. She wore a bandana and looked extremely pale. She looked fragile, like if you touched her she would break into a million pieces.

"Is she alright?" Huey asked looking back at Peyton.

Peyton looked at her mother then at Huey and shook her head. "Uh, no. She has breast cancer."

"Oh… I'm sorry."

"Don't be, it isn't your fault she has is it." Peyton reassured.

Huey shook his head and was about to say something else when his granddads voice interrupted him.

"Huey! Get in here and do yo homework boy!" Robert ordered from the stoop of their house.

Huey rolled his eyes and nodded.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Peyton said.

Huey nodded and started walking past her to his house. He heard Peyton as she began to walk back to her house through her front yard. Another feeling coursed through her body, something similar to the first, which he had yet to identify.

He whipped around. "Hey Peyton!"

She turned around from the first step of her porch. "Yeah Huey?"

Huey rubbed the back of his beck in embarrassment. "Maybe I can walk you to school tomorrow. You know, to show you around."

Peyton smiled and nodded. "That'd be nice Huey. Thank You."

He nodded and ran the rest of the way home. Peyton's mother smiled knowingly as she saw the brush creep onto her daughters face.

"He's a nice boy, huh Peyton?" the Latina said to her daughter.

Peyton sat next to her mother and nodded. "Yep."

Allegra smiled at the blush that crept onto her daughters face. "Someone has a crush."

Peyton blushed fully now. "Mama..."

Allegra laughed as her daughter buried her face into her lap. "Its okay Mija. Nothing to be ashamed about."

"Im not." Peyton said, her voice muffled. "…He wont like me any way Mama. He probably likes that pretty girl across the street."

Allegra gasped in astonishment and sat her daughter up. "Peyton Xexilia Engracia Montez! You are gorgeous, do not let anyone tell you other wise!"

Peyton merely nodded and eased her shoulders. Allegra sighed and pulled the girl into her arms.

"La belleza es solamente amor epidérmico" she muttered. 'Beauty is only skin deep, love."


"Huey! Give it back brah! I tired of yo tall ass!" Riley exclaimed as he struggled to get his gun from Huey.

"No, because if you takin a gun to school, that only means trouble." Huey told him as he kept the firearm from his brother.

Riley stopped jumping for the gun and bent over, obviously out of breath. "Man, for get you. 'I'm goin ta school, punk!"

And with that, the angry 16 year old left. Huey rolled his eyes and put the gun in his desk drawer and locked it. That boy was going to go to jail one day. Huey slowly walked down stairs from his room and to the kitchen where his granddad and a familiar Latina sat.

Robert looked at his grandson. "Mornin Huey."

Peyton smiled at her friend of 6 years. "Good morning Huey. We walkin to school together?"

Huey nodded and got the orange juice out of the fridge. "Where's Jacob? I thought he was going to pick you up."

Peyton sadly shook her head. "Uh no, he busy."

"Told you he would find some god damned stupid excuse to go messin around." Granddad declared. "Huey, when is goin to give dat boy what he deserves?"

"When he breaks Peyton's heart." Huey said leaning against the counter.

Peyton blushed a little and laughed. "Well thanks Mr. Body guard."

Robert crossed his arms and shook his hand. "Don't thank nobody until dat sucka gets a big can of woop ass! Ay, why aint yall goin ta school?"

Peyton sighed. "Juniors don't start until 9:30."

"Well isn't that good for you two." Granddad said sarcastically. "When I was in school we had to be there at 7 o clock sharp. No later or earlier. Yall kids got it easy."

Peyton and Huey looked at each other as the old man spoke. Neither one of them wanted to here one of Robert Freeman's stories, at least not this early in the morning.

"Uh Pey, lets get there early." Huey said standing up straight and putting the orange juice on the table.

Peyton stood up and swung her book bag onto her back. "Thanks for the breakfast Mr. Freeman."

Before Granddad could say anything else, the two were out the door. Granddad chuckled.

"I knew dat would get dem out da house. An old man need his peace and quiet!"

Robert picked up the carton of juice Huey just held, His expression suddenly turning irritated and angry.


With Huey and Peyton…

"I got surprise." Huey announced as they walked outside a smirk.

Peyton raised an eyebrow. "And what would that be Freeman?"

Huey's smirk grew wider and he leaned on the Mercedes that previously was owned by Robert, but was given to Huey, due to the new Cadillac in the garage. "I get Granddad's car."

Peyton's eyes widened and she ran to the car and got in. "Finally no more walking!"

Huey rolled his eyes and got into the Benz. He wasn't surprised that Peyton had already turned on the radio and adjusted everything to her liking. Didn't even bother asking…

"Hey Huey?" Peyton asked as they drove down the street.


"Would you really beat up Jacob if he broke my heart?" she asked him a sence of nervousness behind her strong voice.

Huey was hesitant with his answer. "Yeah, I would."


"Because you're too good to be hurt by a stupid ass player." Huey said with a hint of irritancy at the end.

"Why don't you like him, he's not a bad guy." Peyton asked.

"He got a girl pregnant Peyton."

"He says it aint his."

"And you believe him?" Huey asked her.

Peyton fiddled with her hands. "I don't know."

Huey could not help but stare at her. She had definite distinguishing features of a Latin American woman. But You could still see the African American in her. Her long black hair that seemed a dark caramel in the sun, and her big brown eyes that twinkled every time she laughed. And her skin looked like it was pecked by sun light, not to dark, and not to light. Just right.

But Peyton had grown from the little 11 year old girl she once was. About three summers ago she had become to become distinguished, a woman. Her breast began filling out and her curves developed. And according to Riley she had the perfect-

"Huey!" Peyton exclaimed. "The road!"

Huey turned his eyes immediately back to the road, swerving to get back on track. "Sorry."

Peyton raised an eyebrow at him. "Distracted? What wrong?"

Huey shook his head. "Nothing."

Peyton stared at him. "Freeman, I have been your best friend for 6 years, I know when something is wrong with you. And I am going to find out."

Huey raised an eyebrow. "Go right ahead."

"O I will."



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