Chapter 11: Just Another Day

"Rummy, I aint fixin yo shit again. Don't ask me anymore after this," Huey growled as he examined the piece of scrap metal that was once Rummy's computer. "What the hell you do to it anyway?" asked the annoyed seventeen years old.

Rummy shrugged as he laid leisurely lay on the Freeman couch as Huey sat across from him in the armchair. "Man, hell if I know. Can't have no type of technology around dumb ass except a phone."

"Aye!" Ed exclaimed from the love seat, glancing up to glare at Rummy for only a second before turning back to his cell phone and texting again. "It aint my fault yo computer aint shit! Damn, upgrade to Mac! Pc is a bitch!"

"Man you a bitch!" Rummy yelled at the red head angrily. "Don't be dissin Pc! Pc'll beat yo ass, you don't know!"

"Like I said, PC is a mother fuckin bitch!" Ed yelled back at him.

Huey rolled his eyes and set back to working on Rummy's computer. This wasn't exactly unusual. He often got a call from Ed or Rummy asking him to fix some piece of technology they had destroyed from some way or another. He was good with equipment, so he guessed that's why they called him. They paid him, so he didn't usually complain. Unless they tapped on his nerves enough, then he got irritated.

He looked up at the sound of the door opening and let a barely visible smile lace his lips as Peyton walked in with Cindy in tow, her dance bag wrapped around her shoulders securely. His eyes lowered to her outfit, which consisted of her long dance pants that framed her long legs perfectly and a green midriff that showed off her sleek and muscular stomach. Her hair was thrown carelessly into a messy bun and she didn't wear any makeup, not that she needed any in the first place. He couldn't help but let his eyes wander a little higher to her breast that were modestly showing a bit at the top of her midriff. Damn if only he could-

"Huuuueeyyyy?" the afro adorned teen immediately snapped his head to look Peyton in the face, she looked at him with an eyebrow raised while Cindy, wearing a similar outfit, only her top was white and went to her belly button, smirked at him knowingly.

"Yeah?" he asked dumbly.

"I asked what yall were doin." Peyton said.

"Oh uh," he took a moment to glare at Cindy who giggled at his expense. "I'm fixin Rummy's computer."

"Again? Damn nigga you go through computers like Paris Hilton go through diet pills." Cindy commented as she shoved Rummy's feet off the couch to sit down.

"Dats dat PC shit." Ed said again, not looking up from his phone.

"Shut up nigga."

Peyton smiled a bit at the two and sat on the arm of Huey's chair. "How you two been doin?"

"Perfectly fine, sexy." Ed smirked, looking at her. "Yo outfit s daaaaaaamn fine too." He added looking appreciatively at her body, making Peyton glare at him.

Huey looked up from his computer and glowered at him. "You know what's good for you; you'll avert your eyes right now."

Ed gulped at his tone and turned back to his phone, his face contorted into irritancy. "Damn, can a nigga appreciate a sexy ass female when he sees one?"

Huey rolled his eyes at the man and turned back to the computer. Cindy sighed and sank into the couch, letting her muscles rest a bit. She then turned her blue eyes to glare at Peyton, who smirked at her.

"I am neva in my life, goin to another one of your dance classes again." Cindy said, adding a painful groan at the end. "That shit was painful."

Peyton snickered. "Dats what you get fa quittin. You need to get back in shape girl."

Ed lifted his eyes to look at Cindy freely, since she was "single". "Ya look in shape ta me."

"Real in shape." Rummy said licking his lips.

Cindy rolled his eyes. "Do yall live to prey on innocent 16 year old girls? Yall some damn pedophiles."

"Aye, we just appreciatin yo sexy ass!" Ed exclaimed. "Dat don't make us no damn pedo's."

Peyton chuckled. "No its makes yall predators."

"You know what!" Rummy yelled. "Forget this, I take it back!"

Cindy raised an eyebrow. "Take what back?"

"Dat you sexy as hell!"

Cindy beamed at him. "Thank you."

Huey and Peyton couldn't help but laugh at Rummy's expense as he stood in the middle of the living room, awe struck and angry that he had been tricked. Suddenly the upstairs door slammed shut and Riley bounded down the stairs, clad in his basketball jersey and sweats with his hair covered by a black due rag. Everyone turned to look at him as he goes into the kitchen and starts to microwave the pizza that they had for dinner last night. He looked up as he grabbed the heated pizza, noticing everybody's eyes on him.

"What the fuck are yall lookin at?" Riley snapped in annoyance.

Everyone quickly averted their eyes except Cindy, who still had an eyebrow raised at him. "You look a damn mess." She told him, a smirk on her face.

He smirked back as he got his pizza out. "And still sexy as hell."

"Whatever." She said, trying to stretch out her aching muscles, groaning in response. "Pey, I hate you."

"What's wrong wit you?" Riley asked plopping on the floor to lean against the couch in between Cindy's legs.

"I went to Peyton's dance class and the teacher damn near killed me." Cindy groaned. "I need a massage."

Ed gave her a perverted smile. "I'd be happy ta help ya wit dat sexy."

Riley looked up from his pizza and glared heatedly at Ed, whose eyes widened at the glare. "You my homey, but if you don't move ya damn eyes somewhere else and step off I'ma have to bust a cap in yo ass." He held up a hand. "Outta respect of course."

Ed looked between the two, his eyes growing amused. "Oh my bad Reezy. I aint know she was yo girl."

"First of all!" Cindy began her demeanor dangerous even though she was so soar she could barely move. "You aint helpin wit shit! You my dawg, but you a damn pedo Ed." She told the red head before holding up a lazy two fingers. "Second of all, I aint nobody girl! I aint no goddamn property that you can just claim whenever the hell you feel like it!" she finished off with a growl. "Now please shut the hell up, I'm in pain and don't need to hear yo shit."

Everyone was silent for moments. Riley aggravated, Huey amused, Rummy a bit scared, Ed rejected, and Peyton smiling were all reasons for the stillness. Only Cindy's peaceful sigh broke through the layer of silence that spread over them.

"Cindy, did I tell you how much I love you?" Peyton asked the girl, a smile on her face.

Cindy titled her head up a bit and smiled. "Who doesn't though?"

Riley nearly choked on his pizza, and Cindy jumped into action to slam a hand on his back before he choked to death. A different yet similar question lingered in his head. Bugging the hell out of him.

'Yeah, who doesn't?'

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